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User name Album Name Album Description Last Updated Picture Count
centerlinemy second, Mac 2511-05-2014148
THECUSCUSMiss Ad-VentureOur 1979 Venture 2506-09-2015100
pmirendaFree Ride2000 Catalina 30 MKIII04-04-201590
Jason5125Oday 37Oday 37 CC refit photos.01-09-201581
TrinkkaTrinkka's modsThese are some of the modifications that I have done on my 1986 O'Day 222 sloop "Trinkka," through the years. Feel free to adopt these ideas for your boat.05-04-201377
C Jonesh23h23 modifications08-18-201571
Bob 04 H260Windsong IIA photo tour of our Hunter 356, showing how it is setup and a few mods we have made05-05-201570
CaptDon01Catalina-22 MK-II Wing Keel2002 Catalina-22 wing keeled MK-II version. What a great trailerable boat. Lot's of nice modifications to suit our sailing/cruising activities.07-11-201568
ANNACOLCruising the Queensland Coast Aus 2013 & 1408-10-201464
shnoolS2 gets an overhaul...05-06-201564
centerlineCal 34 MkIII11-10-201462
Bill19233Sunspot Baby11-15-201461
HEINZIRCHIQUITA1974 Macgregor Venture of Newport 2302-05-200960
Bobjr59Bob's Macgregor 22211-04-201160
willsnowMac Projects08-24-201560
Bob 04 H260WindsongA few pictures of our Hunter 260, our adventure towing her from Canada to Florida one winter (1600 miles) and details of a few of our mods. We enjoyed sailing and living on this boat very much. It is very roomy and comfortable, sails well, a bit tender for the first 10* then she stiffens right up. We did cruises on her in excess of two months with our dog. We never felt the boat was too small. It carried all our provisions for two adults and a small dog, we only shopped for fresh food. It tows well but really requires a full size pickup to haul her any distance, 4x4 is essential in winter months.12-27-201456
westbaydudeO'day 272, Modifications Over the YearsFacnor Main Sail Furling System, Microwave, New Cabinets, Winches, Blocks, Custom Autohelm, Plate Rack, Mini Table, Cutting Board, Faucets, Custom Queen Size Bed, Companion Way Boards, Companion Way Fan, Tennis Ball Trick, Bumpers for Rudder, Dodger Bimini, and more...05-25-201255
Bob 04 H260Bahamas 2015We crossed from Lake Worth to West End Grand Bahama Island for a cruise in the Abaco's. Our Buddy boat for the crossing was Bavaria 42. We returned to Port Salerno FL in mid-April with the same buddy boat. Here are few pictures of our adventure. Sherry took all the photographs.05-30-201555
shelledCATALINA 22 SKSTUART,FL --SOLD06-06-201154
ELMAXRefitting Calypso01-09-201554
RECESSRefitting O'Day 25After purchasing my 1980 O'Day 25 I decided to do a refit before putting it into the water. Boy is there a lot of directions you can go with a refit. I will try and document some highlights.. and low lights of the refit.05-30-200952
Bob VCruising PhotosPhotos taken in the Pacific Northwest while cruising.10-01-200852
Ricks301977 hunter 30 project10-18-201052
monkeyfistMonkeyfist's Refit1973 Catalina 22 ongoing refit from beginning to present. Also with a few modifications that I felt was needed.11-05-201351
THECUSCUSYelloBirdOur 1977 Pearson 3508-18-201550
Paladin27Our Hunter 23 in Lake Michigan07-06-201249
bobbyfingersCatalina Capri 14.210-23-200947
Townmark1985 Hunter 23.Restoration project, from the day I brought her home to present. Feb.2013 to Oct. 2013.10-07-201346
rod1029The Lancer ProjectThis Album is a collection of photos that shows the rejuvenation of my 1977 Lancer 25 MK 408-15-200945
1977oday22"StarLyte" our 22ft 1977 Oday and other Pics.A series of pics, including some restoration and just plain fun stuff.11-10-201245
vikki0730SailingVarious locations over the years02-01-201145
jrowanBefore and after major refit - April, 2011Photos from before and after my two month major refit of 1980 C-30, #1627. Standard rig, U.K.Halsey sails, wheel steering, mid boom traveller, rebuilt 5411 Universal diesel, 5.3 deep draft fin keel.06-07-201145
nareseBavaria 4412-23-201145
Bob 04 H260Bahamas 2014We went to the Abaco's in winter of 2014 crossing from Palm Beach inlet to West End overnight. Leaving Florida at night assures a daylight arrival in the Bahamas. We cleared customs, ate breakfast and then moved on to Great Sale Cay arriving at sunset and anchoring out over night. With a front coming we moved on at first light to Green Turtle Cay where we waited for weather for 3 days. Next back out on the ocean through the Whale Cay passage and into the Sea of Abaco and on to Marsh Harbour. We sailed the Sea of Abaco over the spring time visiting different Cays. We returned using the same route except going from West End we went north with the Gulf Stream to the St Lucie Inlet, Stuart FL.10-18-201445
emergpa1The rebuild Oday 26Pix posted as i go..hopefully with a finished product at the end someday !!!!!!DON'T FORGET TO LOOK AT PAGE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!07-16-201244
JBSailsSD1983 Hunter 25 / Cherubini Hull01-20-201144
SwitchintoglideIIISomething Old, something new...Near complete refit underway....01-16-201443
Wayne MSailing trip to Racine09-30-200842
Tom PotterIsabelle01-21-201341
Bob 04 H260Watermarka few pictures of our 91 Mac26S detailing a few of the mods done to this boat. We enjoyed sailing her very much. Trailered her as far south as Florida, west to Lake Huron (North Channel) as well as cruised Lake Ontario. We lived on board her for a month at a time with our dog Angus.08-06-201541
Régis Hergé10-26-201240
KenLoKi's Upgrades1996 MKII Catalina 2206-27-201340
DianaOfBurlingtonWhite Angel Yacht SpecialtiesJ Cherubini II, restoration, repair, rerigging, reengineering of older production sailboats.03-27-201540
branesShenandoahMacgregor, 2006, 26M09-18-200939
DouglastSail YukonImages of our adventures sailing in the land of the midnight sun....03-22-201039
Mike Denman1987 Hunter 34' Rhythm 2000- Present04-06-200938
Ed H1981 Hunter 3307-27-201538
yachtsmartOcracoke Island TrekWe make this trip from Norfolk to Ocracoke Island NC almost every year. We spend 5-7 days on Ocracoke Island, at the National Park Service marina. Some friends drive down, and usually someone has a 4 wheel drive so we can drive out to the "best" beaches ;-) Ocracoke has really become a magical place for us. Let's get a group up and do it next summer again!10-23-200837
MartinLangloisEnfin!Pictures of Enfin ! my Mac25.10-17-201037
waterboyRefab 25' oday 197502-17-201237
JDKSoire'e, our 1988 26DJust some pics of the changes from factory on our boat. We did some, as did the very caring previous owner. Soire'e is a great racer, overnighter, and trailerable funship.06-27-201036
MadelonMadelonMac 26S, sailing and mods03-01-201135
Bill19233Galveston Bay Sunsets08-25-201535
Bill19233Sunspot Baby 2015 Sailing08-25-201535
LubberdinkAll around the Glenn EPictures of our 1970 Newport 27 as we got it, what we've done with it, and the fun we have.01-22-201334
patecoStargazer1983 Hunter 3112-28-201434
Adam678Velero H290Family photos and boating adventures10-07-201033
BobbyMBob's BoatHunter 2208-29-201333
Rich BarryGetting Started67 Mariner FK10-25-201133
finding41TransitionA Mac 26D I picked up in spring of 2013. It just followed me home! There will be a separate thread started of all the mods to this boat.11-09-201333
Marshallh792 MacGregor 26S08-25-200932
SeamonPictures of total refurbish seidelmann s25 197906-15-201032
seadude61Seasters1979 Cal 31' sloop. White with blue stripe. New Sunbrella powder blue with design cushions. New custom bimini. New, double clamped through hulls with new hoses. New bottom paint with extensive prep about to happen. New holding tank/hoses to replace original (likely) neoprene bladder and crystalizing (likely) original ones; the bag burst upon removal :( Oh, thanks to the PO, a beautifully installed (thanks Vince Balch, VB Marine, San Diego,CA, Yanmar 20 HP engine!), this boat's ready to be sailed regularly!03-18-201232
centerlineMy first, Mac 2106-14-201232
DauphinFrom Belgium, sailing to The NetherlandsPictures of our holiday in july-august 200802-03-200931
Ralph Johnstone1999 Hunter 310Upgrades of both the interior and exterior.04-15-201531
twodzusfittingsAnd So it Begins03-28-201531
HarvestammDelicate Balance10-04-200930
kookiecatdreams come true01-30-201230
biggioBiggio Tkeela photo album01-23-201030
CayennitaCayenne IIICayenne III has been customized as a full cruising/ live aboard. We have lived on her for the past 12 years and now we are moving on land. See the SBO classifieds.01-01-201030
ehudmMac26DGeneral pics06-05-201330
Chip Newland30 something years of sailing!These pix are of: racing Hobbie Cats,and sailing around at Morehead City, N.C. in early 80's. Family shots and shots of my son and I with Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2, and recovery of first capsize. Ceremonial sail "passing of ownership" to me of the Clipper Marine II 26' voyage on Chickamauga Lake, TN. Dolphin decals I had made. CM docked at Harrison State Park, Chickamauga Lake,04-03-201130
flipBlew InnSailing Lake Superior on O'Day 3001-03-201230
Sailor boyMy Passion sailing Paradox one sweet Catalina 22all things water12-03-201130
dive7mmwetour Catalina08-05-201330
JDavis"Lazarus" an Oday 20 project boat12-23-200929
Bruce'78 Chrysler C-20The amazing 1978 Chrysler C-20 Sailboat acquired on 6/30/201104-28-201229
OdayDaveHakuna Matata PicturesThese are pictures of my O'Day 222 Hakuna Matata. I owned her for 10 years.03-04-201229
timtimtimtim's 1980 S2 8.0tan color hull with white deck, has the OMC Zephyr saildrive. also has 8hp johnson mounted centered02-11-201329
ITMasterMy First Album For The Site09-29-200828
Marc RobicO'day 25, Aquaholic IIGeneral Pictures05-11-201028
danlisa0529Our times with our O'day 251975 O'day 2502-15-201228
curtcarie'67 Mariner 1907-16-201228
DianaOfBurlingtonDiana 2012The restoration of H25 no.027 (August 1974). Note that most of this content is already on the blog-- .02-15-201328
JoeSailer10My Venture 2107-30-201528
jonelliStarfish2Ongoing improvements04-29-201528
willsnowNew Trailer05-25-201528
Allan RSailing & Cruising10-04-200827
Doug JMiscMisc pics of my 1991 Macgregor 26S11-20-200827
WindRushComPac 23/3 WindRushThough most of these pics are from our days on Galveston Bay, TX, WindRush now sails out of the Frisco Bay Marina, Frisco, CO, more than 9000 ft above sea level.08-31-201127
oliversdadNew to me O'day19As found on ebay.I didn't even know I wanted one of these but working on her has been fun and I'm looking forward to the maiden voyage this spring.09-16-201327
dgreen1991Places I have sailed01-08-201527
hughesk1957O'Day 22 mainsailO'Day 22 fractional mainsail that came with my O'Day 22 Mastrigged boat. Too big!!!09-23-201426
Sailor boyMy paintings to do with sailingI have painted for over thirty years. The joy of painting is similar to the joy of sailing... Some calm days I paint in the cockpit while underway. I even have an unlimited source of water for my watercolors. Enjoy.06-25-201126
greentoadMy 361981 Hunter 36, under restoration.08-27-200925
RTBRTB's Album12-08-201425
secondwind410G Bay05-18-201025
racineboat32 Islander11-13-201025
westofoneHunter 33.5 "Ella"A few images of our '91 H33.5 sailboat located near Sausalito, California. More views can be seen at
geehawAlaska sailingSailing in Prince Williams Sound and Port of Valdez.10-21-201125
KermitA few boating imagesJust a few pictures that bring back great memories05-31-201525
XCIIGTWhippleRepair AreasDamaged areas that need attention.05-06-201325
LesserZMy un'named BoatSome pictures of my first boat which is a WIP.05-20-201425
A_RoeKeyboardBoat Nudes12-21-201425
rlrobianThe Phoenix of a 22. Not a bad name "Phoenix"Found this boat slowly dying in our club's bone yard. Had to do something. Now our (my brother and I) problem. Plan to have her back on the water this (2015) summer.02-22-201525
Brett BMolly Rose09-27-200824
Gabor15908Easy afternoon at Sucia, San Juan Islands03-31-201024
cbsailorNinkasi PhotosPhotos of Ninkasi, crew and their travels11-19-201224
MuffyThe Boat and HarborA few pictures of the boat and the harbor she is in.08-09-200924
buzolocobuzoloco on the hard04-14-201124
Phil V25 Naked boatThe boat is empty for the first time in seven years. I took a lot of pictures to document the condition and equipment. This boat has had very little modifications done to her.04-01-201024
BonzaiSailing Pics11-15-201324
Chris14830H23 Mainsail and Traveler PicturesThese are various pictures of my main, mainsheet traveler, Genoa track, jib cam cleat, and instruments from August 2010.07-04-201324
cephius (Dave)Halie10-05-201424
TrinkkaMast Raising/LoweringWhen I first bought my new O'Day 222 back in 1986 I had every intention of trailering this boat back and forth to my favorite ramps. I had owned other sloops albeit smaller in size, but I was always familiar with mast raising and I had an idea that this boat wouldn't be any different. The mast on this boat is 27' long, weighs about 60 lbs was pretty easy to raise/lower by hand all by myself back then, but I still needed some sort of aids to make the task possible.02-16-201324
Mac 25Boat at slip11-14-201424
allen-deckardmy boat pictures04-19-201524
Uno MastBoat04-14-201424
kesagapeDufour 27 (Mon Petit Amour) AfterPictures after some of the many upgrades and additions.04-06-201524
Doug JTiller Time Mod'sA few mods to my 1991 Macgregor 26S11-19-200823
fox islanderSonrisa02-16-201423
brewerazOur Mac 26sMaking our newly purchased 92 Mac 26s ours. Pics will include mods as we complete them.04-26-200923
Roy PageHunter 34 - Morning Mist - The slow re-build and upgrading of this 1983 sailboat continues.We bought our Hunter 34 from Sodus Point NY and trucked it back to Vermilion, OH in April 2008. We sailed it during that first Summer and got to know the work needed to get her back to first class condition. During the 2008/2009 Winter we re-cored the wet parts of the decks and did a complete overhaul and re-paint of the complete sailboat. We used Awlgrip, Flag Blue for the topsides and White for the decks with beige non-slip areas. We re-named her Morning Mist. We also had all new Beige canvas made to match the color of the non-slip deck areas. Since re-painting we have done the following:- 2010 - Ripped out all the old Datamarine instruments and put in new TackTick Wind, Depth and Speed. Also engineered and fitted a fuel tank gauge and overhauled the compression post. 2011 - We have scheduled some minor jobs but in the main she is good for the next decade sailing the Great Lakes. I will add photos to this album as items are added or changed or work done.04-04-201123
MarciaLibertyPictures of my project boat, a 1975 PY23 named Liberty, formerly Temptation.08-22-200923
pf2turnerYellow JacketPhotos of my 1974 Ericson 25 named the Yellow Jacket.06-21-200923
CobaltRenegade Faith1981 S2 8.5M02-27-201123
JerryARattlesnake IslandRattlesnake Island Club07-10-201023
BitterGnat1979 S2 8.0B Restoration ProjectPhotos of boat before ongoing restoration project.12-13-201123
pkumTeak deck projectBeneteau oceanis 46 / the teak deck project03-08-201323
carboman1987 Hunter 23' Refurb Photos08-06-201523
Gene NeillDaydream08-02-201523
Jaime01Spirit 6.5 "Etna"s Spirit"Etna's Spirit Restoration04-17-201423
Running Latesailing chesapeake07-17-201423
sailacat34SaLin2002 Catalina 34 MKII01-05-200922
dparillaMonkey's Sailing PicturesDan's Best of Sailing Album04-28-201222
Mike Denman1978 Buccaneer Wanderlust 1987-199904-06-200922
Team118Toole'n Around12-07-201222
StrikerSailing Lake Erie09-03-201122
pyrocrigS2 27 Manual HighlightsSome scans from the S2 27 Owner's Manual. High Res versions are here:
caguyChannel Islands Trip 20083 day trip taken to Santa Cruz and Anacapa with Novelman.09-27-200821
jimmcgeeBoat Photos, GeneralShots of the C30 and C22, sunset shots at the marina05-06-200921
Butch Petty"Cool Change"My 82 Macgregor 2501-21-200921
TJ-LJ ChampionLonesome Dove Photos H37CA refit that began in 2006 till now 2009 and still going....07-28-200921
rbmcintireBelly of the Beast01-14-201321
lkirkpRenken 18 sailboat and other boats I've owned02-19-201221
YackobusKanosera1969 23' Oday Tempest02-24-201321
Bill19233Boat Modifications05-26-201521
justsomeguySailing Puerto Penasco, MXRandom photos from Rocky Point05-21-201521
Oliver76 oday 2508-06-201521
drpaolettaTrinancria1984 Catalina-3011-19-201421
SailingRippleRipple is born06-11-201421
plodderPNG Sailing08-07-201421
boubouboubou lake Champlain03-25-201420
SEADANCEMy Pirate Crew~Quietly Making Noise06-11-200920
Dan NelsonH-240Pictures of Dan Nelson's 2004 Hunter 240 - Heeling Power.11-30-200820
SeacretSailorC&C 29 S/V "LONE STAR"04-12-201020
Kevin WhalenGreat Lake Sailing01-03-201020
libertysbelleIIHunter 2602-22-200920
windwatersailingBefore I bought her06-05-200920
philwsailz2009 reworkmy haulout around march, april and june. Polishing and upgrades07-27-200920
CaptJakeThe Lady Di (1970 Irwin 25)Just a few shots of my Irwin08-04-201120
Norman Eberle1977 Oday 25Bilge and centerboard repair05-03-201020
HeelamonsterKoinonia - 1974 Hunter 25 CherubiniPurchased fall 2008, the Koinonia was loved but neglected by her previous owner. Moldy interior, bird's nest in mast, leaky everything....Spent summer of 2009 in back yard cleaning, re-engineering, wiring, fixing, cleaning. Launching May 2010.05-23-201020
kirbyc1goo1974 Helsen 22' rebuildHad a fella give me this for free. It has proven to be a lot more work that I even thought possible. So far I think I have around 300$ in it including registration and more hours than I would like to admit. Ive done/working on -Almost done with my sliding roof -Sanding and cleaning up all the exterior wood/spar varnished -Cleaned and removed mold from inside twice -Removed wood bulkheads -Fixed/painted keel winch -Freed swing keel up -Replaced the non-ss screws that the previous owner put in the mast with ss ones. -Cleaned masthead and did some rewiring -New fore stay -Completely going over the rudder, it is a 2in thick piece of wood that previous owner apparently made. Im going to foil it. -Put new lights on trailer -Took out old wooden jack post and welded up a steel one to fit in its place. To do: -Get a mainsail -Check out wiring/running lights/mast lights -Halyards ropes/mainsheet -Finish the rudder -Sail the hell out of it07-20-201020
SyntonosSailing SyntonosSoCal Sites10-09-201220
doehunterMy 26S "Windswept"PO was in Bay City Texas. The boat was kept indoors and no mods. A clean slate, so the speak. I am just beginning to make changes to the boat. So far I have added: Stereo, GPS, Chart plotter/fish finder, under V berth storage, Solar panel, Auto pilot, Gas grill. In the near future I plan on adding more solar power and a refrigerator, roller furler, run lines aft. Jim08-07-201220
hancockhunter23Hunter 2304-03-201220
Andreas7699Summer 201208-13-201220
TrinkkaTaking the boat off the trailerI've been taking my boat off the trailer ever since I've owned it. It's easier for me to check the centerboard and everything connected to it, plus it's easier to bottom paint the boat. Anytime you deal with this kind of weight there is always a potential danger involved. I try to take every precaution when I take my boat on and off stands from my trailer. If you choose to do this, you do it at your own risk.12-27-201220
TrinkkaRemoving the centerboard:Probably the most difficult task in removing a centerboard from the keel slot of a late model O'Day keel/centerboard sloop is getting access to the bottom of the keel because that's how it was installed at the factory. So consequently you need to get the boat to where you can get under the keel and work on it. This alone can be a dangerous undertaking depending on how you intend accomplish it. I reiterate. It can be dangerous and I warn everyone to do so at their own risk.12-28-201220
CalCatCapri 22Dana Point Harbor03-13-201320
YardawgTHE CLEAN UPShe looks rough, but she's cleaning up nicely. I couldn't beat the price... FREE!05-09-201320
ELMAXTurning for GreeceTurning photos taken in Greece, have a good trip...!02-05-201420
trainmanjesskittiwake 23.5new boat purchase ... new to me12-30-201420
weedstomperMore on Mac 26S s/v Madelon01-14-201420
ELMAXRefitting Engine 3GM30 YANMARI decided to take advantage of the bad season to bring order into the engine01-08-201520
ELMAXTRIESTE BARCOLANA REGATTABARCOLANA the sailing competition is a very famous in italy also participate in 2000 boats. Is open to all types of sailing, is a celebration of sea.03-13-201520
altonmy boat09-25-200819
windward54CatalinaPhotos from around Catalina04-23-200919
mudtertelLove this Boat11-21-200819
Cappn MarkAURCAVE II1988 MacGregor 26d07-02-201519
Andy284Magyar 309-07-200919
Dave1941I would rather be sailing!Boats I've sailed.12-28-200919
Amos CapeS2 8.0b project boatThis is a S2 8.0B in very bad shape. My plains is to redo it from top to bottom. This is the clean up stage.11-03-201119
duluthfishermanRough, but paid forPhoto's of our trailer queen of 3-years, our 1974 MacGregor Venture V2403-06-201019
rgrangerRestoration of a Macgregor V21Restoration of a Macgregor V2109-24-201019
ocean5freedom oufit01-08-201119
Dalliance1982 Hunter 30 cherubiniA few shots of the boat, harbor & city, some of the work completed & a few "before" shots. dal-li-ance n. 1. Frivolous spending of time; dawdling. 2. Amorous play; flirtation.05-31-201519
Florida sailMy previous Rhodes 22, Island Packet and my new old Nonsuch 30 U06-23-201319
MrSteve007Belldandy (Hunter 326)Some shots of my Hunter 32610-01-201419
Bill19233Dolphins & Pelicans09-07-201419
oceansail0Freedom 2104-11-201419
rbringleCruising the North Channel04-07-201419
CaptDon01C-22 "New Design"Recently we added to our fleet with a 1988 2nd generation C-22. She needs some cleaning up, but looking forward to sailing her and comparing her swing keel to the wing keel on our MK-II. It's been a long time since I sailed a swing keel version.07-11-201519
JoeSailer10My RANGER 2612-12-201419
WestIslandJohnnyAttacking the OMC SaildriveProblem: water in the bottom cylinder09-08-201419
Neal Edward AlbrektsenWindChimePhotos of WindChime in the yard and afloat10-16-200818
Mark MajorGunwale core replacement and subsequent wood replacementChasing a leak took me places I'd never imagine. This started as a repair at the base of a stanchion. I removed the deck, replaced the gun'le core, then most of the interior. The aft bulkhead was replaced with 12mm PVC foam, and the scrap from the sheet I used to replace all the functional exterior teak.10-24-200918
codfatherTime O'DayMy little piece of sanity in this mad...mad world!10-21-200918
mudtertelGoing and returning from Kingston , NY06-10-200918
BenDiJohnson Sailmaster Outboard Operator's ManualSailmaster 8 Operator's Manual06-15-200918
Big MoeSailing the Chesapeake in 2009These are a few pictures of our boat and us sailing this summer.02-15-201018
PrincessoftheLakeMe and EmmanuelPhotos taken while sailing Emmanuel in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior and other things I'm into05-12-201118
JonnyQuestGeneral photosPhotos of Jonny Quest and us sailing.11-19-201018
EdhavanaYamaha 37These are photos of Sarah V undergoing updates.05-13-201218
madman960S25 Project PicsPics of 1982 S25.09-11-201118
cat38skip2012 Catalina 38 NationalsPictures taken from S/V Pretty Lady, Winner of the 2012 Catalina 38 Nationals held on San Francisco Bay, August 25, 2012.01-20-201318
Spooled AgainLight air perfection11-07-201418
valhallasailingtvs/v VALHALLA our 2013 Macgregor 26MHello: just a few pic's of our sailboat.07-21-201318
jonelliStarfishThe first photos taken after purchase - 5/201408-04-201418
JAyersOur O'Day purchased 8-26-14These are a few pictures from the day we bought our O'Day. The Haul out and slip pictures09-12-201418
DHK79Long Shot IIDragged a slightly abused and neglected 2000 Mac X up from West Palm Beach FL to Alexandria VA. This album shows her restoration to sea worthiness and being set up for single handed sailing.04-11-201518
wrbeglinBeneteau 323 - Brookville, IN10-24-201117
Frenchie3958FRANCE BRETAGNE SUDPictures of South Bretagne in FRANCE02-14-200917
cluelessMy SailboatDon't know what kind it is or how to sail it, but looking forward to learning.06-20-200917
Fleet Yacht SalesFleet Yacht Sales03-05-201017
ralewine0325.5Cleaning up our 25.506-02-201017
rwdsrSailing PicsPictures of boats I've owned and some of my cruises.04-06-201117
MABellH26 modificationsWinter Projects02-02-201117
FlbkRoxieMacgregor 26S01-30-201317
joepdiverQUIET STORM09-21-201117
Bonzai1964 Chris-Craft SailYacht 35These are the first pictures of newest boat.There's alot of work to be done but I am on it.01-15-201417
Lorin SmithS2 8.511-17-201417
Mike B1026Marine Solar Panels & Mounts for SailboatsSailboat Solar Panels07-27-201317
Frank SimonsThe Seamouse03-29-201217
Golden RoadGolden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)the renovation of an O'day 2312-03-201317
wesleyshermanrandom pic05-25-201517
waltSome pics from trailer sailing Colorado and UtahSome shots from the lakes we trailer sail at with an old Mac Classic 26S sailiboat (home lake is Elevenmile State Park)11-17-200816
caguyTwo Harbors July 2007Trip to Two Harbors, Catalina Is. Steve and I met up with Novelman and sailing partner Arman.09-28-200816
chinnySummer on la dauphine10-19-200816
Ken-H430Hunter 430Pictures of our 1995 Hunter 43010-15-200816
texasprinterCape Dory 30 RestorationI am totally restoring a Cape Dory 30 interior and exterior.04-09-201516
j_schoenfeldRepower projectPurchased this boat (my first) with a seized diesel motor. Pulled the old one and got a rebuilt one to put back in. Taught me a lot about sailboats12-05-200816
Greg44372008 Hunter 2701-24-201016
Gr8sailJoie de VieHunter Legend 37.503-23-200916
David UnderwoodFreebird - Hunter 33 (77-83)Some images of upgrades I have made to Freebird over the years.05-08-200916
DouglastThe Ambrose07-13-201116
kahabagoldLake Cumberland 2009Full summer, not a lot of steady wind but will be moving further south west for 2010 to a much larger area of the lake and will have other sailboats to sail/race/party with03-02-201016
MarineMonsterL' Altra BellaHunter 34 after a renovation of interior and some exterior after our purchase.04-19-201016
Tallgrass Sailora few pics03-04-201216
kpgraciSailing to South Shore HarborMoving the boat from a trailer to a permanent slip.08-09-201016
RTBPOST PICS03-12-201316
JBSailsSD1975 Yamaha 25 MII - Before Restoration04-10-201116
joker460Modifications Bene 35212-18-201116
Bruce1971 O'Day Daysailer ll - DASHERPurchased 03/12/12: I pined away for the ease of setup and care of the Widgy. These old shins just couldn't take the beating they got hopping over the centerboard trunk anymore, plus the ballast issue of plopping 250 pounds of meat in the back end of a 300 pound boat created a rather embarrassing profile shot. Enter DASHER - Named after the wonderful sailing scene in the movie "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation"09-14-201216
The Blue GenSomeone's Got To Do IT - Life in the CaribbeanIt's just the way we cruise...05-10-201216
trainmanjessdeck hardware set up09-07-201316
McIntoshUSANewport 30 MKIII1987 Newport 30'03-08-201516
ser24762014 Lancer 27PS PicturesThis is the new season. The boat is still in Lake Erie, at its home base in Catawba Island, Ohio. Looking forward to another great sailing season and to learning more!06-19-201416
jguyerOrinoco2014 winter project list04-14-201516
jlillieThe repowerRemoved the old saildrive mount ring form the hull and glassed in the hole. Found a used stainless outboard bracket for 30 bucks and an 87' Yactwin 9.9 that wasn't running for dirt cheap. Replaced the power pack which fixed the not running thing. Rebuilt the fuel pump, replaced the water pump and changed out the lower gear case oil. Compression is right at 120 on both. The motor starts right up after weeks of sitting.12-04-201416
caguyWhale of a Valentine's Day SailThat day we got up close and personal with three pairs of Gray whales in Santa Monica Bay.02-18-201516
Dave GroshongDaveso and so09-24-200815
MacMikeyPapillon II1980 25' Macgregor 8hp Main & 150 Genny with CDI Roller Furling11-17-200815
Captn Bob 35 5Valkyrie ; A way of life.09-30-200815
kuijtKoocanusa Sailing!st summer sailing the new 26s10-06-200815
Dennis Kitchen23.5 centerboard repairs06-06-201315
Jeff B.We may experience slight turbulence and then explode.04-15-200915
genieladyDouble DutchCatalina 30, Panama City, FL08-10-200915
Paul EllarsDragonfly1985 Lancer 29 PowerSailer11-25-200915
damoses1Just bought O'day 22 - Initial Pictures03-29-201015
sullrichSteve's 1991 Hunter 28Some of these pictures are of sister ships. I just bought mine and don't have too many pictures of her yet.03-31-201015
Carlcs21981 Hunter 25 on Galveston Bay TXShe sails great!07-17-201015
Team118Scotch Bonnett 201007-14-201015
Adam678Santa Barbara IslandSanta Barbara Island is about 22nm from Santa Catalina's west end. The island has a Sea Lion and Elephant Seal Rookery. Flying Fish are hitting your boat at night and the area is frequented by White Sharks08-18-201015
enricoYamaha 2908-16-201015
rgrangerRandom Boat PicturesTitle says it all.09-24-201015
gpd955"Victim of Fate" 1979 Catalina 30Some pictures of our last boat, which still resides 3 slips away from us so we get to visit her now and then!01-17-201115
rroqueSailing in Costa RicaPhotos of my sailing moments in Nicoya´s Gulf in Costa Rica.01-21-201115
sirocovzlatrip to st martin March 201104-03-201115
Amos CapeS2 8.0 Restoration complete05-18-201115
shipwreck66bottomjob- phase1First time I've seen her out of the water, hardly any paint left, but surprisingly good shape.07-23-201115
shipwreck66Bottomjob Part II08-06-201115
hurt944Hunter 3708-20-201115
spydrman08Inaugural SailFirst sail of the boat under my ownership, 8/28/1108-29-201115
mister_jNew Tub!Back into O'Day owners status once again!11-10-201415
finding41My 1988 Mac 26DA bunch of photos showing the progress of my project. I have some videos on you tube too. Just search findin4111-09-201315
sj01The Boat05-20-201215
thatguy'77 Columbia 8.7, lake Hartwell, SCJust got her this weekend, so far I'm thrilled!04-10-201215
CaptGreggAlbermarle Sound Sailing June 17, 201207-03-201215
il-lancerin the beginning......Bringing home our new lancer (new to us)08-28-201215
islandjimHurricane Sandy Keyport Harbor New mJerseySome pictures of the destruction of hurricane Sandy11-12-201215
CanonshooternbOriganial pre purchaseThese are the images I took when i first review the boat in Saint John NB, Canada04-27-201315
sailguy401979 Hunter Cherubini 33 "Pirates Lady"Here are some pics of my Hunter. I will be doing many improvements and enhancements on this vessel in the coming years.05-21-201315
TrinkkaGin Pole picsYears ago when I first started trailer-sailing my new 86 O'Day 222 with a Delta 88 Olds I was driving at the time, all I needed was some sort of a detachable mast crutch that I could attach to my stern rail to support my mast. I made one for my bow pulpit also. To get the mast raised, all I needed was a sheave and a long 3/8" three strand nylon line to aid in holding the past in place once I got it up. After the mast was up, I could take my time and connect my forestay which I had bungeed to the mast so that it wouldn't flop around while I was lifting the mast by hand.08-03-201315
ser24762013 Season on my Lancer 27 PSPictures of the past season on my Lancer 27 PS sailboat. Had great memories and learned a lot!10-22-201315
JOLISAILORCatalina 28 MKII '04 name : Vander BOur nice new boat in Holland - EU10-26-201315
eagargaryEDNA-MICHEL 2014Pictures of my boat the EDNA-MICHEL03-05-201515
Hans de Haashere are some pic of what has been done08-20-201415
Long StoryDoor DetailsPhotos and Details of Doors09-02-201415
adolface46Anita BreezePictures of our Sailing Vessel09-14-201415
Tally HoTally Ho! Our O'Day 322Our newest acquisition! A 1988 O'Day 32210-11-201415
jimmycutter37 cutter rigged cherubini04-27-201515
eagargaryEDNA-MICHEL 201506-01-201515
sunmanBEREA26D owner mods08-21-201515
mckee1952Various Sailing Photo's10-02-200814
CharismaMisc sailing photos08-20-201014
Terry CSilver LadyPics of us and our '89 Mac 26s12-26-200814
j_schoenfeldSailing summer 2008She moves under her own power now!12-05-200814
SeaTR"As Found - 1981 H22"01-25-200914
Jkenny13"A Matter Of Time"Our 1978 27' Catilina C-2703-26-201114
gedneschunter 2309-08-200914
NereussailorNereus in Florida07-13-200914
Travis23786S/V HANNAH | 2003 Hunter 356Our sailboat, The Fighting HANNAH, a Hunter 356, and our home. Join us as we travel along the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco.07-29-200914
cephius (Dave)Boats01-26-201214
Seminole WindVarious Sailing Adventure PixA few shots from around the Mississippi Sound01-26-201014
oldjagsLiberty Belle02-27-201214
Frits MareOcean Road07-02-201314
RstantonHILLARY B03-21-201114
BuckeyeMarkS2 8.0A - Maris Stella09-19-201414
kimfassettSailing around the Chessapeake BayOur boat is slipped in the Bohemia River in Chessapeake City Maryland06-20-201014
rgrangerRestoration of a Cornado 23'A Coronado 23' that had been severely grounded. Keel crushed and sold to me on a trailer w/sails for a "steep discount".09-24-201014
whaubnerHunter 410 Mahina Kai07-06-201014
CoCoKnotsCoCoKnots Cruising07-12-201014
Team118BlackBerry Pictures08-22-201014
russcampbellPOCAHANTASin the Marathon Boatyard during the summer and fall of 201009-30-201014
KMmCROC 3-Oday 2504-14-201214
aduffE37Fishermans Boatyard 20092 months worth of hot sweaty work (while i lived aboard up on stands) in the heat of Walton County Florida. Atually some really good memories!12-28-201014
gpd955"Anam Cara" 2000 Catalina 310 HN 004501-17-201114
mspiersprofile pic04-10-201114
justsomeguyFreshwater sorties01-21-201314
onecoolairCool AirDocked at new Job beason Park04-15-201314
scotticusthe soon to be Gypsy Queen08-05-201214
derfusSailing Lake Erie12-17-201214
nosnebjimExtending the V-BerthThe admiral and I needed a little more room in the v-berth. So we did some calculations and decided to remove the head door and install curtains to free up some space. This actually doubled the size of the head when you consider the area to stand and dress etc. Added a total of 10" to the berth along with alot more width. Picked up a larger Portapoti that is taller and MUCH easier to use.05-03-201314
KneeDeepKnee DeepSailing Pictures and great memories05-21-201314
M and MH-23 1988Here's a few pics of some modifications and upgrades over the last few years. Couple of sailing too.08-28-201314
ELMAXRemoving the tree01-16-201514
CjnatasO'day 20 ProjectNew paint! And fixed soft spot06-26-201414
jlillie8.0a Some recent pics of my restoration project 12/2/1412-04-201414
Tom_Erik_and_Vivi_Ann"LaVida" in a Nowegian Hunter 36Hi there all sailors! These pic's is from ALL what we enjoy about sailing our wonderful H36 around the Norwegian coastline. From April until September. Hope u enjoy to!01-24-201514
Rick DCrew PixSome of the crews on sailing days and races.09-26-200813
Terry C'89 Mac 26D ProjectsA few projects to personalize our boat01-31-200913
SeacretSailorS/V Firefly10-30-200813
heystevehNorth Channel of Lake HuronMac 26S11-07-200813
tvangroveSunBreak Seeker04-15-201213
padeanDoc Escape01-15-200913
CrocodiloCor LeonisMe and my boat02-11-201013
johnrockKILLICK our Cal 3403-07-200913
MuffyFishFish fresh out of the waters of southeast Alaska05-16-200913
Lil EmeraldBefore RestorationHere are some pictures of Emerald when she came to live with us!04-02-200913
John in BRIsland Dancer1979 Hunter 3306-09-201413
TabbyQmehitabel - islander 27 197008-24-200913
joelbusCabbage KeyThis is our first trip to Cabbage Key. In seven days we stopped at Point Desoto State Park, Long Boat Key, The Crow's Nest in Venice and finally Cabbage Key.06-17-200913
douglaskjensen@gmail.comLake Huron North Channel and Georgian Bay01-16-201213
gednescHunter 27 198304-13-201013
Jim25Befor Work Is Done1974 Magregor Venture 25 Haul number 20706-21-201213
stevec22206No Name C271987 C2712-20-201113
SailvationSailvationCatalina 310 , 2003, Universal Engine 28 hp, 135% genoa, 100% main, Fwd and Aft Berths, Refridge, stove, 'L' shape Galley, single head, salon area, binnacle compass, am fm cd sound system, nav station radio, dodger, Diesal fuel, 100 gal water, storage above and below, cock pit cushions, depth finder, knots, wind gauges, wing keel and VERY WELL maintained.08-16-201013
Nodak7H41 - Second Season12-18-201213
dockmasterCape Dory 25 1981 fairport Harbor OhioPictures of boat at dock and stored01-10-201113
MrBill_FLLchartssome screen shots with lon/lat02-11-201113
gsfaulk1981 Hunter 27Our "new" old boat...picked this up on eBay for $600.00.02-18-201413
OdayDaveLagniappeO'Day 25 purchased in 201007-18-201213
erie boundLake Erie sights!12-14-201313
snoletMy "new" S2, "Wildest Dream"Thanks to Sharman French and Bruce Von Kummer, Barbara and I have adopted a well cared for 11.0m S2. She is our Wildest Dream and will be the source of many future adventures. This album represents our efforts to ready her for the upcoming 2013 season in Jamestown, RI and her first day in the water.05-21-201313
Patrick S/V Shangra-LaThe Keys through Key West06-12-201313
trainmanjesssailboat racing on geist 5/31/1306-18-201313
SkipperBristol 29.9Annapolis11-15-201413
Cap JackPrepare for dismantlegetting ready to tear her apart06-02-201513
jrevkinShannon 2806-03-201413
sailcapt340Throttle Cable Replacement2015 Throttle and Transmission Cable Replacement05-26-201513
jlillieSail setup - dry runLaid my new custom somerset sails out on the mast and boom. Had to make sure everything fit as expected.07-12-201513
Kevin WhalenMaelstrom03-10-200912
emergpa1family mattersTrailor Sailor06-09-201012
tedsouterTed SouterPic's from DeGray Lake, near Arkadelphia, Arkansas10-07-201012
NotCookOn the water02-25-201012
Adam678N2E Race10-05-200912
Bill RoosaVetrans day weekendPictures of Bill and Bev on Bardi Sea01-19-200912
niels170121991 Hunter 28outfitted and ready to go03-01-200912
HughelseaMy Kells 1978 Sailboat04-20-200912
McMikeJr275 Mile Shakedown; Bay Sail '09Sailing the Chesapeake Bay from 1.5 miles up the Susquehanna to 15 miles down the Elizabeth in my C2704-21-200912
TFrereMorgan 382S/V At Last - Mandeville, LA01-19-201512
NetrickOld South Shore Harbor05-12-200912
BenDiJohnson Sailmaster Outboard Owners ManualJohnson Sailmaster Outboard Owners Manual06-15-200912
tlgs61507My Boat1979 O'Day 2207-15-200912
fabiolemosupgradeslot of changes08-16-200912
rjdivesBreeze Buster 32' IrwinOur 1988 Irwin Citation10-04-200912
Lee Thompsonprojects08-26-201012
jjsbiggsM25 photos06-27-201512
Larry D WestBefore & after03-14-201112
DesRosiers Xavierhunter 34 BOLDESRO09-29-201012
shipwreck66Winduster II10-10-201012
pactug@gmail.comCazadora!Hunter 30603-07-201112
PakelePakeleBasic shots05-23-201212
Nodak7H41 - First Season10-24-201212
StyxS2 8.0C09-13-201112
luckyescapeCustom Welllington 48' Cutter FOR SALE (1991(09-21-201112
sailguy401980 Oday 22 "Tropic Spirit"Here are some pic of my Oday. I plan on doing many more enhancements to her.11-15-201112
brake_windHunter 22 in Cherry Creek Marina11-24-201412
dj2210Our C3011-09-201412
Dixie ChickenDixie Chicken1973 27' Catalina01-18-201312
jcrocker4Boats I have ownedThe Beetle Cat, S2, Boston Whaler, J27 and Sunfish are photos of similar boats.10-04-201212
pfschmidLatisMy O'Day 22 and other photos12-01-201212
captcohoMore pics12-11-201212
TrinkkaMast CrutchesWhen I first got my boat, I wanted to rig it up so I could trailer it to my favorite ramps. I had no intention back then of ever joining a club or a marina and leaving it in the water. Bottom painting was out of the question. The first thing I needed to do was come up with a way to carry my mast, so I built a clunky looking mast crutch out of 2x4 and oak for my bow pulpit. I used carriage bolts, washers, and wing nuts to secure the two wooden blocks that were designed to operate like large turn buttons to hold the crutch base to my pulpit. I had made cove cuts with my radial saw on the bottom of the crutch base and also these blocks that would fit snuggly on the 1" bow rail when I tightened the wing nuts on both sides. It worked but it was just too large and clunky. I kept this crutch along with the rear mast crutch in the trunk of my car after getting the boat all rigged at the ramp. As the years went by, I improved on these mast crutches and made some newer ones that were more compact and could be stowed on board the boat. I still carry my crutch on boat because of an old drawbridge on the river that I need to open and this bridge is forever breaking down.01-31-201312
readerbillOkeechobee Waterway, Ft Myers to Indiantown02-25-201312
1CaptainRonLorraine III08-07-201312
Sailavie1Random Pic's04-10-201512
ronflowersNow...the interior!02-24-201412
kbrown15931997 Hunter 2606-09-201412
Andreas7699Race Smøla DH. June 201406-22-201412
the Dog HouseThe Dog House01-14-201512
FasterHorses2014- A Summer of first PassagesThe summer 0f 2014 was a GREAT SUMMER of first passages aboard Faster Horses.03-31-201512
nucdad1S2 27 LUNACY"Lunacy" is what occurs when men love "Sailing" and hate fishing. This is my rebuild Project. Lunacy is one of 85 limited production and a G&S design. Designed for comfort with performance.03-01-201512
JoeSailer10Venture partsPictures of part from my '74 Venture 21 that are available for sale07-30-201512
MikeHH260 pics09-25-200911
Justin63Before fixing her up...10-15-200811
Jerry BEveryday Is Beautiful At The Lake...03-11-200911
Lee and KarenMac26sThe Skipper12-02-200811
robsuerogina26S Pics1995 26S12-05-201011
fjbrawnBluewaterOur Beneteau First 30508-31-200911
SantaCruzS2The new boatThis is the boat that I've just bought.08-27-200911
Blink70050Blew By You08-20-201011
guidera48The Find1979 Hunter 37C as found in St. Mary's, GA July 0908-28-200911
shadyladyRebuilding Sea Horse07-06-201111
Paul DCSea Eagle10-28-200911
Patrick S/V Shangra-Laspinnaker sailing03-22-201311
applemanSailing 200912-01-200911
derfusMy Boats12-09-201011
honeybeelaneSancha, O'Day 25, Arboles, Co.Sailing on Navajo Lake, Arboles, Colorado.03-24-201011
seerchaSaoirse & Blasoca03-31-201011
estopaMy Oday 222 before any mods1986 Oday in need of a little TLC. Last 15 years sailed in fresh water lake (Candlewood) in CT. Now back to the Long Island Sound where she had come from.04-07-201011
pgiordaBon Gior03-02-201411
Paul Hebert25' CATALINA07-17-201011
estopaO'Day 222 Reef PicturesTrying to learn how to reef my Oday 222.07-12-201011
JfelkinsPocket Change09-03-201011
LooseDiamondLabor Day Weekend 2010Three days, two nights on Cat Island, MS sound.09-08-201011
Famos_AmosThe 222Various pics of the boat01-24-201111
joetekno1977 Catalina 30 Hull 662My Upgrades...09-25-201111
chiefaponteoph 1976 S2 8.0C11-26-201111
admeyersMacGregor 222-11/19/11From start to...11-19-201111
The Gentle WayFirst Look at HerShe was in my cousins back yard at a house she is renting, I was looking at her and the landlord came out and started talking to me. He said, "Shes yours if you want her, FREE, hell I'll pay you to haul her out of here". She needs alot of work but shes FREE!!! I Love her already.12-31-201111
Castrilper55Second Wind - My Oday 26Photos from PO before I purchased her.02-15-201511
Milton.AudasSouthern Cross - Catalina 22After formerly having sailed on the briny of the South Pacific, and now land-locked in Iowa, I really missed being able to go sailing. We had sailed and raced M-Scows and E-Scows locally which were great fun, but it was just not the same. Our need was a trailerable boat to use for family day cruising on our nearest lakes, one that was small enough to haul to alternate locations, but large enough to accomodate the officers (2) and junior crew (2) for occasional overnights. After much research, we decided the Catalina 22 was a great boat, stable in most conditions, and of a classic design (we wrote off the Mac 26X as being too 'sporty'). We purchased our C-22 toward the end of the 2011 season. It was in great condition for its age, and had been owned by a very nice older gent who was not able to maintain it, knew little about sailboats, and thus the boat had fallen into some moderate disrepair (mostly teak work, in need of a very thorough clean, and a few upgrades). We spent much of the Winter doing upgrades and tidy-ups, and now we expect to get several years out of it before moving on to something else.05-31-201511
motobasturdFirst Summer on Catalina 2708-24-201211
ser2476Lancer 27 PSPictures of My Lancer 2709-14-201211
DougoDougo's StuffMiscellaneous pictures04-28-201311
Pat HooymanOver Indulgence1998 Hunter 26 - the last 26 made.05-24-201311
Grizmaster7Upgraded interiorNew seat cushions, stereo , VHF radio, counter top and walls04-08-201311
readerbillPulling Prop and shaft06-24-201311
readerbillThru hull / Seacock backing plate and relocationNew fiberglass backing plates and moving engine raw water intake07-15-201311
sailnoproblemWhats old is new again08-27-201311
jlillie8.0a The way she looked when i found her.Her original name was LaughingGull and she was located in Bellaire MI. I found this while I was wet sanding out the gelcote on the transom. It would be interesting to know how she found her way to southwest FL.12-02-201411
ELMAXRestore finishedAfter 23 months and finished refitting of CALYPSO01-08-201511
MeriacheeTop Down furler and bowsprit projectBuilding a bowsprit with a toaster oven, and making a top-down furler from a bag of Harken Torlon balls to control the asym01-15-201511
futuristictechSailboat converted to powerboatA sailboat converted to powerboat. Unbolt the keel and mast, plug an outboard engine and steering system.02-09-201511
CRichardsDSX28' O'Day Thru Hull ReplacementAlbum documenting the replacement of thru hulls on our 1982 28' O'Day "Yulie Borealis"03-18-201511
calvinobara526My 231978 O'Day 2305-12-201511
arcflashSail Away10-01-200810
gabrielImprovements "work in progress"12-04-200810
hoistasail"Tenacious" 1981 Mac 25These are pictures of "Tenacious" a 1981 Mac 25.10-27-200810
Sunbird22358SUNBIRDPictures of some of my modifications, and also general pictures of my Day Sailer II.02-16-201210
Doug JReplacement trailerI bought a 20 year old Pacific power boat trailer off ebay for $900, and modified it to accomodate my 26S.11-20-200810
jbwbcat30Cool Breeze 1994 Macgregor 26SSailing on Alum Creek Resevoir Columbus Ohio11-24-200810
Nevada City Bobtesttest11-28-200810
JimmBack Creek Adventures12-28-200910
Karl GibbsWANDERLUST01-17-200910
PatrikValettaHunter 356 in Stockhom/Sweden01-27-200910
SeacretSailorMisc Boating Pics11-06-201110
spdycmlRandom PicsJust a bunch of pics I took before and after I bought the boat.02-11-200910
KenNGCCSailing the Florida, Alabama panhandle02-21-200910
shirleyjeanneShirley Jeanne S2 C 30'Ready for cruising!03-06-200910
Joe T.RestorationCatalina 25/trailer08-10-200910
brewerazSan Diego HarborWe spent a few days on Coronado and could not resist a day sail. So we rented a day charter and enjoyed a great day in San Diego harbor. There was a small whale, lost in the harbor and sure enough it found us, pics below.04-01-200910
roberthallowellAlberg 35 "Apple"03-26-200910
Capt SalMy Boat1968 Venture 22'04-27-200910
USCG CaptainLatitude AdjustmentSailing on Monterey Bay11-16-200910
hughesk1957My Hi-Lu (pre O'Day days)So me pics of me on my 1972 14' AMF Hi-Lu. It is not a catamaran, but an outrigger...thingie...sorta... whatever. All the sail stuff & rudder stuff are Sunfish stock. Am restoring a 2nd one...09-23-201410
Netrick1973 Catalina 22 (R.I.P.)05-12-200910
j_schoenfeldSailing 2009 Great Salt Lake05-26-200910
SonyaNorth Channel Sailing07-14-200910
hunter bumgood timetwo weeks from Pensacola,fl to Cape Canaveral,fl10-08-201010
All U Get2009 tripBoating pictures07-22-200910
caguy2 Harbors July 20094 day trip to Two Harbors Catalina07-30-200910
svlazzaroneSVLazzarone sails around the CaribbeanPhotos of Steve and Susan sailing aboard Lazzarone08-10-200910
BlueskiesNorth Channel (Great Lakes ) 2009A few pictures from our trip to Northen Lake Huron08-24-200910
islandjimMy Oday 22I have only one season under my belt with my Oday and have loved everyday we are on the water. The boat is very stable and just the perfect size for my use.09-14-201010
kenletson1C & C 32, "Bonnie - Val"1980 C&C 32', Homeport : St.Petersburg, Fl Owner: Ken Letson, Treasur Island Fl, E-Mail: Kenletson@letsonholdings.com10-01-200910
gabriel.donnellyDad and I building the new O25 RudderWhat a great project with an even sweeter payoff!10-06-200910
Bob R.Unfurled H356Unfurled sailing in the Chesapeake 2009 Charter in the Greek Islands 200510-05-200910
Capt Don FulcherSailing South10-24-200910
NY1TGalen's 1980 Hunter 36.11-08-200910
RBoneNew Winter Home11-20-200910
Jerry J.Lake Tenkiller05-23-201110
Nicholson58Camper & Nicholson 58Restoration of our retirement home12-02-200910
rajhnsnNew Bottom02-07-201010
jimford2158Leah Nicole1974 Irwin 37 foot Center Cockpit Cutter rigged.01-11-201110
JimmyMacMy 26(S)My boat pics03-16-201010
Raul PelegrinaCatalina MK III - 1995Sailboat in great condition. Contact owner for more details. 850-865-241004-15-201010
SeabiscuitSeabiscuit / Lancer 27 PS1984 Lancer Motor: 40hp Suzuki. Sails: Olsen 30 Main, 150 Genoa, Jib, Asym. V berth dinette with aft cabin.05-06-201010
Bill HewlettSailing in ZeelandWe enjoy great summers with sailing Marjo, our blue Hunter 36, in Zeeland the Netherlands. She offers easy handling and good below decks comfort when we are off cruising. Hope other Hunter lovers like the look of her as much as we do!05-17-201010
69308islander 37MS (PILOT HOUSE)06-30-201010
kirbyc1goo14' Sailboat 1977I have done a lot of work to this one. Got a friend of the family to make me all new oak pieces. Someone stole my rudder so i made one out of aluminum. Fixed cracking on bottom, painted it, polyurethaned it. I will be modifying it by putting a fore stay on and enabling it to carry a small jib that I have. Very difficult boat to learn to sail on!07-10-201010
Jasonneeds alot of work07-13-201010
VT Fitz2010 SeasonSnapshots of 2010 Season09-23-201010
Frenchie3958Pictures of my H36Pictures taken in France (west atlantic coast)08-26-201010
sirocovzlaTrip to Tortola July 2010I would like to install an A/C on my Beneteau M35201-11-201110
rgrangerCoronado 25 PicsThese are pictures of my Coronado 25. Sold her in Spring 201009-24-201010
JerryA2010 SailsSailing in 2010 on Lake Erie10-03-201010
eddwillCatalina Island10-11-201010
kyledavidson93kyle D's lancer10-12-201010
Layla987My "Layla"12-17-201010
CruiserTomLera Ann II 2010 Album01-10-201110
DebbieReichertSailing Vessel ChrisHana02-08-201110
David HinkCowabungaShake down02-10-201110
Tally HoMy 1996 Hunter 280Our 1996 Hunter 280 s/v Obsession.08-25-201310
brenhi01Aft Hole (before and after)04-06-201110
Solace of FreedomMy Catalina 22, Solace of Freedom06-17-201110
DockHMy Abbott2206-05-201410
mjohns1982 Macgregor 22Photo Documentation for the restoration of my MacGregor 2210-27-201210
1983catalina30@gmail.comCatalina 30 For Sale, Hood River, OR07-04-201110
DaleBs/v About TimeThe reconstruction of a 1968 Venture 21.07-16-201110
Frits MareOcean Road07-22-201110
Lew Love87' Catalina 30 RestoredThought you might be interested in a few pictures of my Catalina 30. She was in bad shape and now she is close to "yacht standard".08-22-201110
Bob135711My new loveYa, it's the boat.04-09-201510
Happy DolphinHappy Dolphin 201110-13-201110
hhrockRockReation1979 Catalina 25 Tall Rig, Fixed Keel, Pop-top11-13-201110
hubbardbillySummer 2011First year with "Spring Fever" sailing East Greenwich Cove and Narragansett Bay.02-15-201210
motorider71 v222a learning experiance12-07-201310
Foster Fanning2011 Lake Roosevelt CruiseThe S2 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA on a month long Lake Roosevelt cruise in eastern Washington State.05-19-201210
WindwarriorMy Cat 2205-31-201210
readerbillprop shaft strut12-01-201410
WayneHBEER 2012A few of the pictures we took on our trip to Florida and back.06-27-201210
slowhandsailorMY little dream boat1979 hunter 27 draft 4 ft 3 inches spent 3 day's on her on the ICW getting her to her new home07-02-201210
Paladin27Sailing in Jacksonville, FLWe went sailing on a Beneteau 32 and on "Freedom" in St. Augustine, FL while on vacation in Florida during New Years.07-06-201210
crewzenKentucky Lake SailingPictures from sailing on Kentucky Lake07-10-201210
Dana and LubaSailing into fallMore from Narragansett09-26-201210
sfgarySailing San francisco Bay11-18-201210
Tac 1979 Hunter 37C sailboat My new boat06-22-201310
drumbeaterPearson 26 Rudder shaft repair01-30-201310
sdstefmy 1977 Oday 25.02-03-201310
Spindrift NHCompression BlockReplacing the compression block on Spindrift02-23-201310
MarkTunLuck be a Lady pics from survey02-27-201310
Mustang22LibertyMustang 2204-03-201310
MikeR4740New OwnershipTaking control of my newly purchased Hunter 340.05-25-201310
debi97325A work in progress07-06-201310
Patrick S/V Shangra-La2nd Tortuga Trip on my boat06-12-201310
ALWAYSOMTHINALWAYSSOMTHINMy sailboat project07-22-201310
trainmanjesssplash day12-30-201410
Jim SeamansInstalling SmartPlugSwitch the old style power plugs to the better SmartPlug on a Hunter 356.05-21-201410
h2ocruizersThe Reconstitution of SV Empty Pocket - TEST ALBUM2011-2013... SV Empty Pocket gets an ambitious & extensive refit.06-30-201310
speedupOur JourneySurvey to sailing08-04-201310
StarSloopGalactica, 26M2010 MacGregor 26M09-10-201310
gary3_aeroPandoraMy Macgregor Venture 2-22 that I purchased in July of 201309-30-201310
Captain Kirk1517Sailing on Canyon LakeRetirement on Canyon Lake09-08-201410
brianhessTriton, a 1976 Camper Nicholson 33 (#39)Designed by Ron Holland during his early career, two of her sisters won the Fastnet race in 1975 and again in 2005. She's a world-class racer/cruiser.03-02-201510
trainmanjessrudderhere is the kick up rudder from my old Mac25....01-20-201410
kb3pgo1973 Catalina 2202-02-201410
Looking4WindO'Day 25 RepaintFrom White to Flag Blue02-17-201410
Seagull8481Dios PriatasPhotos of my Cherubini 37 Cutter08-27-201410
HealthWorksOur Mac, and addiction. Sailing!Photos of excitement and learning!!04-30-201410
Worldwalker88Memorial Day weekend '14Finally some beautiful weather on Lake Michigan!05-27-201410
dgreen1991Awning Mods06-27-201410
hoastongeAt the time of the purchase07-23-201410
Happy DolphinHappy Dolphin II 2014misc pics 201407-25-201410
caguyCross Country Trip to Pickup Chantilly LadyMade a 5000 mile round road trip to pick up my new to me Catalina 27. I bought it on Craigslist from a trailer manufacturer in Burton PA, and brought it back to Burbank, CA and eventually to MDR.08-22-201410
WestIslandJohnnyBeginnings: My first sailboatThis series of photos is exactly how the boat looked when I purchased it. I will be adding more albums as different phases of the renovations are being done.09-08-201410
donvanvBeneteau 36cc at time of survey09-16-201410
DHaranSailorWayfarer Mark I GRP ProjectProject pictures from '69 Wayfarer.10-29-201410
discman243boat pics11-13-201410
jlillie8.0a Demolition begins12-02-201410
jlillie8.0a The hull bottom.As bad as the bottom looked. it sanded out nicely right down to the barrier coat which was still perfect with no blisters whatsoever. I wish I had taken some pics while I was sanding and painting but I was so miserable, I didn't even think about it. For the bottom paint i used West Marine PCA Gold made by Pettit. I used this because the boat can stay out of the water indefinitely. I put on 3 coats and it took 2 gallons.12-04-201410
jlillie8.0a Re-laminating the cabin roofThis is a job I would not wish on anyone. It did work out well though and the cabin deck is stiff as a 10x2 plank.12-02-201410
slysailorSelah pictures1984 Hunter 25.501-09-201510
Jerry92335Macgregor 2601-20-201510
SeniorMacgregor 26M07-27-201510
willsnowpics for threads06-19-201510
kesagapeDufour 27 (BUBI) BeforePictures of my Dufour 27 when I first purchased her.04-06-201510
wesleyshermanwood work05-25-201510
Worldwalker88June '1507-01-201510
MaritimeTeesEricson 27Total refit sailed to Hawaii solo.07-15-201510
MikeWilkinsonHiding OutMy Hunter 36 "Hiding Out"09-25-20089
Rick DCatalina Avalon TripThis is a mid-winter trip we took to Avalon in Catalina in 07.09-26-20089
Bruce'79 O'Day Widgeon (sold)It floated : )) First time sailing in thirtyfive years. I feel like a kid again!04-28-20129
JerryAPut-in-BayMy sails to PIB.06-27-20109
Phil V25 Mis'Adventure our 1979 Venture 2505-16-20109
gabriel1977 Venture 21 "Foray"Maiden Voyage12-04-20089
Kathy McCueYOLO (II) on the Navesink River, Fair Haven, NJ1998 240 Hunter Sailboat, YOLO II (You Only Live Once)10-21-20089
kerry sailorLone Palm04-23-20139
RBoneA work in progress11-20-20099
Ken HoneycuttSailing around Chicago06-01-20099
keysskipperpictures from paradise03-17-20099
RokSecond Wind Photos08-18-20099
Kevin WhalenOld Boat03-10-20099
h2ocruizersCruizin' the Bahamas in a 25.5! (2008)Destination: TORTUG... uhm, er, I mean BAHAMAS!08-01-20099
Bwana The IguanaSail03-04-20099
NV sailorThe beginning of the project.My Lancer 28 on the day I bought it, and the early internal changes.04-07-20099
Roger (Ninette, Manitoba)Sundance 20' Weekenderswing keel05-07-20099
zeehagsolitary bird and memy boat my kat and me04-01-20099
brewerazMac 26s - Sailing ArizonaAlbum of our Mac26s sailing trips in Arizona.04-27-20099
NV sailorMy Lancer 28 anchored on Lake Mead, NVMost of these photos were shot at Hidden Cove, which is now only dry ground, due to the shrinking lake.04-07-20099
NV sailorWindy sailing on Lake Mead, NevadaMy Lancer 28 with a factory installed cutter rig, easily handles the strong desert winds on Lake Mead.04-07-20099
NV sailorLancer 28 on the Sea of Cortez.In 1998 I towed my Lancer 28 to San Carlos and launched it on the boat ramp. I spent the next month exploring the upper part of the Sea of Cortez.04-07-20099
ProjMan2010 Trips Mandeville to Mississippi IslandsSpring & Fall Trips12-02-20109
jfrancis100My Tempest upgrades04-17-20139
Dan6223Fetchers BarqueFetchers Barque is a 1983 Macgregor 25 (M25) that is kept in mooring at Highland Marina on Lake Granby CO. Lake Granby is a high altitude lake aprox 8300' above see level that sits on the boundry of Rocky Mountain National Park just below the Continental Divide. Constantly changes conditions and weather make the sailing very rewarding07-13-20099
hunter bumbefor remodelI just bought this boat and it still ugly10-08-20109
guidera48The MoveTransport and set up of sailboat. Decided it would be better to have the boat at my business and able to work on it after hours and week ends.08-28-20099
C. Martinsa few memories09-15-20099
fjbrawnKey Biscayne October 0910-09-20099
gabriel.donnellyStripping below deck.Removing the interior upolstry . An ongoing photo journal of cabin remodel.11-16-20099
elvientoBeneteauBeneteau Oceanis 430 El Viento from the Netherlands01-02-20109
bubbaInspirationMac 26 M01-03-20109
Jon MSolara02-19-20109
sailirwin52Sailing adventures on Irwin 52Acquired our lady Oct. 2009. This is our life with her.03-18-20109
Great_Lakes_CrosswindMy C-3003-25-20109
estopaO'Day 222 Bottom Paint RestorationThe boat was originally in Salt water for the first 10years of its life then last 15 years in freshwater lake. Some remnants of bottom paint still needed to be power washed and sanded.04-30-20109
Kathy McCueYOLO on the Navesink River (III), Fair Haven, NJ02-28-20119
BarquitoBarquito O'Day 2506-22-20109
Elizabeth WennerCompass RosePhotos of Compass Rose sailing or at anchor.07-28-20109
thomasgoodmaniii79 v22taken out sailing once in 15mph winds and 35 deg. air. still lots of fun and i even managed to find people to go out with me lol02-27-20119
Dave602Up to No Good02-28-20149
eliemsAndante1993 Hunter 2807-05-20119
jmurray97Tartan 10 Greyhound05-16-20119
TrinkkaThe Lineman's Rolling HitchI use it mostly in place of a Come-Along grip. It will not slip.02-07-20139
finnermanSailing PicsPictures of my boat under way.08-15-20119
LeftfieldTrinity Lake 2011 Labor Day weekend+09-20-20119
jerry smithConvert to wheel steering10-12-20119
Spooled AgainO24005-05-20159
Regular GuySailing Savannah and Hilton Head Island08-13-20149
Captain Dave24313Sapphire Day1985 O'Day 26 about to be given a make-over prior to a 2012 move to Annapolis.12-02-20119
Happy DolphinHappy Dolphin 201104-22-20139
TechnodadGeneral pic's of my 1981 O'Day 23-203-22-20159
Jim jamsDesolation Sound02-01-20129
scottmcgS2 9.2a gets a new Beta 25 (summer 2011)Replacing YSB 12 with BetaMarine 902 (25hp)02-08-20129
Lorin SmithWhen the wind stops blowing03-06-20149
PilotocopilotS/V Alati02-27-20129
sailinsouthCustom oday 25This is the most radical oday 25 ever. I hope you enjoy the pics and I'll have more to come.03-02-20139
seadude61Seaster through hulls03-18-20129
SenecaDaze1981 Hunter2206-24-20129
secondchance22107LADY ADA my fist sailboat and her reconstruction1982 slipper 17.....been on the water ALL my life cnad a licensed captain for over 36 years till health took my license...sailed one time and fell in love now to reconstruct and LEARN to so it myself... to view all go to
Max Sea H260Lake St. ClairSailing Lake St. Clair (Michigan) It's not a Great Lake but it's a pretty darn good one!07-08-20129
texasprinterS2 8.5 Restoration Almost FinishedRebuilt Yanmar YSM 12, new shaft, new packing gland and hose, new bilge pump and switch. Also new head and holding tank and most of all I installed a/c.11-25-20129
lippysydWind QuestOur first sailboat, a 1972 Catalina 2704-01-20139
ser2476My O'day 20Pictures of my O'day 20 after rebuilding it09-14-20129
eklokowskiBell housing replaced11-04-20129
readerbillFuel Tank Replacement01-27-20139
brake_windHunter 2211-14-20139
SimvinNew Catalina 22 RestorationCatalina 2211-30-20139
wallawallabobJust bought "Westie" 27 Ericson04-27-20149
jenquay2013 Mod's Rudder From Stock To Kick-up02-04-20149
HarleyreefWeldment repair10-22-20139
Aussie piper 565the H.M.A.S. Guppy, CALYPSO Anjolie.& ..Marahute'04-27-20159
Nodak7Third SeasonLast season on Lake Sakakawea. Moved boat to Punta Gorda, FL01-06-20149
XCIIGTWhippleFinally getting there with the repairsFinally had a chance to work on the 19 again.06-30-20149
dgreen1991Electronics Electrical Related Mods06-27-20149
MrBruceOiled Teak08-18-20149
CapnGrumpyBreechesCatalina 2207-08-20159
SeaBob48A 1978 Endeavour is reborn.I'd like to show the transformation of my boat since I purchased it in July 2014. She was sitting in the yard at Humbug Marina for about a yr. anda half when I bought her on Ebay for 1525. It took me three months to get her in the water and then moved her next door to Gilbralter Yacht Marina. Very nice place. Left for The Erie Canal and am about half way there now.10-05-20149
Milton.AudasNew paint deck and hull, reupholstered cushions...After a year or two of 'planning', we finally took the plunge and completely refinished the boat. Topsides got a full re-do with new White Interlux Brightside paint, grey non-slip on the decking and white no-slip on the cabin top and hatches. Hull got a beautiful Sapphire Blue in Interlux Brightside (3 coats over 2 coats of base primer). Cushions inside and out went out to a local upholsterer and refinished with Sunbrella fabric in Pacific Blue. No more 80's brown tweed / plaid (or whatever it was !!). Since it had been 4 years in the sun, the topsides teak got a strip down and re-finished with Cetol.05-31-20159
mz4wheelerACR RLB-35BDIY Battery replacement for RLB-35B05-08-20159
Ross20546Phoebe II05-17-20159
Ken PalmerSailsImages from our trip aboard the Royal Clipper.02-15-20098
tpoloDakota Mac after09-25-20088
SoSoundSynergie and our intro to sailing.Puget Sound travels from Olympia to as far as we can comfortably get...09-12-20138
TuppenceSovereign @ Sea10-01-20088
GrizzMonroe MooringHarbor shots, modifications and upgrades (I think)10-14-20098
Phil V25 Keel winch repairThe OEM winch finally gave out, unfortunately the keel was down. Raising in up to get on the trailer was a pain. These pictures out line my steps to lower the keel while still on the trailer.10-11-20088
BE400FOS/V Non-Sequitur07-23-20118
JimJenny1978 SJ-21 Hull No 105812-10-20088
Phuketpassage450Phuket 450PMisc pic03-02-20098
LANCE ON CLOUD NINELance and friends sailing10-26-20088
Adam Psummer of 2009first summer with my O Day 2202-13-20108
FearlessFearlessFearless under asymentrical in Bora Boars11-29-20088
amcmahonRadiant Beam, Wilmington, NCSailing Norfolk to Charlston09-03-20138
mtboatIllusionPics of my boat Illusion on Flathead Lake, Montana.02-08-20098
TandNEagle Lake CA01-24-20098
mandeApostle Islands 07-0801-08-20098
Kelly GreavesPuff'95 MAC 26C02-17-20098
siandimiScrumpy RefitBefore and after shots06-10-20098
PICANTEPicante IThe new toy03-06-20098
johnlivelyWoodworking Photos03-07-20098
filmexpeditions.comBonnie Ember Filmexpeditions.comSailing03-11-20098
ve2ptcTravel home 200802-12-20108
cookwithgasMacGregor V22212-03-20108
La VitaLa Vita11-16-20098
Mark PricePortlight replacement photosJust a bunch of photos of replaceing the portlight on my H37c with NFM SS ports05-22-20098
BoatinBillFirst Boat, Now I need to learn how to sail!!!First Boat sitting in driveway. Need to get some things fixed and checked out before putting her in the water.07-06-20098
jhortonHunter 19 - CalidrisPhotos of my Hunter 1907-17-20098
Royal FlushPhotos from the lower Chesapeake08-11-20098
impulse IITrailer for O'Day 26This is how I managed to cobble together a trailer for the O"day 26.08-20-20098
bobbily84My boat08-31-20098
marthajO'Day Sprite02-26-20138
Glenn8732Hunter 33.5 Repairs11-03-20098
guidera48The Paint JobSince the hull was deep green, I decided to prime it first in order to cover the green. It took 2 quarts of white primer on the 2 sides. The Paint job took 1 gallon of Emron epoxy Hatteras white.11-03-20098
Doug AreyAerieThis is a picture I took off the advertisement for Aerie, taken by it's current (soon to be former) owner. Aerie is a Cheoy Lee 53' Wittholtz.03-17-20108
Shooter IIWinter '09Dec '09, Blue Water Marina, Rhode River, Md12-29-20098
BlitzVarious photos04-10-20158
captainjoebrownPLACESThese are just some shots in places I've sailed.02-01-20108
Capt_HookSailing Ship ~THE REBEL ~33" Hunter -- Vintage 1977 ++++++++++++++++++ Cherubini designed sloop. Bristol condition. Home port New London, CT.02-14-20108
deangrahamDream Time12-19-20128
Bob millardCoronation II Perth West Australia04-05-20108
Mick16083IndulgencePride and joy of Mick and Maleka02-25-20138
FroggyAZMacgregor 26S brochureOriginal Macgregor 26S marketing brochure.04-29-20108
joefusamoby dick modsvarious upgrades to '77 C30 #54304-15-20128
ketch22Islander 37MS (PILOT HOUSE)Photos of Islander 37MS (pilot house) Sloop. Sand Dollar II07-01-20108
dborko1getting boat ready for this season06-30-20108
WestieOwnerWestsail SelkieThe Westsail 32 Selkie07-11-20108
kpgraciSailing on lake pontchartrainPleasant afternoon sail with nice wind and fellow SBO member kloudie1 - thanks kloudie1.07-30-20108
ShaktisBoyTropical DepressionOur 1993 Hunter 30T08-24-20108
87662MacGregor 26xHamilton Ont12-10-20108
KermitWateree LakeThe beauty of Wateree Lake where I learned to sail and ski06-18-20148
Ralph3001Arriving in ChileAfter massive water break-in laying in an US marina and being on the hard for several years, I bought Windgeist and shipped it to Chile to bring the boat to new life.03-04-20118
thomasgoodmaniiiwork in progress04-04-20118
TexrobMy 1989 26D03-07-20128
abkThe Anita K01-22-20128
Robin FMemorial Day 2011This is my Mac's maiden voyage outside of Dana Point Harbor on Memorial Day 201105-31-20118
JaiExplorer1st Day with a New Home!!Initial condition of my 1981 Hunter 22 upon taking possession. Had to tow her to the dock - broken centerboard and no motor.08-26-20118
egodseyHunter 25.5 Rebuild05-30-20128
klemsaba1978 S2 8.0c01-27-20138
SenecaDazefirst day homeboat was 115 miles away from me,she is home now,trailered easily 60-65 mph11-27-20118
venture3082Ol BlueJust the boat!10-03-20138
bugbitten9.2A salon tableOne of our members asked for pictures of the original folding table. Here they are. I've got dimensions written down somewhere and will add those later. John11-12-20118
tattoowormpics of boat11-21-20118
ajsail1"Ocean"Andrews 77, it's 85 feet overall, all carbon fiber hull and rig.11-25-20118
rvasailorO'Day 28 For Sale12-12-20118
Windy City1980 C-30 Sail 1795 For Sale12-15-20118
WayneHBEERless 2011Our trip halfway to Florida and back.02-04-20128
OS2DudeModificationsModifications I've made to my O'Day 2305-05-20128
LongJohnSilverLong John Silversailboats, crew, projects, motorcycles12-23-20138
KestrelOur birds01-23-20128
willardjAmerican 14-601-29-20128
dscribnerVarious photos of Sparrow02-20-20128
robert drosCurrent Affair03-20-20128
Rising SunRising Sun08-27-20128
TrinkkaNew mods in the cabinI needed to be able to stow my 6.5' Whisker Pole and boat hook in my cabin, out of the way which gave me the idea of cutting out part of the rear cabin bulkhead under the Starboard combing. These two items were taking up too much of my cabin due to their long lengths. I also needed a paper towel holder with a shelf for extra storage. These were easy projects and fun to build. This year I'm omitting the mattresses under the cockpit for more useful storage and neater appearance. Small boat cabins can get cluttered. There's still plenty of seating and sprawling out space on the existing quarter birth cushions and I think that the two covered compartments in the cubby holes will get more use now that they are more exposed. Little changes such as these can make a big difference in a small boat.02-07-20138
Milton.AudasUpgradesOver the past couple of seasons we have upgraded the interior, built a custom set of shelves where the slide-out galley was located, laid a new floor using faux-teak vinyl tiles, and replaced all the lectronics - new compass, Lowrance depth sounder, and 'Speedpuck' GPS knotmeter for accuracy.05-31-20158
Stella BlueStella Blue RestorationRescued at auction for $90006-11-20158
capdabneyMy Sea Pearlthese are photos of my Sea Pearl along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida.08-05-20128
Chris PowellTaff RailPhotos showing Taff Rail mod.08-16-20128
jackbostPearson 30330 ft. Sailboat09-16-20128
allsoppandwetS2 6.7 Pumpkin RacePumpkin Race 201210-06-20128
SiriSheworthy's facelift12-03-20128
captcohoTwo Tree Limes01-28-20138
TrinkkaSetting up the trailer for this boat:If you don't plan on doing any trailer sailing and just plan on having a trailer that will take her to the ramp once a year for her to be placed on a mooring or slip, I suggest that you buy a 23' tandem axle powerboat trailer that will take the weight of your boat fully found. My Long Mfg Trailer is Aluminum and can take 4600 Lbs. At any rate, you want a trailer that is built for a boat 1' longer than your boat. My boat is 21' 9" and my Long was built for a 23' boat. It doesn't have to be a sailboat trailer. It can be a powerboat trailer. You'll need to raise the bunks high enough to accommodate the depth of the keel. So the extension brackets under the bunks need to be at least 24" high and preferably adjustable. The reason for the longer trailer is to be able to float the boat on or off the trailer with no need of tongue extension brackets for fear of swamping your towing vehicle.01-21-20138
TrinkkaPolytarpsI love to use tarps on my boat in the summer. They keep the boat cool by directing the breeze into the cabin through the open forward hatch, and by keeping the sun off the cabin and cockpit. They're pretty effective during a rain. The only down side to them is that they have a tendency to be noisy and they are flammable. Outside of that, they're cheap to buy and you don't need to worry about storing them wet for short periods of time as far as mildew is concerned.01-24-20138
Yourtruenorth1Hakuna Matata pics03-19-20138
twdevoreGypsy LadyCleaning up the new boat.04-12-20138
trainmanjessgeist resivoir 4-2906-18-20138
Cool Beansslding hatch security bar thing. . .my camera phone sucks, sorry for the fuzzy pics. . .05-18-20138
John SullivanSlim Chance - Miscellaneous pictures06-03-20138
readerbillFilling some through hulls and blister repair06-30-20138
Sunbird223581970 CAL 21 NODROG Hull#285Pictures of some of our modifications as wel las original stock setups05-21-20148
starrider1961My Hunter 3408-05-20138
ncarolinasailorCal 2-25Pictures of my Cal 2-2509-20-20138
banjoeyPurchase Day11-07-20138
CharlzOSilent KnightOngoing saga of the rebuilding of my Excalibur 2605-17-20148
seacaptain4uOle SaltBen02-07-20148
Old Sprite SailorSprite pictures05-11-20148
furduiSail la Vie in action06-09-20148
dgreen1991Catalina 22 Galley Mods06-27-20148
joenharrisA.M. On the lake07-28-20148
caenativeS2 24 198709-25-20148
SamanthaAnneDavit bases for Beneteau 4911-21-20148
Rayheath3989 Galley RebuildRebuild of the Galley counter tops on our 1986 C30 Hull 398912-23-20148
ODayCOO'Day 25 centerboardpulling a centerboard on a O'Day 2505-10-20158
DreamCatcherCaptClipper Marine 21 keel restoration, lifting systemHere is the take-down04-15-20158
RACERMIKE39O'day 20We wanted to get into sailing so we found this O'day 20 for free. The boat had been sitting for 12 years under a tree. We cleaned it up and have been having fun sailing it.07-02-20158
MaritimeTeesEricson 30+07-15-20158
ex-adminAdmin's album06-18-20087
Mickey84H34Exterior Overhaul 2007-2008After 2 years of sailing since we purchased our Hunter 34 we decided a paint job was in order and the adventure began03-26-20097
Mickey84H34Bomar never made them this goodWhile we were doing our total overhaul of the exterior of our Hunter 34 we decided to clean up or replace all the hardware. The Bomar hatches were in pretty sad shape.09-25-20087
stevec22206Wind's Song O'day 23Sailing in the midwest10-26-20117
caguyAvalon, Catalina Sept 2008We got a great mooring in Avalon on Labor Day weekend.09-28-20087
Justin63Fixed up; pics added as I get around to taking them..Here are pictures of the progress I make from day to day. I don't make as much progress as I used to, since I now have her fully operational, and take her out at LEAST once a day. Have been on that routine for about 2 months now.10-15-20087
yachtsmartYou know it's goning to be a bad day when....I had this boat sold..scheduled to close in 2 weeks..On Saturday at 8:30 am the owner of the marina where the boat is docked, called and said the boat had sunk in the slip overnight...OUCH!10-24-20087
mmdtraveler1969 oday mariner11-18-20087
mmdtraveler1980 American Marine 8.011-18-20087
jbwbcat30Cool BreezeSailing Lake Erie 200711-24-20087
saygoodnightgraciePort Credit Yacht Club12-05-20087
mystery117Serenity1979 Hunter 3301-25-20147
DNeaseSoire'e1987 Macgregor 26D10-17-20097
spukiOrionCustomized Irwin 10/412-23-20087
Nodak7New H33Our new Baby12-10-20097
Cruisin30MKIIIFall 2008 RacingClub Racing on Barnegat Bay in the Fall of 200801-03-20097
tom.watsonTHE BUSTED FLUSHRestored 1977 Catalina 3001-22-20097
Jim22015FlibbertigibbetWe went from San Francisco Bay to San Diego to be in the 2008 Baja Haha. Flibbertigibbet currently sits in Mazatlan, 1400 miles from her home!01-26-20097
opel17Sailing photo's03-07-20097
Joe Snuffy'84 Catalina 2709-21-20107
brewerazSailing Lake Pleasant AZAlbum of Lake Pleasant AZ sailing pics. Yes we have great sailing even in the desert.06-02-20097
Mark3807Sailing Pictures05-11-20097
NV sailorFinished interior.I gutted and rebuilt the interior of my Lancer28, to fix problems with leaks, and to upgrade everything to my idea of a proper yacht.04-04-20097
MacModsDifferent things that I have done to the boat.04-10-20097
Roy10289sailing photo's09-05-20097
Aceman3100hunter 25- getting it ready!05-21-20097
AC24/GianninaSailing 200908-19-20097
TJ-LJ ChampionTJ and Laurie while on Lonesome Dove07-23-20097
john+debbieEku III08-26-20097
guidera48Interior teardownWhile the hull prep work goes on, I started taking apart the interior.08-28-20097
ProjManIntrepid moves from Biloxi, MS to Mandeville, LA30' Catalina11-19-20107
JerryASailing 2009Some pictures of 200908-23-20107
Rick WeyerhaeuserBoat Vacation 11-0211-13-20097
RBoneBottom Redo11-20-20097
CaptTrippsPics of Pure Pleasure1986 MacGregor 2503-30-20107
Nodak7First SeasonThe First Season on our H3303-12-20107
freedomquest1The Vessel12-10-20097
captainspiro1980 37ft Hunter Cutter02-07-20107
ScooterbarHunter 23Pictures of my new boat01-09-20117
TonyN.More HAWK06-19-20137
Doug ThomHunter 376Romper, 1998 Hunter 376 based in Deale, MD05-24-20107
usmc_mickeyMy Boat05-26-20147
jwolfe_lakepokeTrue NorthTrue North - H26 pictures08-01-20107
pliposchakHobie Cat 18 1980 $800Hobie 18 with trailer. Includes all sails and rigging. Trailer has three new tires and wheels with new inner and outer bearings and seals.07-03-20107
Paul Hebert25' CATALINA07-14-20107
LostknightLancer 2907-29-20107
peptobysmolnew main08-27-20107
JonnyQuestRepair projectsJust random photos for now.12-23-20107
Nautical1974Catalina 22 Fixed Keel01-13-20117
RTBHOUSTON...We Have A Problem01-17-20117
bananaboatOh NO!02-15-20117
Texas MitchNew Acquisition March 2011She's a structurally and mechanically sound vessel needing updating and upgrades. Top priorities include new non-skid paint, and new ports for the exterior, and then replace yellow formica and plaid fabric down below.03-16-20117
Floating Dental StudentMaiden Voyage12-12-20117
JHutchSpring 2011Loving life...04-11-20117
Worldwalker88Bringing her into K-TownBringing her to her new slip09-23-20137
j_schoenfeldBlessing of the fleet 2011Every year the marina sponsors a "blessing" for the fleet for the season. We all meet on the water, the blessing (by a priest) is broadcast on channel 16. We then parade through the marina and each vessel was blessed (with holy water) as we slowly floated by the end of E dock.06-02-20117
MatGrenProject BeaverRepairing my first bought sailboat. 14' O Day Beaver06-29-20117
MalibuCPort St. Joe Bay, FloridaJune 2011 trip from St. Andrews Bay, Florida to St, Joe Bay, FL07-16-20117
Benjamin DisraleiA good day sailing12-23-20137
mellis18A Little NautiPix of my new (to me) Hunter 3111-23-20117
Rule62vaHunter H26 1994parts need replacing or source locations09-26-20117
littlescoopBent mastTaking it to get repaired09-30-20117
Tidewater MarinaTidewater Marina05-20-20147
late37more work in progressnew liner and poly on teak10-16-20117
jhorton10Bogue SoundSailing on Bogue Sound, NC01-26-20127
Steve-o5911The Laura AnnBiscayne Bay & The Keys02-01-20127
mrdealiosome timesOn my coronado 23 Friends Tayana 3703-26-20127
mikeldoyDiving in!1st couple days of work on the MAC2504-13-20127
Skipper DaveGusto1977 H2709-22-20137
oseniusBeneteau Oceanis 323 Clipper2005 model - 2011 pictures01-15-20137
Milton.AudasFamily CruisingWe have the boat on a slip at the marina on Rathbun Lake in south central Iowa. It's a great lake to sail on, about 11,000 acres below the bridge. Depth to 50 ft and beautiful shallow coves to anchor up in for lunch and a swim. Great sailing community with boats from 18 - 50ft and friendly people to boot.08-05-20147
DebbieReichertOther Sailing Photos07-22-20127
StyxNew SoleMany soft spots in sole. Replacing all of it with AC plywood with 2 layers of 9oz fiberglass on both bottom and top. Need to cut it into 2' x width panels to get it down through the hatch. Fiberglassing it in with 3 layers of 6 oz fiberglass.08-16-20127
Chris PowellSolar Panels08-22-20127
knight4The transformatikon from Sandpiper to Marne TimeOutside09-08-20127
apatronMaiden VoyageAfter searching, finding, shipping, receiving and some minor work, I got to put her in the water.09-24-20127
Bob LeaheySalsa, Hunter 27X12-06-20127
c_witchMostly done nowrefitted 22 foot condor sloop12-18-20127
ljcraigieHunter 28003-16-20147
dbbHobo MacGregor 26M02-23-20137
Grizmaster7In need of a good cleaning1991 Mac Gregor first days we owned her, before and after pics.04-08-20137
StargarzerStargarzerNew to sailing05-16-20137
readerbillOn the liftFirst time pulling her out06-04-20137
TransformerTransformer523 Beneteau06-04-20137
ronmasseyjrIn the yardRepairs and new paint.07-18-20137
trainmanjesswork at home10-23-20137
cbsailor2013 Chesapeake Cruise07-25-20137
west windMacgregor 1979up grading interior, and cockpit.08-01-20147
Mick14328 ft O'Day 7910-16-20137
julu44O'day 25 1978Alcyon 2, Certainly the only one o' day 25 in France.11-17-20147
TroikaCruising with Defiant & AngelTwo classics (good old boats!) cruise together05-09-20157
DaydreamerPainting TopsidesCouldn't stand the ugly paint any longer.04-19-20147
FasterHorsesAboard Faster HorsesAboard Faster Horses03-31-20157
smprincipalSkylark race photos04-22-20147
KamaHeleKaiAll cleaned upBefore the end of the first season, a beautiful boat was found under the dirt from years of sitting on the hard.05-17-20147
sailcapt340Tachometer Sensor06-23-20147
dgreen1991Cooler locations and Fuel tank relocate/improved venting.Coolers out of the way and accessible. No stepping over or around and easy access. Improved fuel venting with clear hose exiting vent cowl results in no fumes in compartment. Only spillage, hole in tank or loose fuel cap would result in fumes. Fuel vapor issue solved.06-27-20147
dgreen1991Cockpit tableNice compact lightweight addition for beautiful meals on the water. Turns the tiller into a useful addition at anchor. Easy to mount, easy to store.06-27-20147
dgreen1991Miscellaneous Mods and AdditionsInterior pics, Fans, main cabin LED lighting, Stereo speakers, energy efficient fans, cabin curtain, adjustable mirror, window trim paint etc06-27-20147
allen-deckardIslamorada Florida SailingFew pictures around my new home03-10-20157
Nodak7Port Charlotte/SW Florida03-04-20157
chrisings2015 Projects etc04-25-20157
ODayCOsailing photos07-11-20157
mz4wheelerACR AqualinkDIY Replace Batteries in ACR Aqualink05-08-20157
bushav# 14612My new Catalina 22 project08-23-20157
David11038boats, boats and more boatsPics of the boats I get to sail on01-26-20096
tpoloDakota Mac before09-25-20086
ncprovence@yahoo.comMy Morgan 24My 68 Morgan 2401-25-20096
SailingCal21KarmaPics of Karma an 1981 O'Day 3407-03-20136
MulfDreamboat Pics11-20-20086
FrankBalboa 22A few pictures of my boat and my dining table.10-12-20086
drazlouIsland Beach, NJ11-30-20126
Dan NelsonZumaThese are pictures of my Zuma.11-04-20086
Sailboat Patty Lynn /Our " Patty Lynn "2007 MacGregor 26M04-27-20096
smitroeSmitroes boating pics11-22-20086
kloudie1Sailing ThingsPictures from various meanders03-04-20136
rkbedgoodMedeaOur Boat before and after the roller furling12-11-20086
Larry WilsonMy boatsSome of the boats that I own or have owned.12-10-20086
Lee and KarenBoat GearOptics, Ham radio, More stuff12-12-20086
lhanson66the day I bought ittaking delivery in Long Beach Ca. of my Catalina2212-12-20086
DexterSonnet1974 Oday 2011-19-20126
danjoan93Sailing Days 200801-03-20096
Geoff JarrettSailing on Sydney Harbour01-18-20096
Don CrowtherNauti-Nauti05-18-20136
Nick RinnQuintessence -Pearson 3005-26-20096
Don Lawrencesurvey before i bought the boat 200702-26-20096
yugnoirProvidence1990 Macgregor 26S08-11-20096
bobhightowerCatalina 22 purchaseAs I found her.03-13-20096
NV sailorTowing and Launching my Lancer 28It's a big job, so I don't do it unless the boat is staying in the water for a week or more.04-08-20096
Mickey84H34Home-made cockpit tableDuring our 2008 overhaul we found a supplier for Starboard and decided to replace our flimsy wooden cockpit table.04-09-20096
John in BRIrwin Citation 30Previous boat05-12-20096
GensduNordÉté 2008My first summer with GensduNord ( North people) on St-Laurence River Quebec, Canada12-06-20096
David OliverWhirlwindHunter 3401-24-20116
Mark MajorMast raising systemThis is my latest contraption for single handed raising of the mast. It employs a "gin pole" to the base, stabilizing cables to prevent sway during transition, and uses the winch on the mast to hoist. This setup is compact enough to easily stow aboard and designed to use on the water if needed (to get under bridges).06-30-20096
Phoebe 185' MacGregor 25, Her 1st day.Here she is, The Poebe 1. Ready for some TLC.08-12-20096
Big Wave DaveOur Hunter 22'05-06-20126
fabiolemosDEFIANCEHunter 40 198608-16-20096
Kevin K. McTeagueKKM Photos09-07-20096
Andrew MylanderCape Lookout/Eastern NCSuncatcher doing her thing in the Neuse River, Pamlico Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean!09-13-20096
RemarcLong Beach 091109Perfect day of sailing with superb sunset.09-14-20096
rickgosselinHunter Vision 3209-21-20096
eknox81Columbia 26 Mk II09-29-20096
DennisMansourHappy Days01-19-20106
dooley1Katie Quinn12-20-20106
guidera48The Boot StripeIt was a lot of trouble but it does look great. Even if I say so myself!11-03-20096
cymeyerWith GustoB 321 With Gusto (Gus is our Golden Retriever)11-22-20096
marthajsailing the gulfNamastes' first time out since restoration.12-12-20096
Rick BelewPINNACLE07-07-20116
Hermit ScottShamrock Island02-21-20106
Kevin E.Obsession03-13-20106
genombAnanka1978 S2 8.0C04-01-20106
wulfe67EDELWEISS #16557-hull #2954 sail-dsI-oday16'9"daysailer04-03-20106
rickardclBlue MoonMy 2nd boat, I'm still learning. This is quite a bit more boat than my previous one.04-05-20106
HeelamonsterFirst Launch 5/26/2010Our first time launching the boat was, thankfully, uneventful!05-29-20106
MidLife CruisingOur Catalina 30, Nirvana11-24-20106
Mark PriceHolding tank removalPictures of the cutting out the shower seat to remove the holding tank06-28-20106
InitiumINITIUM1983 O'Day 25 Our first boat.07-14-20106
David CCaroline Rose07-18-20106
Lynn & Roger Bardwell25 feet SewardSeward 25 1988, new trailer, VC17, full enclosure. Sails like. Retractable keel with 26 inches - 3 foot 9 draft, Honda 15 electric start, wheel, Bruce anchor - 250 feet chain and rode, VHF, depthfinder. Alcohol stove, excellent upholstery & custom cockpit cushions with self storing teak cockpit table. Sleeps four. Six opening ports. 2009 survey. Located near Wiarton, Ontario. "Turn key condition." Asking $21,999. Phone 519-534-3815 (leave message) or
lokiiiH170 CA05-25-20116
susanamstutz1995 Hunter 336 on Grand Lake, OklahomaGreat sailing boat at prestigious Scotty's Cove Marina on Grand Lake, Oklahoma. This boat has all the features to be your cabin on the lake! Rounded cockpit with walk-thru transom. Swim platform with transom hot/cold shower. Sleeps 7, microwave, propane stove/oven, propane grill, 2 house batteries, 1 engine battery, battery parallel switch, 27 hp Yanmar engine, Mainsail (Doyle) 1995, Genoa (Doyle) 1995, jib roller furling system, boom vang. Shore power air conditioner/heater. Has always been a fresh water boat.07-27-20106
kayaknsail1984 MacGregor 2501-22-20126
esterhazyinozH15 ModsSome photos of the mods/upgrades I've done to my new H15: Clew Outhaul Boom Kicker Clevis Pins replaced with Toggle Pins everywhere I could.10-25-20106
mcclvnvCatfish Rebirth08-31-20106
JackSparrowH376 on Lake Champlain 2010The S.V. Revenge! in and out of the lake.10-18-20106
Robert 47As Time Goes By12-10-20116
OS2DudeFirst SailFirst time under sail - Lake Lanier, Atlanta GA June 4, 201107-16-20116
SAS1976 Hunter 27 (PlayMate)12-10-20106
c_witchA work in progressUnknown boat design. We were informed at the time of sale that only a handful of these boats had been built in southwestern ontario.01-01-20126
pfschmidMy O'Day 22 the "Latis"I recently purchased this boat and brought her home to Buffalo on June June 6th, 2011. She needs a little work to make her beautiful again, but she's still pretty as is.06-10-20116
Don12500The boat in progress 06212011Cest Moi before and during restoration06-21-20116
late37work in progressboat as seen for the first time10-16-20116
Benjamin DisraleiANASTASIA II08-04-20116
littlescoopMy C22My pics09-15-20116
Bruno PremontLulu, Starting line in front of YCQ09-29-20116
Long StoryC-310 Long Story10-21-20116
Steve AThetis11-27-20116
UFisherSeason 201112-29-20116
RodsailsQuiet RefugeUnder Sail & Modifications02-21-20126
New HorizonsNew Starting Battery and Battery Switch03-03-20136
CaptGreggFirst Splash - Sea TrialsWell, it was not salt water but trials were conducted in Jordan Lake, close to Raleigh, NC. I gained alot of knowledge in the experience! - what I want to do, what I don't want to do.04-14-20126
Milton.AudasTeak & Cabin upgrades 2011/2012Over the Winter, we removed all of the teak from the boat, stripped and refinished it. Repainted the cabin area, installed new lights (the LED fittings from CD), replaced the compass and depth sounder, installed the bow stem and bow eye reinforcement upgrade kits. We also installed a back-up battery primarily to kick-start the motor, and ran the starter cable through the transom using a clam shell fitting. Overall, the rejuvenated boat looks great and on the way to where we would like to have it (as new condition). Will we recoup the investment in time and $$ for resale ? Probably not but the effort is well worth it in making the boat more pleasurable to sail, safety systems in place. More upgrades planned at the end of this season but for now, time to get on and go sailing !!05-24-20126
chrisandmollyBella Kaze1985 Hunter 2301-11-20146
TrinkkaDetachable companionway step in the cabinSome people have been inquiring about my detachable step inside the cabin so I am providing closeup pics and a sketch with some dimensions.06-28-20126
werner44GIB to Lanzarote07-19-20126
coesterYellowstone LakeSailing toward South Arm08-20-20126
cookwithgasC&C 31 CorvetteNellie10-03-20126
scorpio771DREAM ONDream On docked at Chulavista Marina just before going for our first sail with my two sons.12-22-20126
IslescapeOur Front Yard02-15-20136
readerbillStripping Hull02-25-20136
YVRguyFirst YearPics of Ge'Mara - 201308-13-20136
simi1947Eggemoggin 2Beneteau Oceanis 31 from 200903-17-20136
Bob-and-BeckyIn the beginning . . .We started on this journey by chipping ice out of the cockpit to see if we could save the old girl!04-11-20136
debi97325Free but needed lots of TLC !06-16-20136
Patrick S/V Shangra-Ladry tortugas06-12-20136
apieschelSummer CruiseChesapeake Eastern Shore.08-04-20136
IonheavenThe Adventure Begins08-26-20136
BruceNewport Holiday 2010-21-20136
rgarandMy Hunter 355 89A few pics of well maintained hunter11-16-20136
BretonBreezeSummer 2013South Shore and Cape Breton also spent February in Antigua on Hunter 4511-20-20136
dansaintamourmy Newport 1711-24-20136
ronflowersThe beginning...02-02-20146
SteverhnmGeneral pictures when I bought the boat 9/201403-19-20146
Il Nostro SognoOur MacGregor03-27-20146
SplitPersonalityBamboo Vinyl Floors12-05-20146
SplitPersonalityNew Toy12-06-20146
littlefishO'day 27206-12-20146
SimiSAilorC 31001-05-20156
CherylZZS2 5.5 fun09-24-20146
uncledom2012 vacation on our Bene 35s5this was our first real cruising experience. We went with a friend who has a trawler and is in the USCG Aux. It was about 600 miles round trip. Haverstraw on the Hudson River to Marthas Vineyard just outside the Long Island Sound and stops in between. 10 days of fun and sun.01-01-20156
xtrmdreamXtreme Dream01-07-20156
Jacomo SailorMatosaPicking up my "new to me" C-2202-16-20156
FasterHorsesA Long Hard Winter for Faster Horses, winter 201403-31-20156
wcletienSarkatory picExterior/interior pics06-15-20156
Running LateNERYC Catalina Cup 2015Placed second among C30s/4th overall in 1st race with Running Late-great group of boats07-29-20156
Isla-MaeRebuilding of an 1977 O'Day 25This boat looked like a scrap heap project. It is amazing how much I learned about rebuilding an old sailboat, thanks the help of This Old Boat, and enormous amount of cash.08-16-20156
Phil HerringPhil's pix11-18-20085
SognoSognoLake Champlain09-25-20085
Bob 41200809-25-20085
ManfredMy Funny BirdIn the Sunshine State11-13-20085
bnehrbass@cox.netODAY 35 Windancer09-25-20085
cptskipThe one that got away09-27-20085
MenestheusIkethese are some pics of the Clearlake area after Ike09-27-20085
jim11020Sailing Lake Michigan03-15-20125
ggrizzardIntuition GalleryIntuition Gallery10-05-20095
John Howittsailing pics10-04-20105
Rick Dober2008 Jazz CupDivision winner in 2008 Jazz Cup 1984 Catalina 38 Flight Risk09-28-20085
Rick Dober2002 Jazz CupAerial shots of Baytrek09-28-20085
jrplaBenetau First 32= Itziar09-30-20085
Roger KeeleRich In SpiritOur 1979 28 ODay09-30-20085
John BerensCal 34 KILLICK interior10-01-20085
Jenniwind song10-03-20085
Bongo BobS/V Five O'ClockO'Day 25 - My current boat10-06-20085
frankw15560"On The Air"Hunter 2310-06-20085
Ed56Summer 2008 on SopranoPure hapiness!10-10-20085
Skipper R C BTune Cat 2008First Year Sailing10-11-20085
JohnF261S2 8.0c1977 S2 8.0c (center cockpit)10-12-20085
Sail SaverBig Lake FunOut on Lake Michigan for a Great Day of sailing!!10-12-20085
davejb851Two projectsI'm totally restoring one and sort of restoring the other, while sailing it.10-13-20085
Andy1237Sailng on Beaver Lake10-16-20085
rabyers1A work in progressRemoving old gelcoat bottom to repair osmosis results/blistering and apply new epoxy barrier.10-17-20085
ktmboy69As You Wish10-17-20085
RJG 26SMy First Puget Sound CruiseLabor Day weekend 200810-19-20085
Andy1237Inland Sailing pics07-26-20095
chinnyPenobscot Bay 200810-21-20085
sailorboy197My Boats over the yearsPhoto of all the Boats that I have Sailed and road in !!10-21-20085
ahwheelockAs purchasedBought used in 2008. These are the original pictures and original condition.10-23-20085
jwieneckSpring deliverySpring deliver from Racine, WI to Chicago10-24-20085
jwieneck2008 Fall deliveryWe are heading from Chicago to Racine, WI for the winter haulout10-24-20085
jwieneckDay Sailing with the FamilyOut for a day sail in the summer with the family10-24-20085
windward54Interior ShotsPictures of interior shots02-12-20105
Peter BrennanO'Day 37 1982Various photos of activities and mods of 1982 O'Day 37.11-07-20085
(MGA)SAIL AWAY ....!11-10-20085
Shooter II2008 at Blue WaterPix of Blue Water Marina and the Rhode River12-29-20095
OntarioSuncatSuncat "Wanderer"Travels in the North Channel11-11-20085
David DigbySerendipityDa Boat11-12-20085
ziren0011inflatable boatrubber boat, raft, inflatables11-12-20085
BobMSunset sail Boston Harbor11-20-20085
Dennis KitchenMy H23.512-02-20085
sailormanbigdsome stuffhope to show the od 25, and the free boat morgan 33 oi12-06-20085
Mtwo2008 Bottom JobNew Bottom on the Hunter12-16-20085
resercheSolace..and me...01-07-20095
georgio23Ga Tempo III12-23-20085
Alaskan58Summer 0812-28-20085
MobjackAdventure out of Deltaville, VAAdventure is owned by two couples sailing out of Jackson Creek, Fishing Bay and the Piankatank. It's our floating cottage and home away from home. We have more fun sailing together than alone, so it works great and the H37c has lots of room and amenities01-03-20095
1629dillSeafarer 26 KerplunkPhotos of Ker-Plunk a 1977 Seafarer 26 sail number 36301-04-20095
sailingbigPuerto Rico Southwest coastSailing big01-07-20095
Stan ReynoldsMac 26M Pics01-07-20095
gsmitch13Carpe Ventum1985 O'Day 222 anniversary addition01-18-20095
Capt. Andy G.Happy Ours & Crew PicsHappy Ours and sailing crew.01-19-20095
evanbassMischief1971 22' Venture01-23-20095
dan cno hurry01-27-20095
west windB.A.'s Catalina03-22-20095
RADFree Spirit02-21-20095
waltdrechslerRound County Race02-02-20095
Carl12686Great Sailing on the NavesinkFriendly racing02-12-20095
BobMSolara - 1982 Lancer 2502-15-20095
Don Lawrenceworking on new bow rail and toe rail02-26-20095
johnlivelyCruising Photos03-07-20095
samdaleFRENCH KIST04-08-20095
ncprovenceThe Zeegull68 Morgan 2403-11-20095
caguySail to Long Beach Harbor from MDRWe sailed Whisper to Long Beach from MDR. Stayed in Alamitos for two nights. Met up with Timo42 and explored Long Beach Harbor.03-12-20095
brewerazSail trips03-16-20095
james graciecanadian sunset - reliance 44 hull#3903-17-20095
marineaviationRebuilding after storm IKE03-18-20095
PegfraynePureFolly1983 Hunter '2010-11-20115
john cybulskibilge ratmy boat03-21-20095
jdgrnt66blu the dog03-25-20095
kreed17erVenture 17Rough and Tough, but she's gonna make it.03-26-20095
Whim SeaThe Great Sacandag Lakevacation 200908-08-20095
Bran10401977 Pearson One Design03-30-20095
roberthallowell1965 Alberg 35 "APPLE"03-26-20095
Lil EmeraldCrewFirst boat party, still in Ben's yard...04-02-20095
JoelHooverBay Gull - 3rd VoyageWe took Irena out for the first time. She's never been sailing. Nobody told her that sailboats heel when underway. She freaked! We laughed! It was great.04-03-20095
mrtoyotaSummer breeze04-12-20095
Bryan5547Indy pictures04-12-20095
JerryABattery ParkCollection of pics at my dock04-14-20095
mrdonnovakMy new/old S2cJust bought it, upgrading and refining!04-20-20095
SeaLifeSailingLancer 36Ma Provence - a comfortable home and lively sailing vessel.04-22-20095
quinby2003After PictureswHEW!04-27-20095
quinby2003outside before04-27-20095
quinby2003Outside After04-27-20095
Daniel PatryPassePort III04-28-20095
NelsonMy CompacPictures of my first sailboat!04-29-20095
jsullyFastest Boat Wheels!hate it but gotta sell sleek, racing boat with retractable keel, full gally, ac twin, single and forard V birth- needs a little love, young-young children prevent a lot time aboard-601-354-6080-call- price is right did I mention it has a tandem trailer?10-29-20105
Mark MajorBoat coverAfter all the work I've done I just hate to see the boat get leaves and then the mold all over it when idle. Futhermore, when stepping the mast the standing rigging tends to leave marks on the finish, so I fabricated this cover. The boat can be rigged and launched with the cover on it. The interior can be accessed through the fore hatch or the aft, where I installed a slot in the cockpit area. Fore hatch accommodates the ventilator.07-27-20095
SVWalkaboutWalkabout ModificationsUpgrades to 1987 Hunter 26.505-10-20095
sail_4_meBright Star06-17-20105
Netrick1980 Mac 2505-12-20095
JosiedawgNew bottom05-13-20095
jdhohmannFrolic Iv Pictures05-14-20095
CapnArt23753Tenacious1986 Hunter 40 cruising the waters of coastal BC and the Pacific Northwest.05-20-20095
tomgrigsbyWind Tether05-22-20095
Whitey0121997 Venture MacgregorHere is before pictures and after re-doing inside and outside.06-03-20095
glennmulHunter 351987 Hunter 3506-29-20145
billsspiritFreebird 220002 Hunter 24006-07-20095
102fleminghouseCatalina Island06-08-20095
Ken CZingaroRacing, underway, crew and evening06-16-20095
ArctarusS/V Arcturus06-18-20095
Aceman3100Out and aboutAwsome, out on green bay.06-18-20095
Marc BergmuellerChina Lady07-15-20095
mpraiznerMy 26My 2606-23-20095
philndellaOur Boat06-28-20105
Shooter IIFirst solotook a trip to Thomas Point Light and on to the bridge07-01-20095
JoelHooverFranken Rudder 2009Found a used foil rudder (I swear it has a metal core) at Minney's in Costa Mesa to replace my broken broken bottom half. Rigged it to NOT swing up. Shepherd's Prayer, Shepherd's Prayer...10-05-20095
Aceman3100Learning to sailCopper Cup Regata in Oconto, WI07-07-20095
dcumpstonInamorataCatalina Capri 2607-13-20095
jpallen01Bottom Paint Project!07-13-20095
MouglyMy New Boat07-14-20095
radar072009 Regatta Scotts Flat Lake07-14-20095
Mark Major1986 Hunter 23 trailer bunk modificationThis has worked very well for me (single-handed). It consists of a "notch" for the keel to lower into, with guides strung from aft trailer bunk uprights to center guide.07-16-20095
bpterrellPLAN "B"07-21-20095
philwsailz1987 C-22 As FoundHere are a few pics of the boat the day I first found her07-27-20095
PA Fish'89 Mac 26D26 D08-15-20095
sophias wanderingsMy Boat - This year's projectUpdate... Here is a picture of the Sophie Girl - named after our 110 lb puppy... It was a pick-up at an auction and found as I got into it that the boat was water logged... Ended up rebuilding her and reinforcing the keel. Thought that it just needed a really good cleaning and a refit on the head. List of new refit activities and projects 1. Replaced all seacock flow-through valves 2. Replaced all hoses - fresh water and waste 3. Removed old waste water and fresh water tanks (how they got them in in the first place is a mystery like where do socks go in the dryer) 4. Replaced keel bolts and reinforce and glass the keel. 5. Installing an electric dehumidifier and heater to help dry her out. 6. Replacing electric DC lighting with antique (repros) oil lamps (Vermont lamp - great prices 1/3 of West Marine pricing) 7. Reinforcing and reglassingrudder post08-18-20095
ldalmonteODay 35 ' Mar Avela in Chicago08-19-20095
impulse IIImpulse IIGeneral Pics of Impulse II first year of ownership '0908-20-20095
Georgiy Petrov22' O'Day09-11-20095
LloydBeneteau 47.3 PanamaWorking (on the hard) 16 foot tide09-13-20095
texasprinter"High Cotton"Oday 28 - previous boat09-14-20095
texasprinterSailing the Gulf CoastVarious sailing adventures09-14-20095
C. Martinsmy other vice09-15-20095
gabriel.donnellyKnotty - Girl09-17-20095
rvw3331967 Mac V-21This boat was given to me this summer. I have sailed her 5 - 6 times. She now sets in my garage getting ready for a winter restoral...09-22-20095
hearsejrCoronado 30the coronado 30 named Pretty Lucky is my first big boat. I had a Coronado 27, and there is a huge diffrence in the two. on the first voyage the engine died. it was a fuel thing from ethinol..not sure how it's spelled..and I was forced to build fuel system from an out board tank a fuel line and some spare fittings I found in the spare parts. it happened at a bad time and I spent 4 days riding out a Nor'Easter in Swash channel near the York river and the bay in VA. the sail broke truck while nearly 1/2 way raised and the winds were 34kts, seas were 5+ feet. I used a 40lb. CQR and had 10feet of chin and plenty of rode. soon the weather will get better and I'll start moving south again. enjoy the pics.02-12-20105
Don BauerFree FlightOne good girl.09-28-20095
mikepotts3rd try to put pics in albumalready wrote09-28-20095
psherwinHunter 33.5 1993 $58,90010-02-20095
psherwinHunter 33.5 1993 $58,900Sleek, fast, and comfortable, this classic hunter design is sought after for affordable family cruising. Meticulously maintained since new, this fresh water only beauty will provide low cost enjoyment and pride of ownership for many years to come.10-02-20095
JoelHooverNew CarpetFeels soooooo much cozier and more comfortable than hard fiberglass. It's the stain resistant teflon sealy posturepedic rust-o-leum stuff. $15 at Home depot.10-05-20095
Viktor EysseleinARGOHunter 45 CC10-12-20095
VeleromelidaMelida in the Cribe10-12-20095
salty68dawgMe and my O'Day 26 on Lake Lanier10-12-20095
BWiseGeneral Photos10-22-20095
Aclasssailinghere's my boat powering up under full sailSV Manutara, a 47 foot Kauri timber sloop at Akaroa New Zealand10-22-20095
mikeorleslieSummer PicksSailing on Texhoma10-26-20095
~Thomas~s/v Akula1980 C30 MK I, TRBSFK10-26-20095
Dave RobbinsDave's pics10-28-20095
buck22484BUCCANEER VOYAGES10-31-20095
FairwindSempre Libra12-23-20095
mark_swartH34 on Kentucky Lake11-08-20095
Capri22Catalina Capri 22Various pics of the boat I bought this Fall from a super nice guy on Cousins Island.11-16-20095
dakotamusic27 Oday Nov 200911-16-20095
robfmccRandom Sailing11-17-20095
1964PearsonCruiser28my 1964 Pearson Express pics11-27-20095
MagothyBoyWeekend Pass Under SailPictures taken in September 2009 on the Magothy River, Maryland11-25-20095
ChiefiredogSailing Adventures and Other StuffMisc. pics of sailing and other recreational activities in and around water.12-08-20095
Moody BuccaneerBefanaCatalina 30 #10 (1975)12-18-20095
Jeff BaconManateeManatee in Lake Erie, and, on the way to the Bahamas12-21-20095
BILL123Gulf of Mexicotaking a break12-21-20095
diane fowlerCatalina 320's journey from Chicago to Pt Charlotte, FLIn October, 2011, we bought the "windy city" IN the windy city! put her on a truck & had her delivered to FL. LOVE HER!01-02-20125
swaterblyBear Hunter12-28-20095
Leif HallTrip to Gotland 200912-31-20095
Bob GumpMollie Rose83 MacGregor12-31-20095
Tribu336Having a good time!01-03-20105
mistraltackJoJoJoJo is a 25' O'Day CB. I've been working on her to bring her up to tip/top shape.01-10-20105
TheSaltyFlyLast sail of the 2009 SeasonSailing into the sunset with my kids. My son took this photo with his phone!01-18-20105
Jeannot FortinNautius01-22-20105
Tempest RetreatRetreat under way & at rest01-24-20105
cpbauerWhisper Catalina 30Catalina 30 Whisper from Essex, MD off the Chesapeake bay02-01-20105
DaydreamerDaydreamerRandom sailboat and sailing photos.02-02-20105
mitja62MISHABavaria 38 Ocean02-21-20105
waveriderWaverider III02-17-20105
akolbMy First SailboatMy First Sailboat is a San Juan 2102-21-20105
kahabagoldLake Michigan Sailing 200802-23-20105
TaylorSmithRights of Man2009/201003-03-20105
Humberto LagardaMy MacGregor 26x from Texas To MexicoBuy this boat in Port Isabel TX, and now I sail in a lake near Mexico City03-04-20105
sailvisor66It Begins - Rebuild O26This will be the biggest rebuild I have attempted. Sailboat #9 Wish me luck. Previous 8 have happy owners and still in service. This one is MINE to Keep!03-05-20105
tmikeBeneteau Oceanis 32003-11-20105
hot babefast boatmy old fast boat03-11-20105
tgraceGriffin1976 Ericson 3503-13-20105
allan2996Emma Rose sailing chartersSailing Charters03-16-20105
MaxiPhotos last summerTaken in anchorages in the N. Channel in 2009.03-19-20105
hobie61sly fox adventures03-22-20105
Indy23.5Hunter 23.5 PicturesThis is my first boat. It is docked at Rick's Boatyard on Eagle Creek Lake in Indianapolis, IN.04-06-20105
bepilotObsession IIVarious pictures of our Hunter 3004-19-20105
Mick16083Othere InterestsWhere do we find the time?04-28-20105
foolproofMy Pictures05-06-20105
Foster Fannings/v AQUILA underwayVarious images of S-2, 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA under sail.05-09-20105
Foster Fannings/v AQUILA interior...Various images of the below decks of the S2, 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA.05-09-20105
jprangerMay 3d 201005-10-20105
maxxxMaxxx's 2805-12-20105
West Virginia Sailing Nutupdated photosthese are the current progress photos of my boat as of 5/13/201005-13-20105
Mar se`New BoatWe just bought this Catalina 22, we look forward to cleaning it up, and restoring it05-16-20105
handymangeorgeThe wizard of Izz11-24-20115
Ray R IrvinSailing aboard Polaris CP 35/005Travels and Ports of Polaris05-26-20105
Sooner65Sooner rebuild05-31-20105
ivettemikeSailing Keys06-01-20105
scottandlisaLoving our new boat06-07-20105
Irbmanproject in motion06-14-20105
BabetteBabette Harborside06-17-20105
jimbiglermy boat05-01-20145
LonABishopLon's O'Day06-22-20105
crosscountrynew ownerswe are nebys at this and just bought her any help would be great06-25-20105
onasphereMy boatHip Nautical06-29-20105
dborko1getting boat ready for this seasonmore pictures06-30-20105
mreiland1976 Oday 272010 saw major upgrades. See for yourself05-22-20145
charlybPre-Purchase walk through07-01-20105
Brian RSailing Lake Michigan July 201005-12-20115
InitiumPort light refurb07-14-20105
mandmAnna'liseBeautiful S2 7.3 with Teak interior and molded in keel. Handles like a dream and tough as nails. Sails Beautifully!07-20-20105
kpgraciDas Boot08-12-20105
mezrLa Nave08-02-20105
Tom RigbySolo1978 Lancer 28'08-05-20105
skyebeanIce Cream and Danger....before pixthis is our new boat...the before pictures.08-09-20105
damoses1Summer SailingWhat a great summer!08-10-20105
jason3314 years under a treeafter 14 years this boat is not in ship shape lots of work needs to be done, and help is needed picture books anything would be helpfull08-16-20105
SeaOtterSeaOtter on different cruises08-16-20105
halldp1985 Hunter/Quest 3008-18-20105
SailorSamJes Sailin08-18-20105
All U Get2010 trip08-20-20105
Mike FisherOday 322 1987 Hard Days Night08-27-20105
shark929First year sailing on Alice IILaunching Alice II08-30-20105
Hunter326InisWith the Hunter 326 in the provence Zeeland, the Netherlands.08-30-20105
bella buprofile pictures#108-31-20105
jwieneckDogs Day SailWe have been putting our dogs on the boat to try and get them comfortable sailing. So far the little one is great the larger dog is pretty uncomfortable right now09-10-20105
Skip MannMy 1983 O'Day 23 "Nightengale"My O'Day boats and other sailing adventures09-15-20105
outnumberedOur Santana 52509-18-20105
mjdaggettBeneteau First 28509-20-20105
Y4A01Emerald City209-27-20105
brokenfeatherOur 82 Mac 22Pictures of the new to us Mac 2209-27-20105
blueheronys"Miss Take"10-09-20105
datch37My first sail boat22ft macgregor touring10-11-20105
GerryfsSong BirdCatalina 27 pictures10-14-20105
paddygunnHunter 27Caelan Shae11-01-20105
bellnierDo-it-yourself Quonset hutI found that it’s difficult find a Quonset hut that is large enough that is less than $1000. I wanted it to be 9 x 30 feet and to be able to stand up in the cockpit. I decided to make my own Quonset Hut. I started with a 25’ x 40‘ tarp (Ultimate grey tarp from WM on sale for $90). The structure is made of ½” id PVC electrical conduit. The 21 ribs are 26’ long on 18” centers and screwed to the 5 each 30’ stringers with #10 1 1/4 “ sheet metal screws. I laid out all the conduit on the deck, drilled thru holes in the 5 stringers every 18” and smaller pilot holes in the 21 ribs at the middle and 6” and 6’6” from each end. I screwed them together from the inside so there are no screw heads on the outside of the ribs to wear the tarp. Materials required is 3 x 21 pieces of conduit for the ribs and 5 x 3 pieces of conduit for the stringers - for a total of 78 pieces of conduit. The ½ “ conduit cost .92 each so the total cost was $71.76 at Lowe’s. To get the height I wanted I used 3 pieces of 3” id conduit to support the mast which was cable tied to the inside of the structure (2 each 10’ lengths at $10). So the whole project cost must have been about $200 with screws & taxes. Note that the 40’ tarp nicely wraps the ends without overlap. I didn't mention the first step was making two rows of 21 holes 18" apart in the ground alongside the trailer about 6" out and 9' apart. Into these 21 holes goes the lowest 6'' of each rib11-04-20105
twiggsrigLast sail of 2010These pictures are of the sail to prindners Cove were the boat is kept during the sad months11-04-20105
svseawingsMeet SV Sea Wings11-23-20105
jbwbcat30New BoatCatalina 3011-11-20105
pierre lemarierPierre lemarier,owner of Sire Lancel'eaulancer 27 1984,customized and full wrapped .new outboard mercury 25 in 2004,add radar arch .bimini top, boat name Sire L'ancel'eau, read Sir Lancelot11-11-20105
HGSailHoly GuacamoleVarious pics from around the Channel Islands06-10-20115
SeacretSailorCruise Lake Pontchartrain to Miss Coast11-27-20105
JohnStPeterOn the wayOn the boat for the first time. Picked her up in Falmouth, MA for the trip to Rochester04-03-20155
Xpensive CareXpensive Care11-29-20105
Looking4WindFirst look at boat in Birch Hills Saskatchewan12-08-20105
Looking4WindFirst Attempt Raising Mast with my Dad12-08-20105
Shellback95Summer sailing on the Chesapeake Bay12-09-20105
bockingpGet Sirius!12-13-20105
Camille51More Good Timin'12-19-20105
Capt. PeteCapt. Pete12-22-20105
aduffE37More Fisherman's Boat Yard 20092 month haulout12-28-20105
WinnieTSailing "Bert & Ernie"01-05-20115
ClarisailThe Step to the Rear01-09-20115
Martiel C.Heart of the Sunrise Launch01-23-20115
Ed Schenck1979 H37C Ladylove09-22-20115
Photo BugCloud Nine02-04-20115
scarabHanse 371German build cruiser/racer02-05-20115
JasakaRose2902010 Sailing Season2010 Sailing Season02-05-20115
Ed CaldwellHunter 340 GraceLake Lanier, GA02-05-20115
sbh405Optimist of London02-10-20115
kaykay58S/V Echo Our 41 Morgan O/IA work in progress!02-16-20115
bananaboatNew Pictures02-19-20115
ejjawhiteCaliente CAL 351983 CAL 35, SHoal Keel (5')02-25-20115
BaySkipperSailingOur boat , our adventures02-27-20115
jgallaspyOur First Haul Outwatch the progress on this slide show
Pat and Bob MorrisonHunter 26 water ballast03-21-20115
SailsCallFor Sale: 1980 O'Day 30' - Ad posted 4-4-11Photo's of "Sails Call". She's in great shape and ready to go. Take a look! See ad posted 4-4-1104-04-20115
jcc5169Boat Refurbishment1975 Hunter 27 Craigslist purchase04-05-20115
PakeleHaul Out March 2011Shaft replacement, rudder removal and adjustment, lifeline replacements, painting and buffing04-07-20115
ChappytooMy Boat04-20-20115
Mike WeberLessons in 201004-26-20115
sailingmermaidOur first sailboat05-03-20115
StellaetRichardBella Stella - from NY to Champlain lakeWe bought our boat, a Hunter 380 1999, from Sailing Specialties at Mystic Shipyard, in Mystic CT. We then took the Hudson river down to Champlain lake. Here are few pictures of our trip ...05-03-20115
Puddle JumperStarting off08-25-20115
Euphoria2011Boat PIcs05-24-20115
shipwreck66Winduster upgrades05-28-20115
shipwreck66Upgrades Never End05-28-20115
TStone1776Off Mentor Headlands in light wind06-05-20115
mvidalis2006 MacGregor 26M06-11-20115
Kevin29New Front HatchNew front hatch for my Ericson 2906-12-20115
bhowellS2 7.9 Valdez06-23-20115
CharismaOur New Sails06-23-20115
schmiddlediggyThe Bon Viole07-08-20115
SVShibumiSV Shibumiodds and sods07-10-20115
ShellbackLancer Yacht 27 PS (Powersailer) -- My new boat11-24-20115
alboydBeneteau 30507-11-20115
jezzbChelsea Blue Photo AlbumPhotos of my Chelsea Blue07-12-20115
Formosa41ketchFormosa Project07-14-20115
kflemingDestiny1981 Hunter 33C08-02-20125
rrichardOday 23 Refinish07-21-20115
CaptJake1971 Najade (tbd)Kind of a project but what boat isn't08-04-20115
Casco bayCruising in Maine08-23-20115
brians26281981 Lancer 2808-09-20115
LentnerWest Wight Potter 1908-14-20115
Garrett HolcombeVarious Sailing Pics08-17-20115
thomasgoodmaniiipictures from florida and the ches. bay08-20-20115
MxDivaLazarusWonderfully Brought back to Life By Jim and Margret Davis. Thank you!!02-17-20145
TJ-LJ ChampionOur new 450 CCHunter 2000 450 CC08-21-20115
Al GarrettAl Garrett's BoatsHere are some of the boats I've had. With one exception, I bought cheap and well worn and spent years repairing and equiping them. Hope to get a nice one next and spend a few months equiping and upgrading it.08-25-20115
frankies56Cabin and jib sail04-11-20155
pboydrafting up on lake ontarioBurlington Beach in Late August09-14-20115
Mike8271some pics from 201109-19-20115
JohnSharonnew to us 23' O'Day09-22-20115
SailnhomeCygnusH34 cruising the North Channel09-24-20115
shankerLake Pend Oreille09-26-20115
moldham1982 Lancer 2809-29-20115
teacherspetTeachers Pet10-08-20115
connorcgBalboa 2710-10-20115
bgrubeRobert O02-13-20135
NursemnrWild Child's demise10-13-20115
late37work in progresswork started! I think it went to davy jones locker,mud in head cabinets!!!10-16-20115
late37hull liner replacment and sanding teak10-16-20115
sophias wanderingsSome changesHere are some of the changes I made to make our Catalina 27 a more relaxing weekend cruiser...10-24-20115
morcharlCaptain Morgan10-28-20115
cyasurfinSan Francisco voyage10-31-20115
trailerboaterCanadaNorth Shore of the Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada 201011-03-20115
vanderpoold2007 26M for sale in Cincinnati $18,000.00 See Classified Ad2007 Mac M model, excellent condition, many extras. Purchased new Dec 2008.. only used 4 seasons Hank on Jib Alcohol stove Boom Vang Mast Raising system Self Contained head... Table Filler Cushions Steering Linkage Bar Ladder Cockpit Cushions Alum Trailer with Surge Brakes and Spare Tire 50 HP Evinrude Etec Wired for 20amp elect to shore New Bottom Paint Life Jackets Bimini Top - Sunbrella Anchor Shade - Sunbrella Danny Vanderpool 513 887 7549 vanderpooldanny@yahoo.com11-05-20115
Texoma GuyTrixi Before Restoration11-08-20115
hhrockBoat Trailer11-13-20115
AndyRjust sailing11-15-20115
two giegersOday 23 on St Lawrence11-20-20115
texasprinter1980 S2 8.5 RestorationI purchased this S2 in 3/2/11. So far we are about 80% completed. I am waiting for a good weather day to take it out for it's first sail.12-06-20115
larizonmac 25X !!02-12-20125
On PorpoiseOn PorpoiseSo much work to do!12-26-20115
rhr1956s/v Geez Louise01-09-20125
CaptaintimFour Winds on Champlain01-21-20125
FScottMeeting TehaniEnroute to the '03 Bene Rendezvous, we encountered another Bene on the Chester River just north of Kent Narrows. Their spinnaker was of a similar design and color to our own. I wish I could see the pix they were taking of us.01-14-20125
jhorton10Badin Lake, NCSailing on Badin Lake in central North Carolina01-23-20125
jhorton10Kerr Lake, NC01-23-20125
linda.strachan@yahoo.comgrayghost226'Pearson daysailer, barebones, Beautiful little boat redone inside and outside!! NEW NISSAN motor, outboat, tiller Must see! watergate marina in kemah texas01-23-20125
budcurtisDreamtime 361Dreamtime is an exceptionally equipped and little used cruiser sailboat that will take you to the islands in comfort or cruise the local bays in style.01-23-20125
pirate jackport tack01-29-20125
chpTrip to Toronto Island01-31-20125
Grizmaster71991 MacGregor 26S03-20-20135
toddcoPeggy B02-09-20125
lizzajaneNew Adventures02-20-20125
dyerdhowphotoshunter 37c photos02-29-20125
Tony D. WoodpussySailboats ownedSailed Lightnings on the Hudson and Niagara rivers, a Winthrop Warner 28'cutter on Long Island Sound an Island 17' on Long Island Sound and the Great South Bay. Also restored 4 WoodPussys (fiberglass-13 1/2'). Now in the process of restoring a 12' Skimmar, made by Aero Nautical Inc. Greenwich Ct.03-03-20125
quackedoHERMES, Pearson 33HERMES Wanderings03-29-20125
zoic100Perdido Key04-12-20125
buck22484Haul of 4/2012Over do haul at Cutty Sark Marina in Norfolk not only maintence items a new hard top for the Buccaneer04-14-20125
Jubilee1985Tangier IslandSmall island in the middle of the Chessapeak Bay. Around 400 residents and was colonised in the 1700s. Limited access, boats and small planes only.04-16-20125
Over40piratepics from Boomer (our Cal 20)04-17-20125
KokaniBow repairDamage and repair process04-22-20125
impulse IIMast SystemMast Raising System for the O'Day 2605-04-20125
Time OutLaunch Day 201205-07-20125
CaptGreggReplacing Cockpit drain gate valve05-24-20125
afrearsfire restoration Morgan05-26-20125
SailingShawneeLaunching DayWind speed 10-15 knots Crew: Dad, Uncle Ron, Scott05-29-20125
BuzzlovelaceThe Vital Spark27' Catalina Hull #1505-29-20125
CaptGregg1st weekend in June, 2012 - Casper's Marina - Swansboro, NC06-05-20125
Mannbrandon221974Before pictures06-12-20125
TLUNLIMITEDmy boat partsPhotos of stuff on my boat06-17-20125
therionseanMac 26 Mods06-18-20125
Tmy47"Carapace" repaintRolled 2-part Interlux Perfection finish07-02-20125
Right On!Macgregor 26D07-02-20125
dhmurphy1960Bow eye fixFixing my bow eye.07-22-20125
Jerry754th of July in Catalina07-25-20125
odaynj75Oday 7507-29-20125
crewzenSea ZenThe new Sea Zen is a Hunter 31008-07-20125
CompromiseSome IslandsBVI and Roatan08-08-20125
rtmurphyMurphy's Yacht photos08-12-20125
Kevin29SailingUnder sail09-28-20125
MPAPC4Electric ConversionFrom Atomic Bomb to electric.09-01-20125
Lark # 17 ownerPearson Lark 1966 #17 Emerald Dragon09-10-20125
Ronald Tosti16 ft. Weekender gaff rigged sloop01-20-20135
rickncsDelphineThis is how she looked when we bought her.09-23-20125
srojoetoomast Raising OD222So, after much trial and error, I came up with this system that seems to work flawlessly so far.09-27-20125
jenquay1st launchLake Geneva, Wisconsin September 29, 201210-10-20125
sleddogSuper Swift 130Pics of where it begins10-15-20125
Foster FanningS2 9.2C SV AQUILA 2012 SeasonSailing the 1988, S2 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA in the Pacific NW10-21-20125
splaxlisting photosphotos from the e-bay listing when I purchased11-12-20125
JlyonsGeorgian Bay 201209-30-20135
kwmccaslinKen's O'Day Project11-19-20125
Abe Miller1 st BoatFirst sail Boat11-24-20125
carlosalinaresBoat Pix11-25-20125
Freedom37Hunter 37c at dock first lookOur first look at her.11-27-20125
Jack and JudeJude's Practical Boat Bits and Tips ~ New eBookIn Practical Boat Bits and Tips are the best features of Banyandah, a 40 year veteran, illustrated in photographs, diagrams and Jude's direct style. Jude Binder has 40 years of experience finishing and maintaining vessels. She is also an accomplished sailor with 150,000 miles under sail, so she knows what stands the test of time. Living afloat continuously for sixteen years, raising and educating her two sons afloat while they sailed to over eighty countries, she learnt how to organize, victual, and manage small ships. This book encapsulates all she learnt in simple ideas.11-30-20125
OdaysailerO'Day 272, Stockton, CA12-31-20125
CompromiseCompromiseSome boat pics. Harvest Moon Regatta, etc.01-01-20135
drumbeaterPearson 26Pictures of our 1978 Pearson 26, Hull number 1599.01-02-20135
srhummerpost pics07-24-20145
erie boundThe First Season12-14-20135
Little DipperLittle Dipper04-10-20135
readerbillrudder post and rudder06-04-20135
TrinkkaGunwale molding caulking made easyFirst and foremost I need to mention that my gunwale moldings are Aluminum with a rubber strip down the center. I've used 3-M 4200 and Boatlife Boat Caulk. It your gunwale molding are Vinyl you're going to need a caulking that is kind to plastics such as Dow Corning 795 or Sikoflex. With that said, I'm told that caulking is only good for about ten years according to Rudy of D & R Marine. However, if you apply certain types of cleaners to your deck which contain Oxalic Acid, your cabin will develop leaks up the ying yang real soon. Been there, done that. So, a word to the wise is sufficient. Use good old soap and water and you'll get ten years out of the caulking under the gunwales.02-07-20135
XCIIGTWhipple1980 Oday 19Winch a wreck Just picked this Oday as my first sailboat for $50.00 as he just sold sails and motor and needed it gone. Was free but I handed him $50.00.03-06-20135
XCIIGTWhippleCleaning BeginsIt was a total mess but it is cleaing up nice. Found a few more spots that need attention with some new glass.03-07-20135
Mike MeerKirby 30 in AnnapolisThis Kirby 30 is about to be restored at Port Annapolis Marina with help from Voyager Yachting, Selden Masts US, Harken, the Marine Supply and Engine Shop at Port Annapolis, Merke Marine Electronics, and Dan Rossi Naval Architect.03-07-20135
Tony EMy "Bridget Anne"03-19-20135
timtimShe is getting a faceliftBuffed hull and sanded bottom03-23-20135
lthrneck689Nan-SeaThe Nan-Sea will be cruising along the ICW and blue waters off the coast of eastern central Florida.03-28-20135
MarkChandlerPura Vida05-25-20145
sailcapt340AC Install04-03-20135
timtimUpdated Interior PicsA new look for interior04-08-20135
romanijoeS/V Captiva04-15-20135
swarriston1983 S2 11.0 A - S.V. Lah Sol Lom04-19-20135
1973Oday231973 O'Day 2304-21-20135
SquiddLazy Lady04-25-20135
LordMorhamWind MachineAlways Moving Forward!04-26-20135
stephenronnings/v VALHALLAs/v VALHALLA. sail outta Seattle, Wa. email me if you'd like to rendezvous. year round sailor. meetup anywhere through out the sound and/or san juans. thank you.04-26-20135
LordMorhamSpring Break!Moving day for Wind Machine from KDM to Sugar Creek Bay. Could not ask for a better day for the trip, the weather was perfect and the water smooth. The scenery was beautiful to behold.05-02-20135
OkiesaylorMy C2205-05-20135
PatasgrandeCal Race WeekTransformer on Santa Monica Bay12-02-20135
kbarrowAltilisAn Admiral 27 designed by Richard Carlson. Hull Type: Swing Keel Rig Type: Masthead Sloop LOA: 27.12' / 8.27m LWL: 25.00' / 7.62m Beam: 8.00' / 2.44m Listed SA: 336 ft2 / 31.21 m2 Draft (max.) 4.00' / 1.22m Draft (min.) 1.92' / 0.59m Disp. 4300 lbs./ 1950 kgs. Ballast: 1600 lbs. / 726 kgs. SA/Disp.: 20.39 Bal./Disp.: 37.23% Disp./Len.: 122.8605-08-20135
Camerons MacgregorEmerald BayThe rewards are sweet after a great day of sailing08-28-20135
splaxboat in the waterphotos of the boat in the water02-17-20155
martnj32567substitutemast setupthis is the end of the mast and the bracket on the inside of the hull does something go on the end of the mast or does it just se in the bracket on the floor between the pins06-08-20135
srainmannwillcox Crittenden head05-24-20135
debi97325She floats!05-30-20135
marc9889Grungy when we bought it06-04-20135
donbwilson1973 O'day 2206-04-20135
regan8212Bristol in Solomons05-21-20145
timtimbottom paint is done!06-06-20135
ClintsurfsSilver AnnPics of, and from, my current (and first) boat, a 1985 O'Day 31. She's 25th anniversary model and the PO named her Silver Ann. I plan to rename her. She's a good old boat.12-08-20135
larso164s/y seilamaboat08-26-20135
EdWard3Puffin1980 Hunter Cherubini 3011-17-20135
TEWK-tooThis is TEWK-tooA 1980 Catalina 22 that was never named so we are naming her for the first little ship I owned - a one-off built in Leigh-on-Sea, UK in 1909. A "tewk" is a Common Redshank's name to the fishermen of the British Isles because of the sound it makes. It lives in the tidal marshes and estuaries.07-08-20135
Floating Dental StudentSailing Lake Pontchartrain08-02-20135
Firefly_L28Firefly! (Lancer 28)Here are some shots of my Lancer 28.08-15-20135
waterandwineSome pics of WindrunnerI've only owned her a month, so I'll add more as time goes on (August 2013)08-20-20135
rdavis6507Hunter 41012-07-20135
StevenLMy first boatThis is my first sail boat, a 1974 O'day 20 that I picked up from Connecticut. I'm doing a minor restoration to bring her back to her like new state and should be hitting the water with her next spring/summer!08-26-20135
lindybowersWorking on Sailyn KaelynSanding down the gunwales and need advice. I did this job in 2003 and used Cetol varnish ($38 a quart) and a top gloss. I apllied 7 coats of varnish. Now it has to be re-done. I used a palm sander #60 grit and it placed deep grooves in the teak. I am assuming its teak.08-26-20135
sailnoproblemWhats old is new again 208-27-20135
magkeller1979 23'08-27-20135
finding41MacGregor 26D&S Pop Top CoverA quick drawing I made for measuring my Pop Top cover.09-06-20135
Chris PattersonEricson09-15-20135
jamesamccartyMy "New to Me" 1982 MacGregor 2110-01-20135
GubbC&C 3010-06-20135
CaptMark1959THE NAKED TRUTH10-19-20135
Guts12361978 Catalina 30 dinette modelThis is my C 3010-29-20135
rroqueGulf of Nicoya, Puntarenas, CostaRica11-01-20135
SVBOBSailing Alaska on Sailboat BOBSome choice photos of sailing over the years in Southeast Alaska.11-04-20135
shnool2013, after a complete refit over the winterBoat got a complete bottom job, fairing, new bottom paint, and new topsides paint... Trailer modifications, bow eye, and all new harken 150 cams for the cabintop.11-11-20135
wolfgw8625First Day- My new old 1987 Capri 18, December 2013Photos of new 1987 Capri 18 the day it came home.01-03-20145
todd brownO'Day 222 198401-04-20145
ELMAXMARANO LAGUNARESmall village near the lagoon of Venice, where it rests Calypso, before reviving a new life.01-23-20145
unshackled sailorModifications and RepairsSome pics of repairs along the way01-29-20145
Anitbreeze-Tanzer22Anita Breeze T22Anta is a Tanzer 22 1986 I purchased Her in 2012. I process of restoring.01-29-20145
OjaisailorHunter 26 (1995)Crusing and modification pictures.05-01-20155
katilicousMacGregor 26X 1996For Sale Located Dana Point, CA02-05-20145
Glenn17411Bay Sailing02-08-20145
DOUG WARDCOMPADRE1973 Columbia 45 Motorsailer02-13-20145
ragingfool35my M26Ssome pics from Keys03-02-20145
Len BerkstresserMy baby...1979 Cherubini, sales like a dream and looks great too!03-17-20145
trainmanjessmorgan 35'04-01-20145
pvtpotterThe new-to-me 1980 Hunter 27I bought this from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.04-11-20145
sirMichaelJAMLa Tica04-15-20145
Jerica CarsbergEclipse1981 Catalina 3004-27-20145
Hoop2125Photos of our 26004-29-20145
KamaHeleKaiGetting her ready to launch.April 2012 trailered the S2 from a Southern burb of Detroit to Toledo05-17-20145
weedstomperHunter 260 WK Stella Maris05-18-20145
MastBanditThe newly aquired Mast Bandit05-28-20145
pacerpilotMacgregor 25She was rough when I got her, now she's at least sailable!05-31-20145
sailcapt340Seaward S600 Water Heater Replacement06-02-20145
db605mw50the $500.00 boay no one wanted.06-10-20145
Kathy McCueYOLO (I) The Original1981 Hunter 2206-13-20145
cdnmurseHUNTER 28 1990mysecondboat06-23-20145
dgreen1991Lighting Mods06-27-20145
dgreen1991Solar Panels, Charge Controller and Cockpit Cushions06-27-20145
CaptDon01C-22 "Quality Time"Our original C-22, 1980 swing keel version, #9405, purchased on the Clinton River north of Detroit. Lot's of GREAT times on board as the girls were growing up. Set-up for cruising with a full marine head and 12 gallon bladder holding tank. Still in the Kansas City area the last I knew.07-05-20145
Jim BeckAboard our Hunter 3307-07-20145
jmczzzboat trailer infomy research photoes07-14-20145
Derik_GHull #6812Pictures of my "new" boat when I got her07-19-20145
buck22484Salt PondsPictures taken at Salt Pond Marine Hampton Va.07-21-20145
bigbrownpilotStill the One07-29-20145
sollabs11982 O'day 2507-31-20145
Papa JVenture 222 RestorationMy new 1978 V222 was found on its trailer. Had not been moved for 28 yrs. Moss was growing on its north side and lots of mildew. Missing only her sails. What a beauty. Now the fun begins.08-22-20145
windsongscapthull all wet sanded by handafter sanding all the chalk off my hull. i sanded and scraped the bottom of all her old layers of paint. got rid of both red pin striping and red name. going with a deep blue for her new bottom paint. her new name in dark blue with gold trim08-26-20145
windsongscaptbottom sanded and paintedtook of red pinstriping and the light blue bottom. love this dark color09-15-20145
robert drosCurrent Affair in Pittwater, NSW Australia09-16-20145
windsongscaptreplacing the windowfirst step was to take out old window. they said to save it for a templet.. not happening, when they put the window on they glued it so much the plexi glass broke into little pieces . but it did come off. prepping to put new window on09-20-20145
Nauti-GentSerenade IIEnd of summer.....09-22-20145
windsongscaptnew window in not so easy09-22-20145
motorpoolgeraldtrailer troublesthis is what happens when you miss the centerboard, and unaware of it, you crank on the old two speed winch.09-23-20145
MaritimeTeesOday 272 PicturesODAY 272 198910-01-20145
ericcaracasLos RoquesArchipelago 70 miles north from Caracas.10-01-20145
Jeff37CMy Old Boats10-05-20145
lastblink514Oday 240 Motor Swap Open TransomMoved motor from starboard side to port side opening a swimming platform. Modified existing ladder to use on starboard side.11-10-20145
Floating Dental StudentCat Island, Ms11-16-20145
chrisingsSurvey DayShe's almost ours.11-17-20145
windsongscaptnew namemy 1988 oday 240 hull number 76 from windsong to best of times11-18-20145
mitswerdnaS/V AgapeOur Hunter 426DS11-18-20145
SamanthaAnneBoat photos11-21-20145
seadaddlerSolar PanelsSolar Panels on 2007 Hunter 3611-24-20145
knotnormalkellyViews from the helm12-01-20145
timtim1988 Hunter 28.5My new sailboat12-02-20145
SplitPersonalityLake Pleasant, AZ12-06-20145
nashuasteveA day with son ansd grandaughter12-19-20145
CarlitosCarlitos Way12-21-20145
WinkieThe Gauntlet.The Gauntlet.01-20-20155
Greg Deans19 ft OdaySparrow :01-24-20155
Boone2233"Thai Chillin" in Chicago1988 Catalina 27 moored in Monroe Harbor.02-02-20155
the7CsSailing the Seven Seas with "the 7Cs"The Merit 22 in all its glory02-04-20155
btdg28Lancer 27PS06-06-20155
EltonOkanagan Sailing - Nereyda02-09-20155
ndave61OCTOBER 2014 TO NOW02-11-20155
hooverhoffAkulaMy first legit sailboat02-18-20155
lulabelleLula BelleOff shore racer03-10-20155
SoundWaveCruise Oriental to New BernDown the Neuse and Back with the family03-13-20155
FlintThe Walrus03-16-20155
rmcanearNot a Place to park the boatSouth of Daytona03-18-20155
Cambriaman63s/v "Candyce B"03-24-20155
jlillieNew flooring, and added original stripes03-26-20155
LittleCreekThe KeeferIslander 26 that I bought off of a very nice man over in Portsmouth Va.04-05-20155
frankies56Capatian and First Mate04-11-20155
SharpiesailorMy sailboatsSailboats that I have owned.04-17-20155
joemaletzJoe Maletz M36Customized Macgregor M3604-26-20155
nycswashbucklerMistral IV photos04-26-20155
sailbeyondnow36 VisionBoat Before and after06-08-20155
TomgrandyPhotos of My Cherub06-11-20155
SoundWaveCruise Belhaven <> BathMemorial Day Weekend 2015 Admiral and I on a date cruise overnight. 15kt winds and 2' chop. Fun!06-25-20155
ZOOTWest Wight Potter 15'Photos of my WWP for sale.06-26-20155
TommmDSailing to the Islands, 2015Sakonnet to Cutty & Block, August 201508-24-20155
stvnmTransom plates and motor mount08-26-20155
stvnmGin pole details08-26-20155
Gary4066Brise de mer09-25-20084
Don S/V ILLusionS/V IllusionHunter 40.509-25-20084
Mickey84H34CAZADOR PartnersHere are "the three Mikes" as we're known at the boatyard and marina. All three partners in the boat are named Michael (although I go by Mickey).04-09-20094
dbecker68DreamBoat1982 Hunter 3009-25-20084
TKMurphyTir Na Nog and Crew09-26-20084
SwandriverFirst AlbumMy start with a few general images.09-27-20084
Dave SharpDave Sharp's Sailing Album09-28-20084
Scott BKillarney09-30-20084
Boat n BusFirst Haul Out10-01-20084
breadmanGreat MinnowYep won this one.10-01-20084
Dean W.Cockpit TableCustom double hinged cockpit table10-04-20084
Dean W.The BoatPictures of No Worries and the dock with the lake down 14 ft.10-04-20084
William12197aquarius 2310-06-20084
John in BRHobie CatDifferent adventures on different Hobie 16s - mostly regattas out of Ocean Springs, MS to Horn and Ship Islands...05-12-20094
giovanni17307Fun local race10-06-20084
JimSecondwind2002 Catalina 36 MK II Hull No 205810-10-20084
Sail SaverToe Rail RepairDrill & plug over 300 holes. Rather than remove the toe rail, this I thought was a better idea. It was a ton of work and now better than new. 1/2 inch holes & only do one side at a time. I didn't want to take a chance of having the top pop off. The boat was down for 2 weeks. I picked the hottest 2 out of the summer too. No Rain so everything was nice & dry.10-12-20084
Andy1237Castaway Sailing10-16-20084
JimFunny StuffThat makes you laugh10-28-20084
Rascal18590"Rascal"Just photos of my boat.10-22-20084
ignacio.quinonesHunter 216 Rinihue, ChileHunter 21610-25-20084
SEADANCEHorn Island October 0810-28-20084
GDeneviDeja Vu1980 Hunter 37-Cutter10-30-20084
beanedserraDances with DolphinsBristol condition 1988 CA 3011-01-20084
Randy2309fay's off11-09-20084
sailing-n-mississippiCom-Pac 252000 Com-Pac 2511-09-20084
RichBThe first "Happiest Day"11-09-20084
Brian1938592 26S11-18-20084
MrBill_FLLmacgregor 26D (1988)my boat11-18-20084
BobMNew (to us) 9.2APhotos of "Triple Play" aquired spring of 200811-19-20084
jfulton50SeaGlassVictoris 18 198012-07-20084
williamShannonCal 33-2 198801-11-20104
Big DonFirst Impression12-24-20084
igorMy Previous BoatThis was my previous boat, a 1975 O'day 25'. She was a great boat - served me well for 2 years.12-25-20084
Jim11240S2 27 TrailerA trailer I built from a power boat trailer01-04-20094
BobT1st seasoncollection of photos from late summer 0801-06-20094
KD3PCHunter 42 Passage01-12-20094
Lady IrisMy first pic of my new boat01-20-20094
farqujud1983 27' Catalina02-01-20094
Screen SaverScreensaverAssorted phots after delivery06-21-20104
SatoriSome misc pix02-08-20094
Mike HolibarFreedom 39 Fyne Spirit of Plymouth02-10-20094
Quebec1Le ZephyrInterior oics03-02-20094
JoeVacsVenture 1703-21-20094
roberthallowellAlberg 35 "Apple"03-16-20094
roberthallowellAlberg 35 "Apple"03-16-20094
jkkflORB 41DS 200703-17-20094
Jim 5757OLD 'BARNEY LIGHTHOUSEBarnegat Inlet, NJ03-19-20094
tomc938Yamaha 9Here's some pictures from the sales brochure Yamaha sent me.04-07-20094
Mitchel16674"Hey Jude" my O'Day 23Various photos of "Hey Jude", my 1984 O'Day 2304-08-20094
fastrax591984 Catalina 25'Prestine boat! Ask me for details.04-10-20094
quinby2003BEFORE PICTURES04-27-20094
jbossjJust us and Fearless Hunter05-06-20094
pierre_louriouxFrench Hunter 33 in the Med05-15-20094
jfrancis100My 1969 TempestLaunch day05-24-20094
brewerazLake Pleasant Arizina sailing picsThese are sailing pics from Lake Pleasant Arizona. I know each of us has a special place for the lakes, oceans we sail but there is a unique beauty of desert and water. In Az the lakes are State owned so no homes and wildlife abouds. We occasionally have a cloud or two but for the most part blue skys and noce sailing. I hope you enjoy. Tim and Rhonda06-02-20094
BenDiHunter 22 on Sacandaga Lake, NY06-15-20094
Mark P. LeGasseyO'Day Javelin Odyssey of the Mind06-14-20094
goosehunter 32 vision06-15-20094
JoelHooverNew PaintThe baby blue decks and accent stripes made the boat look like a piece of pool furniture. Now it's black and gray and white like a space shuttle!06-21-20094
cmpashoukos222 rudder07-01-20094
JoelHooverKeel Lock BoltFinding the V25 keel lock bolt07-02-20094
gypsyorchidLake Sailing Lake Wylie,SC07-05-20094
cloud-neincloud nein a 37' Irwin CC ketch rigphotos07-09-20094
renner44Irwin Citation 3507-12-20094
renner44Irwin 35'07-12-20094
jdhohmannFrolic IV repair job's07-18-20094
Andy1237Daisy Raft upHow tall is the mast of the 340? Well this is what it looks like from the top. How many Hunters do you see in this picture? Also some pictures from "da plane"07-26-20094
François PégardCrew of Jason08-23-20094
seaplaneseaplanenavegations in the seaplane09-08-20094
skipperlennyMoonstruckSitting at her birth in beautiful Hubbards Cove, Nova Scotia.09-09-20094
giovanni17307<balearic Islands cruise11-17-20094
Ken CrowhurstBan Ealan on Lake Michigan09-11-20094
Jes HillmanSea Trials for Cazador12-02-20094
LarryMacHunter 30 "Barbara "09-21-20094
Hammo_127Home Harbor09-30-20094
carlriPaint Lake09-29-20094
KaffiooKaffioo O'day 25 1979Finally we will sail !07-26-20104
Jolly-Rogerbottom by gregNice job......06-13-20114
svtmanMaxie, Seafarer 2211-10-20094
RBoneMast Stepping11-20-20094
BobCurrieMacGregor 26MMy ship11-25-20094
NormanMartinAveriseraAphrodite 101 images taken in various places12-09-20094
Scandinavian CruisersScandinavian Cruiser 20Recapture the essence of sailing! The idea behind Scandinavian Cruisers is to recapture the essence of sailing, by going back in time to a period a century ago when boats were considered truly beautiful, and sailing was a genteel, aspirational and romantic lifestyle. Scandinavian Cruisers combines the style, beauty, high speed and superior maneuverability of classic Skerry Cruisers (Square Meter Yachts) with today’s busy modern lifestyle and the latest yacht design technologies. The design of the new Scandinavian Cruisers is admired equally by experienced sailors and landlubbers, giving the owner true pride of ownership. www.scandinaviancruisers.com12-10-20094
Brucesrqour boat12-13-20094
RichGCHunter 25 boommainsheet location, gooseneck connection12-14-20094
TonyN.Hawk Hunter 37 legend06-07-20104
Mike8271Sailing Lake Superior12-19-20094
Miss KaylaMy future sailor12-20-20094
knotagainKnotagainPhotos of my boat.01-03-20104
jwieneckUndersailMast Confusion II reefed down sailing to Chicago from Milwaukee we had SW winds at 25 plus all day fun ride01-11-20104
captnronTIEKILI picsTIEKILI is a 1980 Catalina 30 MK II01-13-20104
bobsellieMore boat pictures01-22-20104
Seminole WindThanks for the HeliBuzz Boat PixOn one of Seminole Winds best sailing days, we were about 16 miles offshore past the barrier Island Petis Bois on a SW broad reach when this Lil' Robinson Helo began to buzz us and took these cool pix that I don't have 500 denero each to give...but they're still cool01-23-20104
Wild Blue JuanderWild Blue JuanderBreak Out Another Thousand.02-14-20104
redmarsailBryher in action!!Yacht in sailing mode.02-18-20104
Another ToyPerch CreekPix from Perch Creek of of Kettle Creek on North Barnegat Bay06-22-20104
jileshinsonS/V SWAY03-04-20104
Fred Abelthe Edward Albertthe boat03-06-20104
sailirwin52Maintenance and 2nd haulout.03-18-20104
FroggyAZ1st day on the water.... at Lake Pleasant.04-27-20104
ruiMy boat04-24-20104
FroggyAZLake Pleasant02-18-20114
stuartswModified Salon Table: Hunter 36Step-by-step modification of table design to allow for easier change-over from table to bunk.05-02-20104
Brucesrqrefitting and paintingwinter project, new bottom job,05-10-20104
beaglesnew sailor05-25-20104
tmccall25 Catalina Interior DecorLadies (and gentlemen) post photos of your interiors so we can see what you've done.05-27-20104
mdmitchElectrical System Upgrade-Phase 105-31-20104
rwallen44Hunter 76 H25 Needs Work06-01-20104
montenidoWild Wind PicsC3606-01-20104
bigpapaporscheprecision P21P21 pictures06-04-20104
bigpapaporschePrecision P21P21 Pictures06-04-20104
MattnlnrSurprise In Guemes Channel June 11, 2010Photo taken by Brett Richards while he was sailing the "Gypsy"06-24-20104
sail2kn0m0rOday BiminiIdeas found surfing the NET06-17-20104
Steve PlattGood air on Lake Michigan 19 June 201006-21-20104
B FarrellCeilidh ("Kaylee")06-30-20104
DeepBlueSeasLa Maestra Purchased ConditionA few pictures of my "new" Catalina 22 and the challenge ahead of me!07-16-20104
bwsailormanVision 32 Milford Lake Kansas07-19-20104
estopa2010 rOnDAYvousA sail to Greenport Long Island to meet up with other O'Day owners.07-26-20104
justsomeguySovereign's maiden voyageIt's a start...05-01-20114
Gr8sailJoie de VieSailing on the Chesapeake08-05-20104
mtownsonHunter 3708-13-20104
WatersEdge456Water's Edge08-17-20104
CaptKen62Profile Pics08-17-20104
FrankBCatalina 30Photos of recent purchase08-19-20104
BeretfTeak cockpit fittingTeak fitting of the cockpit09-10-20104
s/v Southern Stars/v Southern Star09-19-20104
Y4A01Emerald City09-27-20104
daydreamODAY 2510-18-20104
PegfrayneSailing on the Barnegat Bay11-02-20104
healeymanthe boat twoJust a bunch of pictures01-24-20124
mvenixMy Boat11-07-20104
estopaO'Day 222 MastMast fixes needed11-13-20104
Ed HSailing on the Rappahanock02-16-20114
JR LarsenSaturday Night Fever Cruise 201012-05-20104
sailrakas/v Raka , Islander 4412-14-20104
JakeHobNobHobNob - 26M MacGregor03-05-20114
garris46Sailing the Bay12-20-20104
DansDeckVintage Wilcox Crittenden Head BRASSPorcelan and brass vintage Wilcox Crittenden Head salvaged from an old 1920's 30's sailboat. New York Kate. This is the Junior model. It measures 11 1/2: H x 13: W x 14 1/2" L08-31-20134
SylvainPanelRelocated breaker panel01-09-20114
Bob CSuncat 40 MKIIPictures of my self built catamaran01-14-20114
Delta Donmy boat pictures02-07-20114
onlylucNew baby02-11-20114
colinhulse30 O'day1983 16 hp Universal03-28-20154
Ralph3001Starting the workThe first thing I do is to wash the deck...03-04-20114
Captain 9330TrailerThe trailer is a factory provided TrailRite that came with the C22 at delivery.03-05-20114
RForstSV SUZY Hunter 3403-10-20114
cloverbay"Bling" in Auckland.03-26-20114
kerry sailorBlew Bayou04-05-20114
Jim SeamansJava04-11-20114
SeacretSailorSailing Lake Pontchartrain04-23-20114
Lee ThompsonSail pics05-03-20114
rickk31A few toys02-09-20124
Aaron BEl Barco!06-13-20114
Jim BeckVacation Time on our Hunter 3307-14-20114
Formosa41ketch1966 Morgan 25'07-14-20114
RBoneCockpit Controls07-18-20114
StellaBlueNew Home in Kemah Tx.This is our new home, the first big boat, and selling it all off to live aboard.07-31-20114
SublimeMiss Muffet08-04-20114
1948istvanSailing Lake Winnipeg08-29-20114
apps62Summer 201109-06-20114
shankerGull Lake, Alberta09-26-20114
Sailor boySailing from Santa Fe to Key WestJourney cross country towing "paradox" from N.M. to Key West, Florida. 201211-12-20114
lastblink514Oday 240 Head Install06-01-20154
mj11108Swept Away10-07-20114
tyson_troyHawaii Sailing10-08-20114
rachelmackenzieFirst Summer With Our 336 On Lake Champlain10-11-20114
late37work in progresslaying out hardware for bow and transom mods10-16-20114
trailerboaterTall ShipPhiladelphia to New York on a tall ship11-03-20114
A. M. BilesSeaward 26RK11-06-20114
jeffmodesitt1987 HunterTexas Dawn12-15-20114
carolynfolkHeronOur 1987 Sabre 34 MKII, hull 309.01-01-20124
Euphoria2011Port Royal Sound - December 201101-02-20124
garymckinour pics01-12-20124
kitxuHunter 146Embalse Los Aromos, Limache, Chile01-25-20124
chpMidland to Beausoleil island01-31-20124
prtwReva Mores02-07-20124
tsheieRestauration: San Juan 7.703-03-20124
IndysailorBulkhead ReplacementNot a hard job, really. There was no tabbing of the bulkheads to the hull, so all one has to do is jack up the cabin top and remove some screws to get them out. I used the old bulkheads as templates for the new ones, made from Joubert Okoume BS 1088 (12mm) and coated the edges in two coats of Smith's CPES. Tip: use a very fine blade (metal) with a hand held jig saw to cut the new ones, and take it very slowly. Stain is red oak, to match some of the older woodwork that was considerably dark (red/orange).03-19-20124
egodseyHunter 25.5 Shore Power03-20-20124
Emin KaanLooking 4 Advice on Hunter SailboatHave plenty questions regarding generators, a/c, solar panels and etc....Thanks!04-04-20124
CaptGreggMosquito Screening04-05-20124
KellyNew AlbumMisc photos of our 1976 ODay 2204-09-20124
IndysailorBillie RaeOur boat, bought in 2009. We've been updating her ever since. Named her Billie Rae, in honor of my late father in law, an avid Flying Scot sailor.10-14-20144
joey55Windspirit1976 H2704-26-20124
Robert M.Bottom Job04-26-20124
william bennett2008 MACGREGOR 26 M04-28-20124
jeaglesODay 31 pix05-03-20124
Robert M.Hull Repair05-12-20124
Sharkbait64Working on it02-12-20144
Kevin29Pearly ShellsMy Boat06-12-20124
bdaylewisIn the water finally06-14-20124
siandimiScrumpy Interior06-25-20124
rpell46A few happy times......In and around Sheepshead Bay home port06-28-20124
mikeldoyWhat am I missing?I think I may be missing a block at the end of the boom to rig the mail sail?07-02-20124
elborbawild on 307-02-20124
amry69Beginner and his '93 23.507-02-20124
rbdodsBoat inspectionPurchesing our first Beneteau07-12-20124
Dieter CattelanRefit08-09-20124
J. Burlrace day08-20-20124
shnoolCapri 25 spinnaker launch soloCapri 25 symmetric spinnaker launch, solo, first time.08-24-20124
dlblandjrmy Bristol08-24-20124
HeartFireCan We Just Sail AwayTitled after one of our songs, this album represents the dream coming true to finally own our own sailing vessel(s) and work toward a life style more in tune with living aboard one...08-28-20124
jayski1977 Cat UpdateAn old Catalina 3009-10-20124
Mike8271Summer trip August 201209-14-20124
craigtilsonfeng shuiericson 35-209-30-20124
dougdixie1985 Cal 2410-04-20124
cpbauerCatalina 320 "Ariadne"1994 Catalina C32010-09-20124
SailingCal21A visit to the topFinally made it to the masthead for a view.06-24-20134
NautilusNautilusPics of the new boat02-04-20134
Mark PriceHydrovane10-29-20124
jcb2O'Day 31 "Hiatus"Purchased '86 O'Day 31 in 2012. Added much time and money resulting in a very nice yacht now!04-08-20134
Rocket1KatherinePictures of our baby, a 2000 Hunter 340.11-18-20124
jjokee22' O'DayEndless Sumer03-04-20134
Fred SchwiersAmity12-15-20124
gatorkc1BeforeI just bought a 1974 Center Cockpit Columbia .... I will post refit pictures every week or two. Good Luck with your projects.12-19-20124
hessraWindsong2002 Catalina 22 MkII with Fin Keel12-28-20124
ViperDerfWicked Good01-06-20134
sailingandsuchMontgomery 17This is my little dream boat!01-10-20134
89bruinHunter 27 EdgePhotos of the 27 Edge02-04-20134
lthrneck689New old boat for a new adventure.Purchased a 30' S2 9.2 C in September, 2012.02-21-20134
captmarlenaIsland DreamsMy Catalina 309 charter boat in Naples, Fl.02-22-20134
LindaP222004 West Wight PotterPremium Bluewater lay-up. Galvanized Baja Trailer. CDI Roller Furling System. Honda 5 HP Four Stroke.03-07-20134
imrd26Old Widgeon finds a new home!Can't wait to get her up to the lake!05-03-20134
wickedwahineAC install05-19-20134
Hunter326InisAntwerpenCourse Grevelingenmeer, Oosterschelde, North Sea, Westerschelde, The Netherlands to Antwerpen Belgium.06-21-20134
choppersscSeaweed Islander2806-25-20134
RumLine IISailing off the coast of GeorgiaShortened sail to stay with friends. Slower boats but they could still do 5 to 6 knots.07-03-20134
KokaniCoastal sailing on the pacificpotos taken with zoom from a shore building07-05-20134
SailingCal21Karma House Batteries07-06-20134
sailsouthPacific Seacraft Mariah07-09-20134
Fullmoon44Fun on the Full Moon07-25-20134
doylesailsOur Catalina 3008-01-20134
readerbillEngine and alignment08-02-20134
FARMHANDLUCKY PENNYOur "new" (1983) Catalina 3008-12-20134
Sailing18My 20ft Oday08-19-20134
Kathy McCueYOLO (IV) on the Navesink River1996 Hunter 28004-27-20144
BudLover419My O'Day10-07-20134
Dan DeNealMaiden VoyageThe weekend I took possession of the boat we went for an overnight camping trip on beautiful Smith Mountain Lake.09-25-20134
Barnacle-BillResoluteMy new (used) Catalina 22 MKII09-30-20134
JStriathleteJoe's CatalinaBoat in excellent condition. well maintained, new sail cover. slip paid through March 201410-13-20134
BeschmanLancer 2511-07-20134
seaglass_nhpictureslots of pictures01-22-20144
ZigglerMast and Shroud IssuesMast and Shroud Issues01-30-20144
burnhamdMacGregor 25 NamasteThe Mac Gregor 25 is the most popular trail able sailboat ever built. The boat was designed to crank its weighted centerboard up and nestle on to a twin axel trailer with a low and safe center of gravity as it traveled from bay to bay. It will motor in 14 inches of water or drop its centerboard and it sails swiftly with a 3.9 ft. draft. This 1975 boat has been stored indoors and totally recommissioned over the last 2 years. New interior cushions in great shape, Compass and Depth sounder. Engine replaced March 2010 for $2,400 with a 10 Hp. 4 Cycle Mercury long shaft. Gear includes GPs Chart Plotter, VHF radio, Main and three head sails. Located at Boca Ciega Yacht Club, 4600 Tifton Drive. In Gulfport Fl. Call Tony Angel with Questions 727-459-7900. Price including trailer $4,500.02-07-20144
karmadogMy '79 Columbia 7.602-10-20144
ragingfool35Hunter 260recently purchased, decided it was time for more room than my trusty Mac03-02-20144
rgcook257Cruising in New Moon03-14-20144
Avanti 22Solar panel for Oday 22This solar system was my first endeavor to design, fabricate and install a solar charging system for my Oday 22...happy to say it works great and was a lot of fun to do!03-27-20144
KennyGPics from Refuge's sea trial.06-04-20144
dgreen1991Pressurized water electric and manual10 gallon sprayer with sink sprayer nozzle, 2 gallon garden sprayer and 9 1.5 gallon Clorox bottles stored in compartment just forward of the potty give long times onboard when desired. Pump sprayer is used when conservation is necessary. 1 hot tea kettle added to 2 gallon garden sprayer is enough for 2 showers. A light spray on dishes with 2 gallon garden sprayer conserves lots of water. Electric sprayer used for filling pots, tea kettles and filling dishpan for washing dishes.06-27-20144
vthemmerScond Wind07-13-20144
mystery117Mystera1995 Beneteau Mooring 50307-18-20144
GriffymonRhodes 19 StartingThe boat in the original received condition in Nov. 201307-21-20144
avenger79silver lakefinally got her on the water08-20-20144
justin91786First pics after purchasing09-08-20144
QuantumJoyQuantum Joy pictures10-15-20144
dougrMara II09-17-20144
nevertolatePics2014 Mercury 383 Mag stroker10-27-20144
centerlineCustom Log Book11-06-20144
SamanthaAnneDavits I installed recently on my Beneteau 4911-21-20144
woodzySweet Sandy Ann12-21-20144
boubouhunter 306SONO01-04-20154
WingmanpnsNew ineriorBig upgrade $ wise this season. All new interior01-13-20154
MacAnnie52Nimble 2401-25-20154
Oromocto_lakerMy O01-26-20154
dtalentFirst LaunchFirst year with Agaiinst the Wind01-31-20154
Charlie98117propane systemtank installation and flex line routing01-31-20154
Steve21790Checko picsfew photos over the years02-02-20154
rweissMy Rhodes 2202-08-20154
Monty VMLiberty02-20-20154
daniellmasonGitanaMy newest mistress, Gitana. She is a 1981 Hunter Cherubina 37.02-24-20154
MermadeMerMade on Lake Windward in AlpharettaBeautiful 1987 Catalina 22 with a WING keel needs a new home. Everything is fully operational and in excellent condition. It does not have a trailer, so please be prepared to haul her out of the lake with your own trailer. Please call Mark Small at (678) 464-3839 to get more information. Thank you04-11-20154
brake_windThe End7 September 201404-14-20154
frankies56HUNTER CHERUBINI 37 CUTTER05-03-20154
frankies5637 Hunter Cherubini interior cabinsome photos of interior sailboat05-03-20154
seachelle25Oday 25 for sale. Asking price $7,5001981 O'DAY 25' SLOOP WITH NISSAN 4 stroke 18 HSP OUTBOARD. O'Day has been moored in Narragansett, Rhode Island the past few summers and stored inside at a nearby Marina. She has been sailed on Narragansett Bay and is a great weekender.05-20-20154
MDanielsan evening after work05-26-20154
Gemini Dreamsthe resurrection of our Venture 2407-01-20154
Lodi47Spirit 2307-12-20154
jlillieDomitec Sealand HeadThis is Domitec's Head and holding tank all in one.07-12-20154
T_CatFirst Sail 7/19/201507-28-20154
lostintime1983 O'day 2208-04-20154
allen-deckardtrip maps08-26-20154
derelictdadSerendipity Too09-25-20083
lil seaLil' SEA09-26-20083
JohnGrantInspiration - 1985 Catalina 2709-26-20083
Rick DBoat Pix09-26-20083
Mark PricePics of Illusion03-14-20103
saildogSea PuppySailing the Gulf of Mexico09-30-20083
Seattle Scottboat pics of course10-01-20083
Steve fm ausHunter 41Pics of our Yacht10-02-20083
Dean W.New Port Side Cabinet10-04-20083
giovanni17307portofino cruise10-06-20083
FOBBOA VIDA III10-08-20083
sunniedaysSunnie Days10-09-20083
Hermit ScottDisco on the Dirt10-24-20083
Hermit ScottBottom Job & topside polish10-24-20083
Jim Dpaint 0910-13-20093
Graham DruceMar Menor08-03-20103
James E. HartBaja sleigh ride..San Carlos to La PazLiberty Call II, a Hunter 37.5....arrived safely to La Paz .... our shakedown run, new owners, first time out with her as her new owners.... Fortune favors the brave (?)... Down wind and following seas! all the way..a brisk (18 kts. plus) Norther gave us the go ahead to make it to Catalina Island by dawn.... and to Isla San Jose at dusk for a calm anchorage and a good night´s sleep! second night, Isla Partida..... then Palmira Marina. She ran strong, dry, and steady!! We are very happy with Liberty Call II.11-24-20083
FranklinMy Boat11-24-20083
FranklinCool pictures11-24-20083
joebradleyBeautiful Thing1981 Hunter Cherubini 3311-27-20083
barrygElektra sun 250011-29-20083
BIGALRhapdosy in Blue09-06-20113
NewcruiserSun & SplendourOur New Boat12-04-20083
konawindKona Wind12-21-20083
amcgilvrayMs Gracie30 ft 1981 Cherubini12-03-20103
Lee and KarenHome ShackThe Home Basement shack of Ka4acd02-01-20093
oceanpickTonic (Captive 240)01-17-20093
tallyhoTrail Run02-01-20093
John TaylorFreyja1982 Islander Bahama 30.02-02-20093
montenidoSundance Pics02-02-20093
TimHaasReverie1981 H33 shoal draft02-06-20093
Captain EddieLone Star02-17-20093
niels17012Solomons Island, June 2007Baltimore to Solomons with buddies03-01-20093
KonstantinSome photos05-18-20093
jodygoldmanCatalina 30 - AsylumAsylum03-03-20093
mrvinemanAirplay @ playGeneral interest shots03-16-20093
Judge DreddC27 at KemahMy C27 tall mast after Hurricane Ike03-16-20093
Robert M.Fiberglass04-01-20123
Esk IIBoat picspictures of Puffone at Lake Arthur03-23-20093
jdgrnt66WIND!!!!!!a good day on tampa bay03-25-20093
tikiandthetorchesTop side painting06-19-20093
BeretfThe new teak fitted swim platformTeak fitted swim platform05-04-20093
JayVan001My Boat05-09-20093
RSwanzy1984 Lancer 45 "Cloud 9"05-10-20093
jerseyjoeMy new "Adventure"My new Pearson 38' docked in Norfolk, VA.05-17-20093
scottevans00The Boat Oday05-19-20093
AirwavesRadiance - O'Day 272LE08-12-20103
yugnoirMods to the cabin...05-23-20093
jerseywatersLittle Rascal, Hunter 26.506-01-20093
LadyLibertyLady Liberty1982 Pearson 32. Home port is Liberty Bay, WA.06-03-20093
WeeZerNeek6052WeeZerNeekSome Pictures06-24-20093
jdsailorRacing on San Francisco Bay and Beyond10-04-20093
joshmooreMoore Paradise 2009What an exciting new adventure! Shannon and I have owned Moore Paradise for an entire three weeks now and we couldn't be more excited. There is so much to learn and so much we have already learned in such a short amount of time. Here's to Moore Paradise and more sunsets!07-05-20093
Axewound251Mexicali Blues07-09-20093
SeaQuesteredFigawi 2009Racing from Hyannis to Nantucket07-14-20093
Frank BeanBlue Shark07-19-20093
wundrbarMy cracked and defective Hunter sailboat07-20-20093
leftwing24My Hunter 170This is the boat I currently own. It was for sale a few years ago, but after I put some work into it, I changed my mind... In the "sailing" picture, you can see the jiffy reef I installed. I didn't have the transom installed at the time; these were "For Sale" pictures.08-12-20093
Joel23807Vahevala photos05-23-20123
guidera48Prepping for a paint jobSanding the hull in preparation for a paint job. Fixed all the dock rash and damaged toe rail.08-28-20093
Phantom PowerNesika09-08-20093
markodayMark's O'Day09-08-20093
Michael G Island Girl09-15-20093
AEShierHanta YoPictures of our S2 - Hanta Yo - "Clear the way"09-28-20093
chinnyMaine sailing 200909-30-20093
West Virginia Sailing Nutthe current condition of the project.4 major projects that need to be completed: 1. install engine 2. sand and paint hull 3. finish fiberglass repair, and paint topside 4. step mast.09-30-20093
DasBucketNantucket Bucket10-11-20093
raymarshallOur 1980 27' Hunter10-11-20093
Viktor EysseleinARGOHunter 45 CC10-12-20093
bradhamletsailing in the channelSailling in the Santa Barbara Channel, or up the mast without a paddle10-23-20093
Miss KaylaPower or SailHow do I choose?09-30-20103
SailMMLFirst year with my 1998 Com-pac 2311-05-20093
RemarcC13Recently purchased Capri Cyclone 1304-18-20103
texasprinterRepoweringWe had to repower our Oday recently. We found another Universal and put the best parts of both and rebuilt the engine. Hopefully we can get anither 5 years or so out of her.11-10-20093
bigb227My boatjust my boat.11-15-20093
MsEmeeRhapsody in Blue11-20-20093
PaulKEclipse1981 J/3612-01-20093
Time Outcatalina 2702-24-20113
fireoneSacandaga Reservoirupstate NY, boat resides at Sacandaga Marina04-21-20103
cedarcreekrr@aol.comBig Lake Sailing12-17-20093
BigsProject V17Bought at auction last Oct, needs some work12-28-20093
diane fowlerBreeze in her glory12-28-20093
Charles MorrellSailing on Stargazer12-29-20093
Hornman1977 Hunter 30'01-06-20103
unshackled sailorRestoration of 1987 Catalina 30Purchased in Sept 2008.01-12-20103
dwgiffordOPUS1978 33' Cherubini Hynter01-16-20103
rjdives42' Norman Cross Trimaran01-24-20103
Boom MagnetThe new "old" boat, My '73 Catalina 22A few photos of the 73 Catalina 22 I purchased in October 2009. It's a labor of love but she sails well and is my first boat that I can sleep on. My two boys and I have plans to trailer it to Charleston and the Chesapeake bay in 2010.02-03-20103
skink1275Valcour IslandValcour Island September 200902-07-20103
tony2000legend in the UK02-15-20103
dlewis812sojournnew boat03-28-20103
KevraIVKevra IV Summer 2009Off Marblehead, Mass. in August03-10-20103
RumLine IIRumline II07-28-20103
LykaReynardProject HoudiniThis is the little boat we bought, not much to look at, but we are going to fix it up and a great time with it.03-21-20103
Larry D WestSailing Lake Guntersville03-21-20103
captsam5430' Albin Ballad04-11-20103
chehacrxs2 8.0B06-03-20103
Mick16083The other viceBenelli Naked TNT TRE 1130cc04-28-20103
FathomfinderH260 in Michigan05-02-20103
trpnSome PicsPictures I have taken on Lake HArtwell, Starr, South Carolina.04-08-20133
cymeyerWith GustoGus is the real captain!05-20-20103
revcozmojust starting outThis is it, I'm getting ready to live my dream. I just bought my boat and am waiting for it to be delivered so I can start sailing. I'm very excited about it and if anyone has any hints or tips please feel free to drop me a note. Keep the wind in your sails and a smile on your face - Danny06-21-20103
AC24/GianninaSailing 201007-19-20103
kshaffer77Proud Mary06-25-20103
karocAbout Time06-07-20113
shusco19561967 pearson wanderer08-10-20103
welderxman1getting her ready for a long sail!!!found this one for 1,150 she needs work!! but looking forward to putting in the water!!!07-17-20103
RumLine IIRum line II07-31-20103
IndysailorOday interior06-07-20153
Elainemy love 26my love 2608-03-20103
atwhite2Door County, WI Summer 201008-04-20103
SailingSullyC'est La Vie08-07-20103
RunnerWoza MoyaHunter 1908-10-20103
windchime1Wind Chime08-11-20103
jimwalzEternal Optimist10-31-20103
antsmvBanthamCatalina 42 , hull#1000 , Sausalito ca08-23-20103
mickj123Coram DeoSailing on Lake DeGray08-24-20103
passworldLake St-Francis, Québec08-26-20103
inarathreeSwing keel09-14-20103
Firefighter539Under sail01-26-20113
SnowlingBlue Angel2005 Hunter 4110-04-20103
Debi HammondBringing our Venture 21 to our dockWe just got our Venture 21 and this is our 1st time to sail it.10-06-20103
whisperMy home away from home10-16-20103
PobleBeautiful BC10-18-20103
Shane82Boat pics n stuff10-19-20103
st nickWindRose Morgan 38408-11-20143
wgainesO' (what a) Day! PixGeneral pix of all our work.11-04-20103
Captain 9330Cadence1980 Catalina 22 #933011-12-20103
kwalkermod and more11-17-20103
faithdillardWestern Flyer1973 O'Day 2711-30-20103
SceptreSailorS/V Juliet12-04-20103
OvertimwClearwater Boat rampPelican want a ride12-18-20103
charliegrauHunter 380 DreamCatcherPictures of DreamCatcher in Chesapeake Bay12-23-20103
Water Billstrut photosstrut repairs01-23-20113
DanColucciAmbianceHunter Passage 4202-08-20113
AADIVERLUCKY PENNYPictures of my '83 Catalina 3002-09-20113
MJ DaggettOur 28502-15-20113
stephen Penny2004 Hunter 38602-23-20113
UPSGUYTHe FleetMy ever growing fleet of budget minded boats.03-01-20113
AnsleySPacemPacem is a Camper Nicholson 39 center cockpit ketch03-11-20113
PdaleSeanility1967 O'Day Mariner #113602-20-20133
Captain StormyPost Restoration01-23-20123
Ron J StefanskAboard Tres Joli03-26-20113
DebbieReichertChrisHana InteriorNew Seat Cushions04-09-20113
Marc BergmuellerHunter 310 Saving Grace04-13-20113
rlpeeples88My Sailing Photos04-20-20113
DanColucciMoody 441994 Moody04-25-20113
CfergusonNew Catalina Owner07-04-20113
glandry924Wayne's new boatNew to me Hunter Legend 37.505-06-20113
Robin FMy MacGregor 22 VenturePictures of my 1978 MacGregor 2205-07-20113
Pat and BobImagine05-28-20113
firetonSV Second Life2002 Hunter 35605-31-20113
GnageyjMemorial Day Sail06-02-20113
26.5 hunterLa Bella Vita II06-29-20113
BrokenSpecialOur Balboa 26 the "RainMaker"06-29-20113
windreamerMy sailboat06-30-20113
SeaJoySea Joy Hull #34508-12-20113
Unsuitable SailorAMF PufferFirst glimpse!08-23-20113
hvblerk24 hours IJsselmeer08-31-20113
Cherokee RoseMy Cherokee Rose04-08-20153
coilerThe Sea Monkey09-16-20113
BadGuyBoat Pics10-08-20113
jerry smithHunter 27 199010-12-20113
jerry smithBVI charter10-12-20113
late37work in progressbow reglassed and reinforced10-16-20113
GremFirst time we saw our Lancerwonderful day......we had to have her11-02-20113
CapnRehabO'Day 22 Initial PicsInitial pictures taken11-07-20113
Running LateRunning Late #2154 catalina 3011-25-20113
cb32863Bringing home Papillon. 1977 O' Day 25 CB.12-06-20113
deanjbMy boat pictures12-08-20113
pipes111O'Day 23 - Summer of 201112-24-20113
Kootenay pirate..sailing on Kootenay Lake. . ...12-29-20113
Me and BooSisuSisu on the hard getting her Catalina Smile repaired.12-30-20113
cephius (Dave)Lord Cephius de VallettaSCA01-23-20123
TahoeaegirRacing on Tahoe02-10-20123
Tiki JeffPunta Gorda Spring Series02-11-20123
shearwaterBoat yard fire.We lost our 1989 Hunter 30 in a boat yard fire in November of 2011.03-05-20123
CaptGregg1977 Catalina 22 Hull # 735203-20-20123
egodseyHunter 25.5 Cabin Sole and Bilge Pump03-20-20123
egodseyHunter 25.5 Fresh Water System03-20-20123
Swee Pea 1976SailingSailing pics ect03-27-20123
glxpassatMy BabyHull # 53804-03-20123
Bob McPre-Survey04-07-20123
mikeldoyMacGregor 25New project - 1984 MacGregor 2504-13-20123
mikeldoyLearning my width.Pulling the trailer after 1st sea trial... missed the skinny drive way at my bud's house. We got it out without wasting too much time... still not fun though.04-13-20123
dknapeSail la Vie1987 Hunter 26.5 Sailboat04-29-20123
robert drosCurrent Affair05-02-20123
Robert M.Sabre 28 Rudder Repair05-09-20123
HeelamonsterWe have a DOCK!After years on the off-shore mooring, we have a dock!05-16-20123
mikeldoyJust before the final paintPrimed hull awaiting final paint.05-21-20123
CaptGreggUpgrade - Propane Tank StorageSince under the decks are completely open from stem to stern, I took some 4 inch pvc and end caps and installed 2 storage tubes for a total of 4 propane tanks for my 2 burner stove and the Magma Grill I INTEND to purchase in the future. I put them on the ends because I intend to have a solar panel hanging off the back of the stern railing.05-24-20123
KimyKennedyA Novel IdeaA complete 'girlie girl' boat.....05-30-20123
NeilsailingrnIslander 3406-11-20123
SKANASKANA34' C&C sailing the San Juans and up into Canadian waters06-16-20123
TLUNLIMITEDgreat lakesWater06-16-20123
siandimiSailing Shots06-25-20123
SteveSam1975 Oday 2506-25-20123
PuppetMasterBoatDaily Rate05-18-20133
mikeldoyOut of the shopOn it's way to Waveland07-02-20123
StyxEngineRemoved engine today. Replacing sole and the installing a diesel04-03-20133
unklejoeFisher of MenCatalina 2207-25-20123
spicerrBelugaBeneteau 42304-20-20133
USAF93First Sailboat26 July 201207-26-20123
jcalluaudH27 on Sydney Harbour07-30-20123
MokeChatte de MerOur Mystic 3008-02-20123
vytkiswork on O'day 39damaged stemhead Plate08-09-20123
wesandevieSeaTardisOur first sailboat09-19-20123
rfduclosPeep HenBoat has been under cover for the last 6 years during relocation and building new home. Uncovered and cleaned her up for this season's use. Teak(6 items) still needs oil. 3 Hp Minkota electric trolling w/solar panel drip-charger, deep cell battery w/metered case, Bimini, cockpit camper-enclosure, porta-potti, galley sink(not installed), 4 vests, misc. items(flare, searchlight, extinguisher, etc.).09-25-20123
smprincipal3 step polishing results wtih 3m imperial glaze and finess it!OK after a grueling few days of a couple of hours each day after work, I managed to bring back a god awlful oxidized hull from a catalina 27 that I purchased. must say the posts here got me through it and the details were accurate. Final product turned out great.10-01-20123
smprincipalA $2000.00 Catalina 27Just bought this 1975 Catalina 27 in Mission Bay. Needs lots of cosmetics but so far the hull has come back now going for the top deck.10-01-20123
HotChocolateSailing Hawksbury River10-06-20123
twbayer1986 O'Day 272 (TIKI)10-12-20123
SenecaDaze1984 Ericson 25+LOA 25′ 5″ LWL 21′ 10″ Beam 9′ 3″ Draft Standard = 4′ 11″ Displacement 5,000 lbs. Ballast 2,000 lbs.11-02-20123
Jack and LaurieHurricane Sandy took our boat11-05-20123
soldier1964waiting for springtrailered on the hard11-09-20123
teacherspetCruising to Dunns CreekLake Crescent through Dunns creek to Cory Bells on the St. Johns River in Palatka , Florida12-09-20123
Blue GooseO'Day 222Hamlin Lake, Ludington Michigan01-05-20133
RubyJeanHaida 2601-08-20133
mikecrew331966 O'Day 17 for saleI have a fiberglass monohull 17' O'day that needs to go fast. I have a clear title, and all the sails and rigging are in good condition. The boat has minor aesthetics that could be done but overall a great deal for the year.05-06-20133
Pat HooymanAhoy Mon2007 Hunter 3805-24-20133
jtflorekMy First Boat! A Catalina 25.Been sailing nearly every day I could for the past 3.5 years and was finally able to buy my first boat. She needs some new sails and a few electronics, but the hull is in great shape and the boat was well taken care of. Cant wait to get her out on Superior!01-21-20133
mblockePearson 31'Great boat for only $11900.01-26-20133
judybuddyTake Two01-28-20133
SailingaS2My Boats1976 8.0a Ummagumma 1981 9.2a Sundog01-31-20133
tonyndarMy 83 Catalina02-03-20133
Spindrift NHSpindrift02-27-20133
hobie61fall sunset sail 2012sailing in mallets bay with a gorgeous fall sunset03-13-20133
fluknickE20Boat as picked up. Rough and sorta complete.03-22-20133
robwaltenUSNA '74 Gray Goats1974 USNA graduates. Hampton Roads VA chapter03-28-20133
Cut1982 Hunter Cherubini 25Images....03-30-20133
nosnebjimThe day I went to buy 'Second Wind'Answered a Craig's List ad and drove way down into Ky.05-03-20133
Sailor 3269My boat79 25' venture05-18-20133
pagehopperMy Lady12-05-20133
BioAndyWaste Holding tank07-18-20133
Frits MareSydney Harbour Regatta 22 November 201311-30-20133
emergpa1Mystic GirlWe are converting to full time live aboards in this entry level well built cruiser listed in the "20 affordable sailboats to take you anywhere" book by Vigor.11-09-20133
ScottSNew BiminiJust added a new bimini to the boat, so I thought I'd show it off.08-05-20133
impulse IIBilgeWet sanded the laminated flooring and applied some Epoxy paint to the bilge floor.09-10-20133
jprietoCourtship 1986 Island Packet 3109-10-20133
ConcertoConcerto In Sea09-16-20133
ReidsairProfile picsOrange Beach10-11-20133
gunneraschGunners Boat StuffJust some of my boat stuff10-13-20133
JStriathleteJoe's Catalina 2more photos10-13-20133
barryelwinSunloverBeneteau 33111-04-20133
Rocket1Winterization avoidance11-20-20133
Cal28_sailorthar she blows!!Here's our new to us Cal 28 bought in LB and sailed to channel islands!! ask me about that voyage sometime !!! LOL01-31-20143
diane fowlerWindy City is now a spinnaker racer!!cool, eh??03-13-20143
davidvalkPorpane issue.Hi, I just got this boat and I'm trying to fix some issues. What would the first suspect be if the stove/oven wont work with a full tank? Thanks for any help! Thanks for any help!04-01-20143
MilgatewoodcraftNothing like it.....04-07-20143
arthurpMy DaysailerDaysailer 1705-04-20143
KamaHeleKaiI think I found boat...During a rainy Sunday afternoon and I idea put in my head by a friend at the club the night need a boat!05-17-20143
pinky86 H23 Annie05-25-20143
Captain Keithfree will06-02-20143
pwhitmoreSailing Lake Ouachita, Arkansas06-03-20143
windsongscaptstripping away chalky hulli finall figured out what was right for my boat, when it comes to getting rid of this chalk on my hull and restore her color. first wet sand with 400. then 600. then 1500. then compound and a really good wax06-13-20143
RaymondRainsZephrusPearson Commander 2606-15-20143
LJBrennan007Oday Day Sailer II first dayThis is what she looked like the day i picked her up. Got her from a friend who gave me the boat but knew nothing of her history.06-18-20143
entmejiaFirst Launching07-06-20143
GDTRFBSailing on Lake Washington07-05-20143
KasumiKasumiSome pix aboard my 1978 Catalina 2207-07-20143
shnoolNewer pictures and better07-16-20143
joecometMcVay Falcon16' FG cuddy Sloop07-31-20143
AdmirableptgOday 2209-02-20143
adolface46Irwin Citation/Anita Breeze09-08-20143
captaincareyStella Maris09-10-20143
BayDreamerOne too short month on Bay DreamerIt is a rare thing for us to have this long of a break from work... We loved every minutes of it and can't wait to go back sailing next summer...11-03-20143
MnchkynOur New BabyShe has a unique teal colored hull with faux wood grain cabin top, making her appear more "Hinckley" than the standard S2.11-10-20143
jplevens215Boat PicturesBoat Pix11-24-20143
JoeSailer10Ranger RepairsReplacing the bulkhead12-12-20143
CandC351987 C&C 35 CBFor Sale Cruiser/Racer, Keel/Centerboard, Raymarine Instr, Good Cond, Good sail inventory, 27 hp Yanmar Contact Hank Hartmann, 732-530-5500 Sandy Hook Yacht01-05-20153
stevenvan15clipper in canel01-30-20153
Aqua EquusBoat PicsPictures of our Boat05-01-20153
herenjack2015Day 00005-01-20153
knotaclewknotaclewMy 42307-28-20153
bushavAdditional Places To "Invest" My time/money08-21-20153
llmalczewskiLake Huron 20082 week cruise from Detroit to Presque Isle and back09-25-20082
G & K TaylorCatalina 270 Sol Seeker1994 Catalina 270LE hull number 9009-25-20082
Michael CottonBlue Pearl09-26-20082
JIM Bsailing Roosevelt Lake, Az09-27-20082
danoinsc1985 Northwind 405pis of our new northwind 40506-27-20102
John BerensKILLICK, our floating homeHere are a few photos of our CAL 3410-01-20082
Seattle Scottboat pics10-01-20082
breadmanBluegrass State GamesGood times no money but fun.10-01-20082
tikiandthetorchesTodd's Venture1968 MacGregor Venture 21 Elk Lake, Bend Oregon10-01-20082
Love Shack3663Love Shack10-02-20082
Dean W.New SetteeRemoved the dinnett table and replaced it with a settee10-04-20082
Don S/V ILLusionBoat fire, May 200210-04-20082
MystiqueJust Cruising10-05-20082
Bongo BobS/V AdagioSoveriegn 23 - My first boat10-06-20082
Rick DHolding Tank Replacement10-07-20082
WilliamHA view from the rocks.A visit to Squiril Island, Maine10-08-20082
Justin63UnderwayMisc. pictures of trips as I take them.10-18-20082
Fred AbelThe Boat10-20-20082
kmchuckThe Orion - Lake MichiganThe Orion is a 1997 Hunter 376 and sails Lake Michigan out of McKinley Marina in Milwaukee, WI10-27-20082
Stan BreauxDreamcatcher11-14-20082
quickdraw66West TexasSailing11-20-20082
Big Donmy shots11-30-20082
Brian SchwerdtMy O'Day 2212-01-20082
Don Lawrencehunter 37 haul out 200802-26-20092
dgabell35.5 Windlass installationGreetings!!! This is a photo record of a windlass cabinet installation on a 1995 Hunter 35.5 Legend. Thanks to everyone who helped with materials and moral support.12-07-20082
AtseaSea Dreamer II07-17-20092
WeaselFirst Light12-14-20082
myersslTres Generaciones - antesThe start of a three generation project (Dad, Son, Son's Daughter)12-16-20082
elliottfraynePure FollyJust a small old boat10-19-20092
Takes TwoThanksgiving 20084 Day trip from New Smyrna Beach to St. Augustine and back. 184 miles.12-22-20082
SketerV3481Fire HoleFire Hole in Southern Wyoming12-28-20082
SketerV3481Afternoon DelightAfter a day at sail12-28-20082
Hal BClub Racing08-03-20132
Capt_DaveDaysailer II01-11-20092
Capn AlThousand Islands01-14-20092
DannyMine, all mine!O'day 2502-02-20092
David FItsaDuck Sail LogoHad a custom graphics shop add the Flamingo image to my mainsail.02-13-20092
MissTerris/v MORGANCE03-15-20092
skipparrottCrusin at the Beach!03-27-20092
sailorskierWater Racket03-31-20092
FrankNj73 Oday 23My project04-03-20092
streuliSeascapeI'm at least the third owner. I bought her June 1, 2006. Kept at Lake Thunderbird, Norman, Oklahoma, home of the Thunderbird Sailing Club.04-24-20092
w2enySea TrialCity Island, NY10-29-20112
drvrdadBeneteau 310 Imagine05-11-20092
Mark MajorMast crutchSince I sail single hand, I rig single hand. The roller makes it easier to step the mast back to the foot, and the crutch is telescoping, with a pully assembly to fascilitate easier lifting.06-30-20092
partnersrlCapri 2205-11-20092
MrMikey64The beginning (aka "what the heck was I thinking when I got into this?")05-14-20092
rawlings5/15/09 WinnipesaukeeFirst sail of '09, Lake Winni in central NH. Still early enough to not see other boats.......05-17-20092
sethmMy Hunter 31 ArtemisSailing Marina Del Rey05-22-20092
isail4sanityMiss Molly07-24-20092
dfaylwardCelerisin East Greenwich, RI09-23-20092
Quiet IslandQuiet IslandSailing in Chicago.06-02-20092
trevtherevOur O'Day 2206-02-20092
ohpoppymy boat...06-05-20092
Dave BarkerGreat Kansas sailing06-22-20092
Mark MajorTransom LadderThis seems to be the best solution for me to date.06-25-20092
kingcoo1980 Catalina 30' - $18,900 Willing to talk.Refurbished in early 2000's. 25 hp diesel, radar, gps, fully battened main; two 150 jibs; roller furling; new rigging 2003; cruising spinnaker, new stove/oven; self-tailing winches; tank gauge for holding tank; 45 gallons water; full cockpit enclosure (open at transom); new cushions; cocktail table; sleeps 7.06-26-20092
nelson 8451Mug Shots08-03-20092
Frank3786Dream Catcher05-10-20152
coraltrailer for saleI have a 2009 trailer with three 3500lb axles, 8 adjustable uprights, electric brakes on two of them. Also it's galvanized. Use only once $5000 obo07-20-20092
JMondaAlaquamoon on Alaqua Bayou08-01-20092
rfjbraveheartTROUBADORS2 8.0 center cockpit. Home port: Cherry Point Marine Corps Base, Pelican Point Marina.08-08-20092
Jon GolliherHappy Daze at home08-06-20092
guidera48Hunter 37 c rebuildThe repair and upfit of a 1979 Hunter 37 cutter08-19-20092
ALEATHERWOODHaul - fall 200808-20-20092
HypnauticaBoating and fishing pixPix of my 22' Macgregor and some "little" fish I caught recently.08-28-20092
NotJakeSatisfactionOur 1975 O'Day 2509-16-20092
Pete2221Kite up09-22-20092
Captain JoeViews from S/V Mandolin Wind10-12-20092
4sheets2thewindMy First BoatThis is my first boat, 1982 Rinker 20 Foot Gale Force10-16-20092
HV32Hunter Vision 32 199410-21-20092
BWiseOur Tern & Tender10-22-20092
cmtpresOurDotCalmThis is my Stevenson Weekender.11-03-20092
blackbeard400my new boatcape dory 2506-08-20102
SailrkevRodgers 2612-02-20092
msyladySea ElfPoor boat! Has weathered Hurrican Camille, Ivan, Katrina and Rita! In need of TLC. She is slowly coming back to life!12-12-20092
austinswalk2010 catalina 309 QE111 st simons island ga awaiting home in hilton head sc12-16-20092
kdssailKDSSAILDave on his Oday 2612-17-20092
SaturnalianSouth Beach Harbor, San Francisco USA01-21-20102
ComoxOrionBoat cover02-26-20102
donovan_patrick_j@yahoo.cThe Second Wandering windThe Hunter 37CT02-28-20102
webeboatersHydraulic Boat Trailer03-27-20102
IrishWake27Irish Wake1977 Catalina 3007-18-20102
S2 HenryNew Non-Skid Deck04-05-20102
QEtooFirst Pics04-05-20102
bcollis86 25.511-26-20102
Capt SteveFore Sail05-03-20102
estopaO'Day 222 Radio InstallAdded New Radio. Plays CD's, AM/FM, Weather, Inputs for MP3 or iPOD player. I am actually connecting my cell phone to listen to pandora while I am sailing along. SPECS: RADIO - BOSS MR1640W MARINE BOAT CD/MP3 PLAYER w/RDS+WEATHER SPEAKERS - PYRAMID 300W 2-Way Car Audio/Marine Speakers05-13-20102
damoses1The O'day 22 is ready to sail!We got the boat in Friday night (May 13th) and took it for our first sail on Saturday. Not bad. More photos to come...05-17-20102
David MuthSchatzi09-23-20102
Water BillOllie Ree06-02-20102
heart of goldHeart of Goldfrom the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy complete with an infinite improbability drive and from my admiral's who has one.06-19-20102
emeraldstarEmerald StarPic of our home on the water.06-30-20102
AyeSeaMaiden VoyageAfter engine and chainplate bulkhead repairs I finally got to test sail my 2nd sailboat.07-10-20102
mike j"VICTORIA" The 1989 8 Year Old Boat!!Mint Condition Gem!! She sat in a wharehouse for her 1st 12 years. She was bought in 2002, I'm now the second owner. She was and will continue to be given tender love and care.07-25-20102
New HorizonsZinc for Heat Exchanger07-26-20102
IainLegend 260 on Windermere.07-28-20102
TinkerbelleTinkerbelleSandpiper 56508-09-20102
Jim LegereS/V Calypso08-13-20102
tcourseyMy boat08-13-20102
sailsupfirst 28508-20-20102
Terry Clarke376 hunter picsExterior interior pictures of the 1997 376 Hunter08-23-20102
jeromedddstepping my mast by myself....08-28-20102
JeffT56O'Day 2208-31-20102
golfersailor62New Boat09-03-20102
jgwh2osSundownerBoat Pictures10-05-20102
arguinZephyr2005 Hunter 46LE11-11-20102
kwalkerThe boat of our dreamsSurvey and modification pics11-17-20102
Pog Mo Thointhe yacht11-20-20102
dsslangShanti1987 Oday 272 SL11-24-20102
WOOFTOOWOOF TOO !!12-10-20102
halldpLogic 12Hard dink made out of rotomolded plastic.01-17-20112
jconnor3The Boating life01-17-20112
RimicaMon bébé01-30-20112
elleandi355Elle & ISoon, very soon!01-31-20112
jagoodrumRumBumHunter 2603-19-20112
inarathreeSunset Pics03-22-20112
dutch wind40.5 arch and hard top03-25-20112
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BarryLRub Railproblems with the rub rail05-09-20112
Ron1Hunter 44 - Eagle05-21-20112
noamakaniCatalina Hull 6 running strong05-23-20112
Balboa22Balboa 22 ftJust bought. Saliable but needs detailing.06-11-20112
Cameo380Mac 26 daggerboard surprise.06-20-20112
plumley1My son's philip v2507-15-20112
joelvannorsdelFatTuesdayHunter 37C from Channel Islands, CA08-08-20112
tonyh1307Why Not?Why not sail. A bad day sailing beats a good day at the office.08-09-20112
rhythmsurferName Changing Ceremony08-10-20112
Hubert454newport 1608-18-20112
Runaway2Runaway 2 PicsPhotos08-31-20112
readerbillRecent Pictures08-14-20152
Rich Bright77 Hunter 30 (= Oh how We Love to SailThis will be an Album of Refit of my 1977 Hunter 30 (=. She was in Great Condition when Acquired and with some Updates and Modernization Will be the Cats MEOW ((=09-29-20112
jmayThe Lady DPic's of The Lady D10-11-20112
ParkercrDove, a new beginning12-05-20142
svSeaChangeSea ChangePhoto from aloft11-06-20112
castrojormarOLEV MARO11-29-20112
scallywagBoat Arrives 11-20-201111-30-20112
SailH37New rudderThe rudder was bent about an inch and a half at the bottom to starboard, and knowing that it wasn't right, I finally replaced it. Luck that I was here in Jax Fla and could drive the old one over to Foss Foam where they built me another one. They have the molds to alot of Hunters built in Fla. They did a great job. I also had to replace the prop shaft. On the inside, I rebuilt the rudder bearings, put in a new quadrant, new steering cable, and pedistal idlers. Not only did I learn about aluminum versus steel plated idlers, but how to put u-bolts on so that the bolts are in opposite directions. Man, it was like a new boat coming back to the dock, and I'm oh so looking forward to that first sail.12-12-20112
corixidWave G'Bye12-15-20112
Lee HunterVeliste on the St. Johns RiverSummer 2011, cruising the lower St. Johns River, Florida12-23-20112
dentonflyerMy new baby12-24-20112
Tony BravadoBravadoMy beautiful Islander.02-10-20122
Captain 9330RudderMy old fixed rudder. Found shoal waters in the Inner Channel route just south of Parry Sound and Kinear Island in Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Canada.01-11-20122
Av8RsailorBlissOur 1994 Catalina 3001-11-20122
waterboy1975 25' Oday02-04-20122
rickpistulkaMacgregor 26M02-17-20122
RobertSalfiDON'T STOP PICS02-21-20122
egodseyHunter 25.5 Battery Compartment03-20-20122
Robert M."Flirt" Sabre 28 MKII03-27-20122
efd3@verizon.netIn bound from Cat Cay04-25-20122
spunky13Boats past and present.05-29-20122
Eaglecrest1953Morgan 22Fixer Upper06-19-20122
Wallace LorimerPrecision Pix for Craigs Listpictures of Precision 2107-02-20122
rogerlwhitePhoenix PixPictures of our Capri 2607-16-20122
JMAP062012 season07-17-20122
RasemansNew Bottom Paint07-27-20122
marclalO'Day 2308-03-20122
Two-Can SailTwo-Can Sail Photos09-12-20122
aquaslavFountaine Pajot Antigua 37 - "Sokol"09-14-20122
WilliamHSunsetsSunset from Diamond Cove 201209-17-20122
wildlife2022just boughtjust bought this 30 catalina, been sitting on the hard for over 3 yrs09-26-20122
IbboV21 Sol LassPurchased Oct 2012 - needs TLC to make seaworthy11-06-20122
KamaHeleKai2012 The first season...Kama Hele Kai first season on the Maumee Bay11-07-20122
Phil HerringA new album for testing11-19-20122
dont08901Our NestThe adventure begins...selling our house and living on our sailboat.12-17-20122
Branson BelleAmazing GraceMy sailboat01-09-20132
Seacoast1Winter cleaning01-17-20132
NotCookAlbumJust some favorites01-28-20132
btmooreFMLA1972 C&C 2701-28-20132
Hunter326InisLondon Trip 201102-10-20132
DianaOfBurlingtonBoating is a way of life.02-16-20132
GreenKey4330Gemütlichkeit1967 Morgan 2402-25-20132
Dave19957Baltimore Parade of Lighted Boats 2012MILKY WAY lit up for the parade.03-06-20132
jamesstpierremb"Last Dance"03-07-20132
Stardust 50548Stardust Pictures04-06-20132
mikeldoy1st SailBay St. Louis maiden voyage04-15-20132
rclarke2462012 Swift 4404-15-20132
Wind River R41Old and new older boat,Santana 22(old) and Pearson Rhodes 41(new older boat)05-08-20132
PuppetMasterTravelsPictures of places we have visited05-18-20132
marmendaMy boat05-20-20132
SpideywiWind Dancer05-24-20132
kookiecatsail on06-06-20132
kayrateNew to Us1975 O'Day 2512-09-20132
shariwyndRacing in Clear Lake, Texas05-22-20142
CraigerCATch 2207-05-20132
murl d harmonMacgregor 26X08-03-20132
RIGEL KENTBegining repairsAfter arrived to Chile the Keeper entered into repairs08-10-20132
ChessieSailor55Our 'new' 2004 C42Just purchased, soon to be in her new home port of Rock Hall, MD, s/v Galatea.08-18-20132
rgjuniemoonSan Juan 21My sailboat in dry dock08-19-20132
teammulligan@yahoo.comMout Gay Racing on Generation to Another08-26-20132
CatMan22CatManDeauxMy second Catalina 2208-29-20132
GL-WindPowerMy Hunter 240 PicsMy Hunter 240 sailling Lake Michigan09-04-20132
SweetnSaltySalty Sails09-24-20132
Michel16055New baby has arrived1997 Beneteau Oceanis 35101-07-20142
ThomasDenmarkBeneteau 38102-25-20142
scottdubeHalf way across the Bahama bankStopped for the night as sailing there at night is a bit on the risky side...03-02-20142
kbrown15931985 Hunter 2203-03-20142
CkoerkenHunter 2503-23-20142
dbk06301986 Catalina 2203-30-20142
relgeeDuct Tape1989 240LE04-03-20142
Rusty southready to sail04-20-20142
garygcaptiva in her slip, Black Rock Harbor04-22-20142
JFraserHarvest Moon 201105-08-20142
yachtsmanMy yachtsNice little Hunter 260 and our 40.7.06-21-20142
Daverr89The EllenMy first sailboat.07-02-20142
rhwinsAmelEden at rest07-06-20142
Hang tightJust purchased a 74 cat 22 # 3706Just purchased a 74 cat 22 # 3706 been working on her for 6 months and almost ready to launch Hang Tight . Can't wait!!07-24-20142
ChasemixonFun Day08-05-20142
sailbearSailing 201409-08-20142
Neil1987Beneteau 35009-09-20142
burttomMacGregor 26th 200509-28-20142
HogheavenSome Pre 30 MKII photos of the Mac 26X11-01-20142
Jack LambertJackJust got this boat11-02-20142
ChelleOur 1985 H23Just brought it home.11-15-20142
Florida1999 Hunter 380Getting started with upgrades and repairs.11-22-20142
JPM01100O'Day Pic's01-08-20152
MeriacheeMacGregor ShotsThe previous boat01-15-20152
Phil McCallSpinnakerFlying Asymmetrical in 15-20 kts01-18-20152
Black PearlBlack Pearl01-26-20152
Castrilper55Ceiling Replacement ProjectReplacing foam backed burlap ceiling material in main salon and quarterberth with 2" x 3/8" ash and red oak planks. Insulation and wooden strips will be bonded to the hull and planking screwed to the wooden strips.02-14-20152
StormydogMy Jiggers02-17-20152
CowpokeeAt All03-23-20152
PianobobKanhoji MaintainanceThese are some of the things that I've worked on, or are still adressing on my O'Day 22 Kanhoji. The boat was named by a PO.03-18-20152
NorgeOday 19207-02-20152
solodareMy First Sailboatjust some pics05-04-20152
Celtic KnotsCeltic KnotsFull Sail05-11-20152
josephlaroccaLaRocca Josephmy06-06-20152
LuisecocoO'day 222 what goes in hereWhat parts I'm missing in this holes06-12-20152
bburkehull damage08-21-20152